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Eisen's Mailbag: Giants CB situation




You might remember me from during training camp asking if Corey Webster was the best corner on the team. My question after the season is. Is Corey Webster the best corner on the team even if Terrell Thomas comes back?Dear Anthony:

*The fact that you're asking the question indicates the Giants have two cornerbacks who might be the best on the team. I don't think the question can be answered now, nor do I know if it even matters. Thomas has said he's making good progress in his rehabilitation from surgery to repair a torn ACL, but no one can judge his health and ability until he returns to the field. Webster was the team's best cornerback in 2001 – that's why he was assigned to cover the opposition's most dangerous receiver. If Thomas – assuming he re-signs with the Giants - returns to his 2010 level, then the Giants will have two outstanding corners – three if Prince Amukamara is as good as the Giants believe he will be.

Hey, I know this is crazy but with the way he blocks, his size and seeing that he runs a 4.5 what do you think of Brandon Jacobs moving to tight end - at least until our guys get off the pup list next year? Eli could work on routes and timing with him in the off season.Dear William:*

*That's the first I've heard of that idea, and it probably is crazy. I don't think it would work. First of all, I'm not sure Jacobs is as fast as you're touting him to be. Nor do I think blocking on the edge would one of his strengths. His greatest value to the team would be in the role he's long had, as a power runner and touchdown producer. Jacobs has a scored a franchise-record 56 rushing touchdowns. If he's on the Giants roster in 2012, I think he can most help the team by adding to that total. And the Giants can look for a more natural tight end.

Writing from India and a big BIG BLUE fan. Watched the Super Bowl and was thrilled. Coming to the draft, which position deserves the greatest attention from the Giants? Should Brandon Jacobs be cut or carried on with?Dear Satyavardhan:*

*I know we just discussed Jacobs, but since this is the first letter we've receiver from India in 12 years of The Mailbag, I wanted to make sure we responded. As we approach the draft, I don't know if you can say any one position deserves to have the "greatest" attention. As always, the Giants hope to improve at several positions. Because of the knee injuries to Jake Ballard and Travis Beckum, the Giants certainly need tight ends. Linebackers, offensive linemen, running backs – the Giants will look at numerous positions before next month's draft. Regarding Jacobs, Jerry Reese said he'd like to bring Jacobs back. It seems to be an open secret at this point that Jacobs' contract will have to be adjusted. If everyone can reach a satisfactory agreement, I'd like to see him back.

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