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Eisen's Mailbag: Giants returning from IR


Which regulars from 2013 who went on injured reserve do you expect to see back in 2014? I'm especially interested in Henry Hynoski. ** -Bob

Dear Bob:
Hynoski is a restricted free agent, but I would guess he will have an opportunity to reclaim his former job at fullback. Hopefully, David Wilson will be healthy enough after his neck surgery to return to the field. I think the Giants would like to have Stevie Brown back on the field, but he is an unrestricted free agent.

How do you think the Giants offensive philosophy will change under Ben McAdoo? Will the running backs and the tight end become more integral to the passing attack? Will we see more trickery?

Dear Jerry:
I briefly spoke to McAdoo the day he was hired and he offered no specifics about his plans (understandable considering he had yet to set foot in the building as a member of the organization). If he's going to borrow from his eight seasons in Green Bay under Mike McCarthy, the Giants' attack will have more of a west coast look with more frequent shorter passes and perhaps fewer downfield shots. But remember that Tom Coughlin craves offensive balance, so the Giants will continue to run the ball.

I am a longtime Giants fan (I remember Fran Tarkenton, but just barely) Anyway, of all the players that really came up short this season and there were many, I felt Will Beatty was at the top of the list. Will he be released or have his contract renegotiated?

Dear Frank:
Will Beatty will be the first to tell you he did not play as well as he or the team expected. But he will not be released. Left tackles are hard to find. You don't give up on a player you selected in the second round of the draft after five years when that player has performed well in the past. The Giants believe Beatty can rebound and have a better season in 2014. As for restructuring, that's unlikely. He just signed his contract last year.

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