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Eisen's Mailbag: GM Reese's draft strategy


Jerry Reese claims he follows the philosophy of taking the best player available regardless of team needs. But yet last year we clearly needed a running back and we went out and got one in the first round. Do you think if Doug Martin was still there at 32 we would have chosen him over David Wilson? Were they the best players available or was it because of need and the fact there weren't many third-down backs that would have been available in later rounds?** -Peter

Jerry Reese doesn't just claim to follow the philosophy of taking the best player, he practices it – look at his track record. Regarding last year, the Giants favored David Wilson. Several other players were under consideration when the Giants debated their first-round selection. Reese has said that Rueben Randle, the receiver the Giants chose on the second round, was one of those candidates. Ultimately, was seemed not only the best player, but one that conveniently filled a need. When you select a draft choice that has both a high value and fills a need, it's the dratf-day equivalent of a touchdown.





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