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Eisen's Mailbag: Importance of Instant Replay


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I would be interested to hear your overall thoughts on instant replay. I know we want to get the correct call all the time, but I personally don't think a game played on field of 100 yards was meant be analyzed to the pixel.** -Andrew

Dear Andrew:
I see you're point, but I disagree. To me, replay is invaluable. The game is played at such a high speed, it is impossible for the seven officials to see everything, or make every call correctly. Replay's most important function is correcting obvious errors. But it also makes corrections on plays that aren't so obvious (see Rob Gronkowski's fumble recovery touchdown that was overturned on replay in the Thursday night season opener). Getting the calls correct is vastly more important than any other consideration. That's what replay does.

I have no idea how QB Rating is calculated and I really don't care, but between that, completion percentage, touchdown/interception ratio etc., what do you think is the defining stat for a quarterback?

Dear Seth:
Victories. All those passing stats are great for fantasy players, but any quarterback will tell you he's only concerned with wins and losses. Just as an example, Eli Manning set a career high with a completion percentage of 63.1. But the Giants were 6-10. I'm sure he'd have been much happier if the numbers were 53.1 and 10-6. A quarterback is paid to lead his team to victory. Everything else is window dressing.

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