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Eisen's Mailbag: New uniforms?


Will the Giants put the GIANTS logo on their helmets in the foreseeable future and will they ever play a game wearing the uniforms of the "LT" era?** -Arthur

Dear Arthur:
The NY logo on the helmet is here to stay. It's one of the best logos in professional sports, so why mess with it? The Giants will wear the white pants that were a part of their uniform in the 1980s for two games this season – as they did last year – but there are no plans to bring back the entire ensemble.

I know that Jameel McClain is filling in for Jon Beason as the MLB while he is hurt. Have you heard anything about a possibility of Beason being moved to OLB (a spot he played in Carolina in 2010) when he gets back and keeping McClain at MLB? I know that Beason is usually an MLB and McClain is usually an OLB but McClain rated as good in coverage and Beason is better vs the run. It might make sense to have the better run defender up close to the line and the better pass defender back a little further.

Dear Ryan:
No, I haven't heard anything along those lines. The Giants like having Beason in the middle, which they believe best suits his skills and is a natural leadership position. You could perhaps make a case for switching those two players, but in Perry Fewell's defense, the middle is Beason's best spot and McClain can excel outside.

I am wondering what would stop the Giants from keeping both Henry Hynoski and John Conner on the roster in place of a tight end roster spot. My impression is that they are both talented and valued fullbacks and the tight ends on the roster don't have as much proven experience. Would it make sense to keep both quality fullbacks and a few tight ends?

Dear Ben:
I don't think so. Hynoski and Conner are both good players, but they have duplicate skill sets. Why keep two players to do one job? I frankly don't know how big a role a fullback will play in the Giants' new offense. A tight end who can block and catch short and intermediate passes can be a frequently-used asset. And as we've said many times…although the current tight ends lack experience and are a cause for concern among Giants fans, it is a group with some talent. They will get a chance to use it, which is one reason I think the Giants will keep one fullback.


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