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Eisen's Mailbag: Will LB Connor start?

Michael: Question: It looked to me like Dan Connor made a legitimate case to start over Mark Herzlich in the first preseason game. Connor had three and a half tackles to Herzlich's one. Plus, Dan just looked like he got in there and mixed it up more. Your thoughts? - Jim

Dear Jim:
Connor did have more tackles (he was credited with two solo and one assist), but he also had more snaps than Herzlich. Perry Fewell said today there is "no standout" at linebacker. Herzlich was the starter throughout the spring and has stayed there in training camp. It seems to be Connor has to beat him out, which, in the opinion of the coaches, he hasn't done yet. My guess is Herzlich will start opening night in Dallas.

Michael:What do you think are the chances the Giants keep an extra defensive end keep only three outside linebackers. We have tons of talent on the ends and if needed we could move Kiwi back. Spencer Paysinger looks solid enough to play either side if someone got hurt. I'm not really looking forward to hearing which defensive ends we have to cut. - Ryan

Dear Ryan:
Four defensive ends are a lock to make the team – Justin Tuck, Jason Pierre-Paul, Mathias Kiwanuka and Damontre Moore. If there is a fifth end, it will be Adrian Tracy or Adewale Ojomo. I think the Giants will also keep four outside linebackers. If it's an either/or proposition, it could come down to which player the coaches believe can help most on special teams. Linebackers traditionally play more special teams, but to keep a talented player, exceptions could be made.

Michael: So, I am so excited about the Giants this year that I am considering drafting all Giants for my fantasy football team: Manning, Cruz, Nicks, Randle, Wilson, Brown, Myers, Brown, and the defense. Obviously I'm going to lose in the bye week, but do you think this team is that good that this draft strategy could win a competitive league? - Jim

Dear Jim:
I'm not a fantasy league player, so I'm not comfortable advising you how to draft for your team. But I do think the Giants' offense can be as potent as any in the NFL. And if everyone stays healthy, all the offensive players you mentioned should post big numbers.

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