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Eisen's Mailbag: Will the Giants favor the Run or the Pass Moving Forward?

It seems as though Tom Coughlin likes to have a balance between the pass and the run, but can we expect the Giants to favor one over the other moving forward?

Dear Jimmy:
 Coach Coughlin has often said he favors a balanced attack. But what he really favors is winning, and he'' do whatever is necessary to win games. It's no secret for the majority of the season, the Giants have been far more productive passing the ball than running it. They might be forced to become more reliant on the ground game in December and January by the elements. The Giants' last three games will be in MetLife Stadium and Minneapolis. The weather could be nasty and windy for any or all of those games. It won't be impossible to throw the ball in those conditions, but it won't be easy. If the Giants' rushing attack is going to be revived, now is the time.

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