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Experts react to Giants' Day 2 picks


Experts react to the Giants' Day 2 picks in the 2018 NFL Draft:

Round 2 (Pick No. 34): G Will Hernandez, UTEP

"Run game mauler. I love the high-school wrestler background because it typically means you have great balance and leverage. He just doesn't like people. A little better than you think in pass protection. When he locks on with heavy hands, it's over." -- Mike Mayock, NFL Network

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"Will Hernandez is a classic guard. When you close your eyes and you think of an NFL guard, you see Will Hernandez. Forty-nine starts he had at left guard at UTEP, this guy is experienced. He's seen it all. He's powerful in the run game. He's got a back the size of a city block, and he does a great job of driving defensive linemen off of the ball. … This guy is going to show up every day with the lunch pail. He's physical. He's tough. And he takes nothing from nobody. I think he sets an early tempo in his career, and this offensive line just got better with the insertion of Will Hernandez at guard." – Todd McShay, ESPN

"He lines up at left guard for the Miners and completely dominates in the run game. He is quick out of his stance and uses his upper strength to torque and dump defenders at the point of attack. He does a nice job of re-working his hands to maintain inside position and maintain leverage. In pass protection, he has the power base to anchor bull rushers and surprising quickness to redirect vs. athletic defenders. He piles up some gnarly knockdowns when he's uncovered. He's always looking for extra work. Overall, Hernandez is a tempo setter in the run game and more than adequate in the passing game. He had a great Senior Bowl and combine." – Daniel Jeremiah, NFL Network

"Hernandez is a powerful drive blocker who seals off linebackers at the second level and is athletic enough to develop into an effective zone blocker. He gets set quickly and anchors well in pass pro. He has the potential to develop into a Pro Bowler despite his shorter arms. Fixing the offensive line is one of new general manager Dave Gettleman's top priorities, and he lands the second-best guard in the draft at the top of Round 2. Hernandez is a day one starter who will create seams for running back Saquon Barkley and help keep Eli Manning upright." -- Steve Muench, ESPN

Round 3 (Pick No. 66): OLB Lorenzo Carter, Georgia

"This is a team that knows pass rushers and this kid has the speed to be a good one." – Pete Prisco, CBS Sports

"When you look at Lorenzo Carter, if you can mold him and make him into a better pass rusher, then that kind of completes the whole realm of what he can do in the NFL as a complete, every-down linebacker." – Mel Kiper Jr., ESPN

"New coordinator James Bettcher is installing the 3-4 defense he ran in Arizona, and Olivier Vernon is the only proven edge rusher. Carter's frame, length and versatility make him a perfect fit for the scheme, plus he has the top-end speed to develop into a productive edge rusher." -- Steve Muench, ESPN

"I love his length and athleticism. He moves really well for a big guy. He's probably best as an outside linebacker but he needs to get a little bit stronger at the point of attack." -- Joel Klatt, FOX/NFL Network

Round 3 (Pick: No. 69): DT B.J. Hill, N.C. State

"From a standpoint of a guy not getting enough notoriety, he was the guy you would put at or near the top of the list. Why? Because Bradley Chubb was getting all the attention. There's B.J. Hill on the inside able to get after the quarterback and make a lot of run stops. … The production was good enough to make you believe he can be a quality starter." – Mel Kiper Jr., ESPN

"Dalvin Tomlinson and Damon Harrison are outstanding defensive tackles, but neither is a pure pass rusher. The hope is Hill will lend juice there, allowing Tomlinson and Harrison to rest for an additional six or seven snaps each game." – Andy Benoit, Sports Illustrated

 "The Giants already have one double-team eater in Snacks Harrison, and Hill can provide some immediate insurance on the interior of the defensive line. Don't bother to run inside if you see those two on the field at the same time." -- Chris Sprow, ESPN

"Hill is a one-gapping, upfield defensive tackle with decent athleticism who seems to be able to find the football at an adequate rate despite lacking some play strength. While Hill's production has been solid, he will have to develop more strength at the point of attack or become a more explosive upfield player to set himself apart and become a rotational defensive tackle." -- Lance Zierlein,

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