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Fact or Fiction: Giants Return Game


Rueben Randle will be the Giants primary punt returner in 2012.

EISEN: Fiction - Just a hunch, but I think Domenik Hixon will reclaim his former job – and perform very well at it. Randle may get a few, but I'm predicting Hixon will handle the biggest load.

SCHMEELK: Fiction - I'm of the opinion Randle will end up being too important in the passing game to be the team's primary punt returner for the majority of the season. He doesn't have the classic punt returner body though he proved adept at catching punts during the offseason program. I think Domenik Hixon will eventually find his way back to being the team's punt returner.

David Wilson will have thirty receptions this season.

EISEN: Fact - Early impressions indicate he could be well-suited for the third down back role, which would present him with numerous opportunities to catch passes from Eli Manning. But Wilson must first earn his playing time by proving he can protect Manning by picking up blitzing linebackers.

SCHMEELK: Fact - Draft experts said one of Wilson's areas of improvement coming out of college was his receiving skills and pass protection. In an interview on he told me that those are the two things he is focusing on improving at training camp. I believe he will get better at both and end up being the team's third down back. In that position he should catch more than thirty passes.

Henry Hynoski will score more than two touchdowns this year.

EISEN: Fiction - Nothing against Hynoski, but the Giants have too many other weapons to thrown him the ball near the goal line. If he doesn't get it close to end zone, he likely doesn't have the speed to make it  on  his own. It could happen once, but not twice.

SCHMEELK: Fact - Henry showed some skills in the passing game last year, and I think he'll be used as a receiver more this year, especially with the questions at tight end.

The Giants will return a kick of punt for a touchdown this season.

EISEN: Fact - They're due. The Giants haven't returned a kickoff for a touchdown since 200 or a punt for a touchdown since 2009 – and Hixon had both of them. I can see him doing it again.

SCHMEELK: Fact - The Giants have enough potential weapons on special teams that someone should break a kick back for a touchdown this year. I'll go out on a limb and say it will be Domenik Hixon.


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