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Fantasy Football Preview - Week 3

EAST RUTHERFORD, NJ - Week 3 is upon us. If you are winless - you are probably feeling as desperate as the Dallas Cowboys...or even the Minnesota Vikings...maybe your QB is not fitting the bill...maybe your WR core is not as good as you thought it would be going into the season...Well...we're going to offer you some advice for week 3 that can hopefully help you win and be able to brag to your friends, family or office colleagues come Tuesday!


This is the week 3 edition of Fantasy Football Preview.


Peyton Manning vs Denver
Aaron Rodgers vs Chicago
Drew Brees vs ATL
Tom Brady vs Buffalo
Matt Schaub vs Dallas
Phillip Rivers vs Seattle
Tony Romo vs Houston

I love Michael Vick going into Sunday's game against the Jaguars. The Jags are slow on defense and poor in coverage, so all of the evidence adds up to Vick rushing and passing for a lot of fantasy points. Eli Manningis in for a big week. The Giants offense looking to rebound after an extremely disappointing run in Indy. There are a surplus of good QB's this week, but all those mentioned here should make solid starts.

Michael Vick vs Jax
Jay Cutler vs Green Bay
Donovan McNabb vs Rams
Eli Manning vs Ten.
Joe Flacco vs Clev.

Josh Freeman vs Steelers
Chad Henne vs Jets

Running Backs

Adrian Peterson vs Detroit
Frank Gore vs KC
Rashard Mendenhall vs Tampa Bay
Ray Rice vs Clev.
Michael Turner vs Saints
LeSean McCoy vs Jax

This week is going to be tough for those without a Top-5 running back, so look for guys that fly lower on the radar, but have good match-ups. Potential sleepers include Mike Tolbert and Darren McFadden.Snelling ripped apart the Cardinals defense last week, and Tolbert looked great while filling in a bit for Matthews. Look for his touches to go up and for these two sleepers to gain much better numbers this week.

Darren McFadden vs Arizona
Mike Tolbert vs Seattle

Knowshon Moreno - OUT - will not play vs Indy
CJ Spiller vs NE
Cadillac Williams vs Pitt
Peyton Hillis vs Bmore

Wide Receivers

Miles Austin vs Houston
Randy Moss vs Buffalo
Reggie Wayne vs Denver
DeSean Jackson vs Jax
Marques Colston vs ATL
Roddy White vs Saints

There are a lot of solid receivers this weekend. A few sleepers include Pierre Garcon, Wes Welker, and Jeremy Maclin. All these guys are mismatched against their opposing cornerbacks, so this should lead to big fantasy success on Sunday. Much like the other positions, there are a number of excellent match ups this week, try to find a number 2 wideout on a good team that is going up against a bad defense. This is always a great fall back formula for fantasy success.

Wes Welker vs Buffalo
Pierre Garcon vs Denver
Jeremy Maclin vs Jax

Lee Evans vs NE
Braylon Edwards vs MIA
Mike Williams vs Pitt

Tight Ends

Antonio Gates vs Seattle
Dallas Clark vs Denver
Vernon Davis vs KC
Jermichael Finely vs Chicago
Visante Shiancoe vs Detroit
Jason Witten vs Houston

There are a few intriguing match ups at TE this week. Dustin Keller should have a big game against the Fin's on Sunday and Aaron Hernandez has a nice match up against Buffalo and David Garrard has developed a nice chemistry with Mercedes Lewis. You should be able to find a good starter, even if you have to find him on the Free Agent wire.

Chris Cooley vs St Louis
Marcedes Lewis vs Philly
Dustin Keller vs MIA
Aaron Hernandez vs Buffalo

Kellen Winslow vs Pitt

Pittsburgh vs Tampa Bay
Baltimore vs Clev.
New England vs Buffalo
New York Jets vs MIA

There are several hidden match ups one can exploit this week when it comes to choosing a fantasy defense. Cincinnati is going against a rookie QB in his first starting performance.  Washington will look to take out their anger on a struggling Rams team with a rookie at the helm. Look for the mismatches, there are a few listed.

San Francisco vs KC
Washington vs St Louis
Cincinnati vs Carolina

Denver vs Indy
ATL vs Saints

Good luck in Week 3...and we will be back on Tuesday to recap all the action for you...

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