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FB Henry Hynoski Transcript


Q: How has the transition been from being an undrafted rookie to taking snaps with the first team?
A: It's been great. The first day was tough learning new terminology, but I feel like I'm starting to pick up things quicker now and starting to adapt and get comfortable in the offense. I think the more I go out there the better I'll get.

Q: After the draft, how much did you examine different teams' rosters to see which would be a good fit?
A: My agent and I looked at a lot of different teams throughout the league. From day one, we were hoping that the Giants were a team that we would hear from, because of the opportunity here at the fullback spot, and we did. They were one of those fifteen teams that contacted me once free agency opened and this was the best fit. I wanted to be here from the start and I'm glad to be a Giant right now.

Q: Did the phone ring a lot after the lockout? Were there a couple teams seeking your services?

A: Yeah, there were about fifteen teams. My phone was ringing non-stop for about ten hours. It was a pretty hectic day, but I got where I needed to be.

Q: You have to make that decision quick, too, right?
A: Right, you have to make it within a day. Later on that night, I called the Giants and told them I was coming here and couldn't wait to get here.

Q: Not every team uses a traditional fullback like you are. Do you see that position fading away in this league?

A: I do in a way, but there are going to be teams that use it and you always need a fullback, somebody that's going to be a thumper out there. That's why they brought me in here, to be a battering ram and catch the ball out of the backfield, so I'm just real excited for the opportunity to do that.

Q: Is fullback a thankless job?
A: No, to be a fullback you have to love the game and you have to love hitting people—that's what I do. I don't care about the publicity, I don't need a thank you; I just love playing football and hitting people.

Q: Fullbacks are usually a little crazy, too. Do you fit that mold?
A: I think I do, definitely.

Q: You rushed for about 7,000 yards in high school. Was it hard going to college and making that transition over to being a full-time blocker at Pittsburgh?

A: I knew in college I was going to be a fullback, everybody called me that. It was just something I wanted to do. They told me I was going to have to run, block and catch and be a complete back. It was something I kind of looked forward to right from the start.

Q: Usually a guy gets undrafted and signs as a free agent within a few days. You had to wait…?
A: All I did was worry about the stuff I could control. All I did was work out, stay in shape and do the best things to fuel my body to get me ready for this. I couldn't worry about what was going to happen with the lockout; I had to train and keep getting ready.

Q: Have you heard much about the guy you're trying to replace, Madison Hedgecock?

A: I just heard he was a real tough kid. I kind of fit the same mold he does as far as a player.

Q: A little crazy? What did you hear about the crazy part; is that something you want to be?

A: Absolutely, you have to be to be a fullback. Off the field, I try to remain a gentleman and be a good guy, but on the field I'm a totally different person. Like I said, before a game I just work myself into a frenzy.

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