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Welcome the Eagles to The New Giants Stadium!

Has there been a bigger game in recent memory than this Sunday's regular season home finale against the Eagles? Could the stars have aligned more perfectly? The last home game of the regular season. Playing the Eagles First place in the NFC East. Possibly the NFC East title. December in Giants Stadium. (Apologies to the Jets, but we beat you in the first game played there, Eli Manning's blood on the turf claimed the stadium as it or not, IT IS GIANTS STADIUM).

As a sidebar, I love the fact that the endzone says "NEW YORK FOOTBALL GIANTS" on game day. That is who we are. Still incorporated as such. (how many of you knew that) We are Giants....we are Old School.

Is revenge too strong a word to use after losing to the Eagles a few weeks ago in Philadelphia? I don't think so. This is the NFC East where men are men, and others pass the ball 90% of the time. The Giants owe the Eagles one. A big one. The circumstances couldn't be better for them to take control of their destiny, make a statement and claim first place of the NFC East.

New York Post columnist Steve Serby has an excellent article that every Giant fan should read.

But the Giants need our help. Antrel Rolle is correct when he says they need the fans to help win this game. It's been a long time since the 12th man meant so much for a single game. Lets not disappoint our team. Our team will be on the field giving it their all. Players will be playing with pain, playing with injury. They will be getting knocked down, but getting back up. Why? Because they are New York Giants, and that means something. They are the legacy of one of the first five teams in the NFL when it was formed in 1925. The only original team still standing from that group of five. This is the Mara's team. That means something too.

This game feels like the 1960's. There is no need for trick plays, no need for finesse. This is the Giants house. The house that Wellington built. Maybe not literally, but certainly figuratively.

Some will read this and say "it's only football, lighten up". Sorry, I can't do that. Football is much more than a game to me. The game shows me a lot about what is right with America. It demonstrates that with individual hard work, combined with team work, a well thought out plan and the support of those around you, anything is possible.

The first part of the last statement is up to the coaches, staff and players. The support part is up to us. Let's put aside our differences for three hours Sunday afternoon and show the Philadelphia Eagles what it means to come knocking on the door of the home of the New York Football Giants.

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