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G Chris Snee on the Giants O-Line Toughness


Q: When you look at the offensive line, do you feel like you have gotten tougher?

A: We have always been tough, we have just been able to be more effective. It is not saying that we have gotten tougher because I have always considered us to be a tough group upfront. We showed that by sticking with the run and we keep pounding and grinding every week. Q: Do you think this team is built for all types of weather?

A: I think that we will be prepared for any type of weather. It is out of our control so our mindset is to walk out to whatever nature gives us and just stick to our gameplan.Q: Is the mindset still the same?

A: As a lineman, logically it would say that you are going to run the ball more and put it on our backs so that's what it is. If it comes to that, we will just have to put it on our shoulders.Q: Is Eli an athlete when he has to be or is he an overall athlete?

A: I will never ever call Eli an athlete. When you watch him run, it is the most awkward thing when we do sprints together, but he has good footwork when he has to make throws under pressure. When he has to slide and get rid of it, he does a great job of that. It is obvious that he is not the best athlete in the world but he has great footwork and is as tough as they come.

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