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G Chris Snee Transcript


We just finished watching the tapes. A lot of big plays needed to be had out there, whether it be one guy not holding a block long enough or a misread at quarterback, receiver. There were plenty of big plays to be had. I'm not worried. That's what preseason is for.

Q: New center…A: There's no panic here. It's the first preseason game. I'm not worked up about it. We know what we have to fix. We're going to go out here today and work on it.

Q: Were there definitely things that you looked at and said this is what we cleared up?
A: There's definite communication things. Like I said, I know it comes with repetition. I'm not concerned by any means. I like who we have here. We'll just work hard this week and get ready for Chicago.

Q: With a new center, do you have to be more verbal?
A: I guess a little bit. I don't really care to do that. He knows all the calls. He does a good job coming off the ball. If there's something that needs to be changed or we disagree upon, we come to the sideline and talk about it. He's the center. He'll make the calls. We'll go from there.

Q: I know it's not your side of the ball, but is it good seeing Osi come back?
A: I said from day one that I've enjoyed seeing him around here. His presence alone is good for the team. I just hope he takes it easy on us as he goes out there with fresh legs today coming off the edge. Yeah, whenever he's out there practicing with us, it's a good thing.

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