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G Mitch Petrus

Q: You tied a record for bench pressing at the combine…have you always had brute strength like that?

A: Yeah, I've always been kind of a stronger guy, you know. I guess my family has a big, bulky background so that's helped me. I had really good strength coaches at Arkansas, and when I went down there, I trained at IMGM in Florida. They really helped me. I had done 35 before, but I had never done that many. I was proud of myself. That's one of my strengths.

* Q: You couldn't squeeze one more out?*

A: Nah. I didn't know where the record was and I lost count. I didn't have a clue. When I looked, I said 'Man, I could have done one more.' I thought the record was 43, but it doesn't matter. I gave it all I could and all the energy I had put into it. Looking back at it, I guess I could've tried one more. It feels good to finish the last rep, but I didn't think I had anything left. At least I tried. It was a good experience.

* Q: You started at different position too: fullback, o-line, tight end:*

A: Yes Sir.

* Q: Did you just get a growth spurt or something?*

A: No. I grew up tall, and I grew up a little faster than I would have liked it. When I hit 18, 19 years old, it kind of hit me. It's kind of rough at Arkansas, since I was coming in there trying to get a scholarship so I was working my rear end off trying to make it. That was some extra incentive and motivation to get stronger. The stronger you are, the better chance you have, so that was something I always thought.

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