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Gameday Quotes: Giants meet the media


View transcriptions from the Giants' preseason game vs. Cleveland

Head Coach Ben McAdoo:

Opening statement:

"We held the team to 10 points, but we have got to win the ball game. The substitutions did a nice job last week, but we took a step back with our communication this week. We will take care of that. Penalties bit us in the tail tonight. We weren't sharp there with ball security. The disregard for the ball was disappointing."

On the Giants first team offense struggling to run the ball off the line of scrimmage:

"We tried a couple of things schematically. It didn't work out early in the ball game. I'll have to take a look at the tape. I thought we had a couple of runs there that were decent going right to left on our side there, later when the first group was in there and in the second quarter. We'll have to go back and take a look at the tape first. The corners came in tonight on the first play of the game, they had a corner pressure and they came in and made a nice play on the ball."

On an update on Giants WR Brandon Marshall's X-ray results:

"No [results yet]."

On the possibility of Giants WR Odell Beckham, Jr. sitting for the remainder of preseason due to ankle injury:

"If he can play, he will play. I can't answer that question right now."

On whether 'further examination' indicates an MRI for Beckham tomorrow:

"Yes, we will take a look at it and see what the medical staff says."

On whether there was an issue with the hit Beckham took:

"It's football. You can't hit a guy high. You can't hit a guy low. You try to hit him in the middle. It was one of those balls where (Giants QB) Eli (Manning) had to drive it and he left his feet. It's a tough play for a DB."

On his reaction to Giants WR Sterling Shepard's fumble:

"When they took the ball off of him? Hold the ball."

On Giants QB Eli Manning's performance:

"We will go back and take a look at the tape. I thought he had some nice plays and made some nice reads. We have to hit that first one to Brandon (Marshall). We have to complete that ball.

On whether the lack of ball security should be taken personally after drills are dedicated to it almost daily:

"Yes. Yes, I do [take it personally]. We need to take care of the ball. If we don't take care of the ball and we give up 10 points, we lose the ball game. Let's not do that. It doesn't matter what season it is – regular season, preseason, postseason."

On Giants QB Geno Smith's performance:

"He took a timeout in the fourth quarter that I didn't like. He threw an interception on the goal line which I didn't like. Those things stood out to me. Other than that, he played pretty good."

On not getting in the end zone in the first two games:

"We want to score more points no doubt about it. We have to look at the big picture, too. Some of the things we call are to evaluate and not necessarily to score but we want to score."

On Giants OL Michael Bowie not playing:

"That information got on us fast. We left him back. I'm focused on coaching a team, and we have men and women on the other end of the building that are focused on that right now. I will know more when I get back

WR Odell Beckham Jr.

On what his emotions were after he was injured:

"Make sure everything is alright, everything is good. Shake it off, play football."

On how he feels now after his injury:

"It feels like a strained ankle, a rolled ankle, I do not know. You know what it feels like to hurt your ankle? That is what it feels like. It will be alright."

On if he thinks the hit that injured him was a dirty play:

"I do not know. It is just football I guess. Preseason, that is all."

On if his injury is a high ankle sprain or a low ankle sprain:

"I did not go to school for anatomy or kinesiology. I am not really a doctor, but I think they know the answer to that so. If you find out, let me know."

On if it took a medical test to make him feel less worried:

"No, you just know. You know your body."

On if he was put through concussion protocol:

"No. They asked me a couple questions but I know what today is, I know what happened yesterday and I know who we played last week. I think I will be alright."

On if he will be ready to play in the regular season opener versus the Dallas Cowboys:

"I do not know man. I am pretty concerned, but, I think I will be alright."

On if he wants to sit out the third preseason game:

"It is up to coach and the training staff. Where we go from here I do not necessarily know. We will go in there tomorrow and get a look at it."

S Landon Collins

On the hit taken by WR Odell Beckham:

"I cannot have a teammate next to me playing that way. I cannot condone it. It's not something I seek. He had all the opportunity in the world to make a different play but I don't condone it."

On there being no flag thrown on the play:

"The play wasn't a penalty, but it's something everyone knows that is something you don't do. He had about 30 seconds to make a play on the ball in the air. He could've made a play on the ball, could've hit him high, but he chose a different route. I can't respect him."

On why he said something after the hit:

"It's where I'm from. If you play safety you hit properly. You don't hit high, that's the last option. If you can't make a play on the ball, then you don't do it. If you want to get your name known that way, that's how you do it."

On Beckham limping off the field:

"When I saw him walk off the field, it's a blessing. Not many guys can get hit like that, straight on the knee with their foot caught in the ground, and can walk away from it. God blessed him. He's got strong bones and can continue looking after him."

On Beckham being on the sideline in the second half:

"To see a smile on his face, talk to him and know he's alright. I'm glad he can play another down and another down this season. It's a relief."

QB Eli Manning

On if he was pleased with how the first team offense did tonight:

"We've got to do better. We got to throw and catch the ball better, and convert on third downs. We made some plays, did some good things, just did not connect on a few plays that would have been helpful."

On if he is concerned that three wide receivers were hurt tonight:

"Yeah, you never want to see guys leaving the field. Hopefully all of them are moderate, they get back to work, can get out there and continue to work on things."

On what his reaction was to (WR) Odell Beckham Jr. being injured:

"Just went over there to check on him. Hopefully everything is alright."

On if the pass that injured Beckham should have been lower:

"Again, I got to look at it on film. It is one of those throws, a high sideline throw.  You do not want to throw it too low where the underneath defenders can drop back on it. You have to put it in a spot where he can get it."

On the offensive struggles scoring touchdowns?

"We just need to convert on third downs. There were a couple throws we missed that could've been the different. We missed (WR) Brandon Marshall on a go route. Shep (WR Sterling Shepard) and I could have connected on a couple throws so just little things like that."

On the running game struggles:

"It's something we need to continue to work on. They did some good things defensively, bringing some corners off the edge and making the lanes a little tighter than we expected."

OL Justin Pugh

On the overall performance:

"It's preseason, what can I say? It's the preseason, but I expect us to be a whole lot better than we were."

On the turnovers:

"We can't keep turning the ball over. That's the number one goal coming into this year, limit turnovers especially when we get down* *there with a chance to score a touchdown. We have to protect the ball and I know Coach (Ben McAdoo) is going to get us about that, and Coach (Mike) Sullivan, and rightfully so. We didn't play as well as we should have tonight and it showed out there."

On the offensive struggles during the preseason and looking forward to the next game:

"Yeah, the next one is the biggest test. I really want to look at the film before I make any rash decisions and say something that I'll regret saying. Obviously, we know it's a short turnaround, which is a good thing. You know, we flush this one and get ready for the next one."

On WR Odell Beckham's injury:

"You never like to see that. I didn't get to see the play so I don't really know what happened. I'm kind of busy when that's happening, but you hate to see one of your guys go down, especially when it's a preseason game. Hopefully everything is fine with him and we keep it rolling."

On Beckham on the sideline in the second half:

"Once I saw him I knew we were good."

QB Geno Smith

On the slant to WR Travis Rudolph:

"He did a good job getting open. The line protected well, and it was a good job by him making the catch for the first down."

On the audible before throwing the interception:

"I was trying to get an audible off but unfortunately everyone didn't get the signal. It was just a bad play."

On the drive ending with the interception:

"It's very frustrating. You have to keep your head up and continue to lead. It's what the preseason is for, to get out those kinks. Get things on film so you can go watch them later."

On not being able to get back on the field after throwing the interception:

"I would've, but it's something outside of my control. I can only control the things that I can control, and that's not making that mistake down in the red zone."

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