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Giant Plays for WR's


The news of Plaxico Burress signing with the Jets quickly made the rounds Sunday morning and was addressed during Day 3's media session. Additionally, with the names now in the Eagles' secondary, a lot appears to be on the plate for the wideouts. 

However, after Eli Manning threw for more than 4,000 yards to a receiving corps held together on spit and elbow grease towards the end of 2010, Mario Manningham has seen it all by this point and doesn't seem fazed. 

"We're used to it," Manningham said. "By hearing all this stuff, it doesn't make any difference what people have to stay. We still have our own spark to us. We don't care if they don't ever talk about us, but as long as we win on Sundays, that's all that matters. Let's do our job."

With Hakeem Nicks and Steve Smith missing a combined 10 games last season, Manningham had his most prolific campaign yet and caught 60 passes for 944 yards with nine touchdowns, including the longest reception of the season in the NFL (92 yards).

Now in his fourth NFL training camp, Manningham has shown what he can do and doesn't feel pressure at his position this year, even with the biannual run-ins with the Eagles.

"I feel like we can match up with anybody, I am not going to down talk our receivers," Manningham said. "We go against the best every week, Sunday in and Sunday out. I am not about to say they have a three-headed monster or give them all the props in the world and they haven't even played a game yet. They are good, they are athletes and they are in the NFL. We go out and do what we have to do and we will see when we play them."

Also working his way into the fold is Devin Thomas, who the Giants signed last season and contributed solely on special teams. But the 2008 second-round draft pick out of Michigan State thinks he has more to prove.

"For those who don't know who I am or haven't seen me, I feel like I could definitely bring that excitement and everything," said Thomas, who made a handful of noteworthy catches on the second team during practice yesterday. "I definitely have the desire to showcase my talent."

Drafted by the Redskins, the "humbled" Thomas played for three teams in 2010 (the Panthers being the other) and worked his way onto the Giants' kickoff, where he still remains on the depth chart.

"I feel like I'm an all purpose player anyway. Whatever it is, whether I'm running down as a gunner, doesn't matter. I'm just a football player and I'm going to make it happen," Thomas said. "It really changed my outlook on how I approached the game. It brought me back down and brought that hunger back out of me again. Right now, I'm starving and I'm thirsty. I've got to feed and drink."

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