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amukamara_article.jpg's Michael Eisen answers your questions submitted to twitter! Follow @Giants on Twitter and send us your questions!

*Question: @Giants why is RB Ahmad Bradshaw starting over RB Brandon Jacobs?Michael Eisen: *Bradshaw is the more productive player at this point. He runs for more yardage and he's the superior receiver.  And Jacobs is still a little rusty after missing two games with a knee sprain.

*Question: @Giants Which previously injured players will most likely be active?Michael Eisen: *Not sure if you mean players who were injured in the last game or who haven't played. Hakeem Nicks is confident he'll play against the Patriots. Bradshaw has a sore foot, but I think you'd have to cut it off before he'll miss the game. Prince Amukamara has yet to practice with the defense, so I don't know if he'll play this week. The Giants still have two  more weeks to decide what to do with Ramses Barden.

*Question: Should the @Giants blitz more often against the Pats and Brady?Michael Eisen: *I don't think it's a great idea. Few, if any, quarterbacks are as good against the blitz as Tom Brady. He carves up teams that blitz him. I'd like to see the Giants try to confuse him with coverages and harass his receivers.

*Question: How far can @Giants go without defense against the run being any good?Michael Eisen:

I think pretty far. Although I'm a big stats guy, I'm not sure what they all mean. The Giants are 28th in run defense and are 5-2. The Patriots are 32nd in pass defense and are 5-2. I'm sure both teams would like to improve in those categories, but it's more important to make plays and to score points and stop the opposition from scoring.

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