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Coach Coughlin

Q: How is it to have Osi back?A: It was good. It was spirited and I thought the practice was very good. He jumped right in there and tries to beat the ball like he normally does. It was good to see. Again, it is a nice battle for the left tackle on that side and JPP going to both sides serves us well in terms of the rotation. 

Q: Will that be the rotation?A: That is what it will be, yes.

Q: So Osi will be in with the first string?A: Yes, and so is JPP.

Q: Do you know how you will manage Osi's knee?A: I haven't been told the exact schedule. Hopefully it will be with the days off and that type of thing before we have to worry about that type of thing. I wouldn't be surprised that he has to from time to time just stay out of it for a practice.

Q: Do you think he will play Monday?A: We will see. If you look back, we kind of brought people back really slow so it wouldn't be rushed. If he is ready to play, then he will play a few snaps.

Q: How much has he missed?A: He is not behind in any meetings. The football part he is up on completely.

Q: Do you think it is all behind him now?A: I hope so and that's all I am going on. He is here and he wants to work. He wants to be apart of the team and we certainly want him to be but we want it all. We don't want part of it, we want it all and I am hoping that's the way it is.

Q: Was his attitude any different today?A: Nope. He was very competitive.

Q: Does he change the personality of this team in any way?A: I just think the players themselves as a group were energetic and enthusiastic than we were the other day. He just fit right in with that.

Q: Have you talked to him at all?A: I haven't gotten to him yet. I had a few today with different individuals but I haven't had an opportunity to sit with him, but I will.

Q: What will you talk to him about?A: That will be between he and I.

Q: Where did that spark come from today?A: I hope we are getting there, that's all. What changed is that we looked at it on tape and it wasn't very good and now let's do something about it. I hope that's what it is.

Q: How is Lawrence Tynes doing?A: He surprised me and it looks like he is probably day-to-day.

Q: Does that mean that the team won't sign another kicker?A: I don't know. It does at least give us the opportunity to find out what is out there. If we did work some people out, that would be fine.

Q: How is Tollefson doing?A: His back was bothering him a little bit.

Q: Did it happen on Saturday?A: I would imagine.

Q: What is going on with Sam Giguere?A: Sam, it is a groin, but it is a serious groin.

Q: Is Sage Rosenfels sick?A: Yes, Sage is sick and he played sick the other night. 

Q: How is Barden coming along?A: He is just normal. We are trying to run him to see where he is, nothing new that I know of.

Q: Was Giguere waived?A: No. He was going to do some medical stuff.

Q: Do you plan on using Hixon on punt returns?A: He has that ability to do that but I am not going to make that statement on when he will do that. Certainly not going to do it early. Not the next week.

Q: Is Hixon on a regular practice schedule?A: No, he is still listed as every other day.

Q: What do you think about Jernigan?A: In the return game he was okay. We had a chance on a punt return and Reynaud had a chance for one but he slipped. If he had gone outside, I think it would have been pretty good. To tell you the truth, the last couple days practice wise and game wise the other night, he has probably performed better than he has the whole fall. I'm hoping that will transcend into the return game as well.

Q: Have you moved Bear Pascoe back to fullback?A: He is the fullback, and the second tight end. That's where he always plays. That is his job, that's what he does.

Q:  You didn't turn the ball over the other night. How are you addressing preventing turnovers?A: Consistent pounding and reminding. If you watch the drills, two out of the four are fundamentals at the very beginning of practice. Those drills are anti-turnover drills.

Q: How did Ryan Perriloux do?A: He threw two nice balls today for big plays. He has a strong arm but it would be nice if he was more comfortable and able to speed it up a little bit. I think that will happen naturally, the more he understands. He does throw a really nice ball.**

QB Eli Manning

Q: After looking at the tape, how do you feel about the first preseason game?**A: I thought there were opportunities and we had chances but we just didn't hit some. A lot of times in games, that is the difference between what's a good game and what is not, just hitting on those plays and things could have been different. I think you are always going to learn a lot from the first preseason game. Sometimes it is a good wake up call and things we need to improve on. Coaches and players think we know all the answers and we think we know all the stuff but then you get a new defense and new things and you see what you know and what you need to improve. It is a wake up call.

Q: Are you worried about the offense?A: No, not at all. I never get worried after a quarter and a half of the first preseason game. Again there were opportunities and chances for some big plays but we just didn't hit them in that quarter and a half. We have a good offense and we have good players and there are a lot of opportunities to score some points.

Q: How do you feel about the offensive line?A: I think our offensive line played very well. I thought the protection was very good in our dropback most of the night. The guys up front know what they are doing and they are good in the run and the pass so they should be great.

Q: Does it take time for the new pieces to gel?A: There are not a whole lot of new pieces. Each year you will have a few but I think guys know what they are doing. It is just a quarter and a half and we didn't get off to a fast start. That can happen in any game and we didn't turn the ball over, which is a big priority this year. No interceptions and no fumbles and that was a good start to fixing those problems that we had last year and that will keep us in games and give us opportunities.

Q: Are you happy things are settling down and the team is pretty much in place?A: I think things have been pretty settled for us, we just have to continue the path. We have to keep working and we have a good week of practice right here. We have five days of practice to get better and keep growing in the offense and make sure everybody is sharp. We have to figure out some things and make sure where people are going to be lined up for sure. You want to get that settled so guys know where they will be playing and we will continue to work on that. 

Q: How good is it to know that Osi will be back practicing?A: It is always good to have all your guys and everybody is practicing and back. If you can eliminate distractions, that is always a positive.

Q: What do you think about David Baas?A: In David's situation, he has only had a week of practice and a lot has been thrown at him. He is in a whole new offense where most of the guys on the offensive line have been here six or seven years. We have grown as a unit and put in more calls and checks and put a lot more on the offensive line and quarterback to communicate. You can get a lot of it in practice but these preseason games are very important because things come up that maybe you haven't talked about or haven't come up in practice. A lot is going to happen but no fumbled snaps and no miscommunications between us so he will get better every practice and every game. He will get more comfortable with what's going on.

Q: Do you feel like the Osi situation has been a distraction?A: No I haven't. In preseason and training camp, you are just trying to get the plays down and worry about getting things settled. You want to get on the same page with the offense. I haven't been answering questions about it and it hasn't been a main concern. I was hoping that it did get worked out because we have other things we have to worry about.

Q: How good was it to see Hixon contributing?A: It was good. He has been a good player for us in the past and we missed him last year. He is a guy who can play a number of spots and can catch the ball. He is a tough player and it was good to see him back in the action getting some catches and back to his old self.

Q: Do you think he is more important considering the losses of key players this offseason?A: Yes I think so. He has been a starting receiver for us in the past. When Plaxico was injured, he played all the spots and had some big catches and some touchdowns for us. He is very dependable and a guy who can step up and make some big plays for us. 

Q: What did the tight ends show you?A: I thought we blocked very well. Seeing Jake Ballard in the run game gives us a strong guy and held his own in that aspect. They had a few catches. One to Bear Pascoe and we hit Ballard on an inside option route. They did some good things. Again, we didn't have our whole package in there for them but it would be good to get Travis Beckum back so we can get him back in the action.  

DE Justin Tuck

Q: How was Osi's mood today?

A: It hasn't changed from previous days.  Still smiling and I feel like he's having fun being around the guys. 

Q: Does he make you better just being on the field?

A: Definitely.  Having the quality of defensive ends we have, all of us make each other better. From a practice standpoint, getting to work with him and learn things on the fly with him being on the field.   With him on the football field on Sundays, it makes it very difficult between either one of us.  You've kind of got to pick and choose.  Then you throw JPP in the mix, it really gives us a lot of freedom to do a lot of different things.  So yeah, we definitely make each other better.

Q: Some quarterbacks must feel pretty uneasy with all of you coming at them.

A: Well that's part of the battle. They have to account for where we are and it goes a long way as far as offensive coordinators putting a lot in their game plans, things like that, but we still have to go out there and perform. That's what we're focused on.

Q:  You've gone against this offensive line for a long time now.  Do you think they still need time to gel?

A: I think that's definitely what it is.  We lost two guys that knew each other, knew this whole o-line and knew how the other guys played together and when you try to fill those voids, no matter how talented they are, it's still going to take some time for them to get comfortable with each other. That's all it is.  It's timing and I think week one we'll have everybody in place and on the same side. 

Q: What did you think of Linval Joseph?

A: I think he played very strong. That's one thing we've come to expect from him. He's a very strong individual and he played strong and he held the point. A lot of things that he did on the football field won't show up on stat sheets but I think he did very well for his first start.

Q: Is it strange not having Barry Cofield lined up next to you?

A: It's just like the o-line.  We've got some guys that we have to replace and it's going to take some time for us to know how to play off of each other, things like that, but like I said, you don't replace a Barry Cofield you just hope the guy that was behind him steps up and so far, from what we saw from Linval, Chris Canty also had a good game inside, so our d-tackles played well. 

Q: Are you excited to get back in front of your fans?

A: Definitely.  Any time you get to play in that stadium with the fans we have, it's exciting. I'm looking forward to it, I know a lot of guys here are excited about it and hopefully our showing on the football field will resemble that.

Q: When did you first know for a fact that Osi would be back out there?

A: A lot earlier than y'all did. Probably Thursday for me.

Q: He told you Thursday?

A: Yeah.

Q: And your reaction?

A: More of an ok, we'll see.  Osi's spoken a lot of things in the past that didn't come to fruition but I could just tell he was ready and itching to get back on the football field.

Q: Are you convinced his contract situation is now in the past?

A: Well there are still some things in the works as far as him and his contract, things like that, but for us as players it hasn't been a distraction.  He's done a great job of not letting it become a distraction with how he's approached it in the meeting rooms he has still been that guy that's coached up the young guys and doing everything possible to help this football team.  I look at it as he's back on the field and we'll take it one day at a time.

Q: Do you have any questions about whether or not he'll give 100%?

A: No, I know Osi. When he steps on a football field, his focus is as high as anybody's.  He knows how to separate the game. A lot of guys don't have the capability. I know he does.

Q: Is he going to talk to us?

A: That I can't answer.

Q: You've got influence.

A: I do have a lot of influence.

Q: How do you expect the snaps to be distributed at defensive end?

A: I don't know. I think you'll see JPP working on both sides. He's that capable and he has that ability to help out both sides.  I don't know, that's up to Coach Nunn and the coaching staff.

Q: As a defensive end, how much do you guys care about starting?

A: I really don't care.  Obviously, that question will go a lot of different ways depending on who you ask but at the end of the day it's all about helping the football team.  I don't care either way.

Q: For a young player like Jason, do you think it would be better for him if they kept him on one side?

A: Well it worked for me.  My opinion is, the more you can do…

Q: Your football background is a lot different from his.

A: That's true. He's made some great strides, maybe that is because they left him on one side but like I said, we're just going to continue to kind of feel Jason out I guess and see what works out best. He played both well last year so we'll see what happens.

Q: Do you think you'll move inside to d-tackle at all this year?

A: I don't know where I'm coming from.  We'll see. I'll be all over the place.

DE Jason Pierre-Paul

Q: Did it feel like you were back in college making plays again?

A: Yes it did

Q: Can you talk about that?

A: Basically coach Fewell called a few plays and I understood them and was just able to play fast.

Q: Are you looking forward to seeing Osi back on the field?

A: Yes because it is less pressure on the defense and we are just going to get out there and play great football.

Q: Will there be an open competition between the two of you?

A: Basically it is going to be a rotation again and the coaches already told me that I am going to be working both sides. I am not going to be on one side. I will be playing right end and left defensive end. That is how I played last year. That's basically it.

Q: What have you learned from Osi since you have been a Giant?

A: Osi is a great player, he is one of our top defensive pass rushers. He gets to the ball quickly. I'm still trying to learn how to get around the corner and work my foot work out and he is going to teach me all of that and so will Tuck and Kiwanuka and all the defensive players. I am just going to learn from them.

Q: Do you care about if you are going to start?

A: Not at all. They say that I am still a rookie so it doesn't matter if I start or not. I just want to go out there and play football and do what I need to do.

Q: Do you feel as though there is enough time to go around?

A:  Of course, we did it last year. I had a great second half of the season and that's what I want to do this year.

Q: Would it be better if you only played on side?

A: Actually I would rather play both ends because the more you learn the more you can help the defense. Last year I played both sides and I am going to do it this year.

Q: How much better is the defense with Osi out there?

A: It is a lot better. It makes the offense have a little hesitation and when we have all three of us out there in the Oki package, they don't know what to do so it is good Osi is back.

CB Terrell ThomasQ: Now that it's over, was it at all a distraction having Osi here but not practicing?

A: Not at all. He's been alert at meetings, been at every practice, hasn't said much, paid attention, getting his knee right and I think it was more of a media stunt to make it a bigger deal than what it really was. He has been a team player about this the whole time. It's unfortunate about the situation, but I'm happy that it was all corrected and he's being a Giant again.

Q: Are you convinced that this is totally resolved?A: I hope so. I don't think there is an issue. If he's back, he's back. Obviously, he came to terms with the Giants and he's practicing again.

Q: Did you learn anything from the Osi situation about signing a long-term deal?A: Not at all. You never judge somebody's situation. I'm not worried about that. The Giants take care of the draft picks that they draft. I'm pretty loyal to them. I love the Giants and I'm not worried about that.

Q: What about if you sign a long-term extension, making sure whatever you sign you'll be as happy with on the last year as you are on the first year?

A: Well you never know. It changes over time. Years come, years go. There are a lot of people that sign a contract that get cut after the second year or third year. It's unfortunate, but it goes both ways. You can't be mad at the player or when an owner cuts that player.

Q: How much better is the defense today, knowing that he's back out there?

A: He's a Pro Bowler, so we're that much better. The way Pierre-Paul came out playing makes him that much stronger, makes him more versatile and gives us a lot more depth.

Q: What do you think about losing Steve Smith?

A: It's unfortunate. We'll find a way to fill that hole we have. There are a bunch of the young players that could step up and make some plays and I can't wait to play again.

Q: Is he a big personality loss as well?

A: Are you talking about in the locker room?

Q: Yes.A: Oh yeah, definitely. Steve's been clutch for us. He was vital in the Super Bowl run. He was a Pro Bowler for us. We hate to see him go, but it's the business aspect of the football game and best of luck to him.

Q: What do you say to people who look at the first preseason game and you guys maybe weren't that impressive offensively, and they're panicking.

A: It's a preseason game. You're working on tackling, building formations, communication, special teams, getting young guys out. It's not about winning the first preseason game.

G Chris Snee

We just finished watching the tapes. A lot of big plays needed to be had out there, whether it be one guy not holding a block long enough or a misread at quarterback, receiver. There were plenty of big plays to be had. I'm not worried. That's what preseason is for.

Q: New center…A: There's no panic here. It's the first preseason game. I'm not worked up about it. We know what we have to fix. We're going to go out here today and work on it.

Q: Were there definitely things that you looked at and said this is what we cleared up?
A: There's definite communication things. Like I said, I know it comes with repetition. I'm not concerned by any means. I like who we have here. We'll just work hard this week and get ready for Chicago.

Q: With a new center, do you have to be more verbal?
A: I guess a little bit. I don't really care to do that. He knows all the calls. He does a good job coming off the ball. If there's something that needs to be changed or we disagree upon, we come to the sideline and talk about it. He's the center. He'll make the calls. We'll go from there.

Q: I know it's not your side of the ball, but is it good seeing Osi come back?
A: I said from day one that I've enjoyed seeing him around here. His presence alone is good for the team. I just hope he takes it easy on us as he goes out there with fresh legs today coming off the edge. Yeah, whenever he's out there practicing with us, it's a good thing.
WR Domenik HixonQ: Any issues out there on Saturday night either physically or mentally playing a couple different spots?

A: Nothing. I felt good. I felt real confident. Coach Coughlin does a great job simulating practice and games. I felt like it was a glorified practice.

Q: Knee …
A: Yeah. People remind me more about my knee than I do myself. Until someone says something, I really don't think about it.

Q: All the work you did, was it a good feeling to get some results?
A: It was, absolutely. To put in all that work throughout the whole summer, the whole year, 13 months of hard work in, you get a little pay off.

Q: What's the hardest part?A: Probably just the mental part. I'm not looking at the big picture, just taking it one day at a time. Literally re-teaching everything. I don't think people understand that you lose all the muscles in your quad and your calves. Build all that up. Literally start walking, start jogging, then running. But, it takes literally 6-7 months before you start doing all of that.

Q: What do you think was the lowest point mentally or physically?
A: Probably seeing the guys out there playing and me not being out there and knowing that I wanted to be and I could hang out.

Q: Are you saying hey coach, there's a lot of stuff I can do?A: I try to prove that at practice. All of us have opportunities to play inside and out. You just try to prove that in practice and hopefully you get an opportunity in a game.

Q: Saturday night … first game …A: No, not at all. I took about 15 minutes during pregame at midfield and kind of hung out and took it all in. This is what I worked for and it was more joy and happiness than anything.

Q: After the good results, are you still going to be taking every other day off at practice?A: That's up to the training staff. That's something that we'll talk about. We haven't talked about it, but I'll go talk to them about it now.

Q: Special teams work …A: I think eventually I'll end up winning that spot. It's kind of something that they've got a plan and we're sticking to it. Things may look good, but we're still sticking to the plan.
DT Chris CantyQ: How does it feel to have Osi back?A: We are excited. He is a tremendous football player and a great teammate so having him out here is going to be awesome for us. We are just putting more bullets in the gun.

Q: Can you talk about the sacks the defense got in the first preseason game?A: Obviously we would have to put pressure on the quarterback and that starts with our defensive front. We first have to stop the run and we can improve in that area from Saturday. If we do that then we can get the sticks in our favor and be able to rush the passer and that is something that a lot of the guys on this defensive front do well.

Q: How do you feel Linval played?A: I thought he did a very good job. I thought he did some solid things and there are some things he can build on. It was a good performance considering we haven't had the offseason we typically have had. I was definitely impressed with what he did on the field.

Q: How do you feel you played?A: I've got a lot of work to do. I have a lot of work to do. I have a long way to go if I am going to help and contribute to this football team and being successful this year. I know what I have to do and it is a lot of work.

Q: Is there anything you were dissatisfied with?A: My pad level, I played way too high. I have to get that down. Obviously that is something that I have to constantly work on because I am a tall man so I have to constantly improve on that. Be a little more active with my hands and collapsing the pocket.  There are some things that I want to improve on and I want to work on and that why it's the preseason so I can have that opportunity to do that and that is what I am going to do.

K Lawrence Tynes

Q: When do you think you will be able to kick again?A: I'm day-to-day right now, so I'll probably try it maybe Wednesday or Thursday.

Q: You could barely walk on it. Feel better?
A: I'm definitely pleased. It feels really good. I was the same way you guys probably were when I walked out on crutches. I got an MRI yesterday and it came back really well. I'm definitely encouraged.

Q: You have a game a week from today. Do you fully expect to kick in the game a week from today?
A: I've got to kick first. I'm not going to make any predictions today. I definitely mentally feel like I could get there. I'm a pretty fast heeler. I generally have done well with things like this, so hopefully it's fine.

Q: Given what happened, do you feel lucky it wasn't worse?
A: Yeah, it was a good play by him and they blocked the kick. I do feel fortunate.

Q: What did you get on the ruling?
A: It's a no-call. Obviously, it's not a penalty. Maybe it's something they'll look at next year. I'm not saying we should have got the ball back, I'm just thinking maybe they should have started 15 yards further back. I'm very vulnerable right there--I'm not moving, my foot is planted. I'm just glad it was my kicking leg and not my plant leg.

Q: Have you politely asked any rookie tackles to pick up your man?
A: No. That's football. Mistakes are made; I make mistakes. Those young guys—whatever mistake was made, it's just football. It happens and I'm sure he doesn't feel great about it, but that's just what happens. I'm not bitter, I'm not pointing fingers. He's a young guy learning how to play the game, so no hard feelings whatsoever.

Q: Would you be upset if they brought in a kicker for a week or two?
A: No, not at all. This is my job; no one is going to take it from me. I feel if they want to make that decision, it certainly depends on my health.

Q: Dodge has been taking some kick-offs here. Do you welcome the competition there? Is that something you take pride in?
A: He can kick off, for sure. He's definitely capable; we all know his leg strength. He just has not mastered the run up. I mean, you see what he can do from 3, 4 yards away. He's got the ability and hopefully in two or three years down the road, I can say you kick off.

Q: And you'd be open to making that…?
A: Absolutely. I'll hand that over in a heartbeat. I'm so happy for him and what he's done punting-wise. With everything that happened with him last year and that he's able to turn the shoulder, move on, and I'm very happy for him.

P Matt Dodge

Q: Can you talk about you kicking off? Where is that right now?A: I think right now both of us are able to do it. We're just going to go back and forth. At least that's my understanding; we haven't talked too much about it.  We'll probably talk more.  I think today is more of a punting day so tomorrow we'll probably talk about it more.

Q: Is kicking something you look forward to?A: Yeah, especially with the ball moved up you just try to hit it and get a touchback. That's the best way to go.

Q: Things seem to be going well for you in the competition with Weatherford. How do you think you're doing so far?A: Pretty good.  It's so frustrating when you don't kick to your potential all the time but if anything it's been fun to watch Steve.  He's a veteran where I want to be one day. His direction is on point every day so it's fun to watch how he goes about every day. Anything I can learn, as much as I possibly can, so that if I'm blessed enough to be here next year or this year I can keep using what I learn from him.

Q:  You were working with Jeff Feagles a lot before last season, is he still around?A: I actually saw him today. He was here for a little bit. 

Q: Last year Coach Coughlin talked about working on your situational punting. What did you do to strengthen your punting game this offseason?A: A lot of the same stuff we did last year as far as the drills. A lot of that stuff was new to me so I kind of went out into the field and told my dad, this is what we did last season, tried to get maybe more successful so we would do that.  I started really to mimic what we did here. We'd do times, we'd move the ball, try to get outside the numbers stuff like that.  It's hard to simulate it on a high school football field but we tried as much as possible.

Q: So you did try to set up situations like it's 4th and long and I'm on the 20?A: Not too much. For me, I just kind of want to hit the same punt every time.  Unless, you're obviously trying to down it, but if I can just hit a quality punt, it's going to go far enough whether you're at the 20 or the 2 so I don't get too psyched up for that.

Q: In terms of directional kicking, I know that takes a while to learn.  Is there any way you can expedite that?A: Yeah, just trust yourself.  That's pretty much the biggest thing. It's not really that…it's different but it's not really that…I mean I've done it before.  So you've just really got to trust when you're going out to the right to just keep it out there and not worry about hitting it out of bounds too early or stuff like that so just trust that it's going to go where you want it to go.

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