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Coach Coughlin

Q: What is the playing time distribution for Monday's game?A: The ones will go 25-30 and the two group will have a big share again and a little less for the threes than what they got before.

Q: What about the quarterback rotation?A: It will be Eli. It will be Carr and it will be Ryan.

Q: How do you decide on a number two quarterback? Is it simply what they do at the position?A: There is more to it. Sage does holding. There are contributions to the meeting room. There are all kinds of stuff.

Q: What is going on with Terrell Thomas?A: He has a sore leg so we just held him.

Q: Do you as a coach have to think about contracts when deciding on a player?A: Who is the best, that's what I think about.

Q: Do you expect Corey Webster back Monday?A: Corey should be back Sunday. He had a death in the family and he is a pallbearer. He left to be with his mother. I believe it was his mother's brother. 

Q: How does the camera on Ryan Perriloux's helmet help you?A: It just shows you where his eyes are so we are following his eyes to make sure they are going where they are supposed to be going as he sets. Whether he starts with the safety read, it's an area read or a directional read, if he is supposed to go in one particular spot first. You like to think they are going where they are supposed to be so you just put that on to check.

Q: Why did you want to do that with him?A: It is just a thought. Let's see if we can help him just a little bit more with where his eyes are.

Q: Ryan said the picture isn't that great.A: It is a little dark, not as clear as I was hoping.

Q: Have you thought about doing that with the other quarterbacks?A: If it was offseason, maybe but not right now.

Q: How far away is Barden from practicing?A: All I know is what they tell me and he has a ways to go.

Q: Do you see progress in the team?A: You see it a little bit but it has to be full speed to get it to where you feel like you are making progress. We will know a little bit more after Monday night. It's a very good team and a very good defensive team.

Q: Is there one group you will be looking at more?A:I wish there was but there is more then one. I would like to see players at various spots play well, step up and answer some questions for us.

Q: Will there be any difference since camp is ending?A: There won't be any bed checks, that's all. It does change the schedule. You have to admit, this have been a very good schedule. It is not practicing twice a day but it is a lot of meeting time. A lot of time spent together and that will change a little.

Q: Do you prefer being away or here?A: It is a different experience. There are some pluses and minuses for both. I haven't spent much time thinking about that one.

Q: Nothing that jumps out to you?A: No I don't think I feel anything like that. I don't think there is one thing that jumps out at me.

Q:  What about team chemistry since you are not away together?A: We are pretty much stuck with each other right here, honestly. They are spending a lot of time together right here. Early in the morning until 830 or more at night so there is a lot of time spent.

Q: Was it better here because of the rain and you have the field house?A: We probably would have had to go somewhere because you definitely can't miss a practice. Not with only once a day.

Q: What have you seen from Linval Joseph?A: Linval has been impressive. As the amount of playtime goes and the level of competition gets better and the offensive line he is going to play against, it is going to be interesting to continue to watch him. I have been pleased. He has been a load. There were a few times last year where he was late but I don't see much of that. 

Q: Are you concerned about the fight during practice?A: Half the time I don't even see it. I am looking the other way or I am looking at something else. I don't know who has done something to who. I don't care for it but as long as it doesn't go any further. There is always the follow-up with the back and forth but it was a little warm today so they decided to spend some time verbalizing.

Q: Is Deon Grant going to play Monday?A: We will see. I think he will play some but not a whole lot.

Q: Has the team signed Jimmy Kennedy?A: I don't see anything come across my desk that says he signed.

Q: How do you feel about the returners?A: They are working hard and I know there are some more people in here that can run. That is a huge objective for Monday night.

Q: Is that a big difference for rookies trying to make the team?A: It always is. It is really for whomever can go take the job.

Q: Out of the four special teams, is there one that you feel good with?A: Last year we were fourth in the league in kick-off coverage so that's not as much a concern as punting the ball where I want it to be punted and getting some kind of return game going.

Q: Did Osi's surgery go well?A: Have you ever heard of one that didn't? I saw him and he is in good spirits. The doctor said it went well and he said he was able to do some debridement. He thinks it's going to be some improvement. 

Q: is he here?A: He is here. That afternoon, he was out.

DE Justin TuckQ: How are you feeling?
A: It doesn't matter but I feel great.

Q: Is the sore Achilles something that has been bothering you for a long time?A: Not at all. It was just one of those freak things that pops up and you deal with it and hopefully not have to deal with it again, I guess.

Q: Did you feel it again yesterday?A: I feel great.

Q: What kind of a blow was it losing Osi?A: We don't know yet. Obviously it is a blow but just like before when he was not practicing, it gives other guys the opportunity. JPP will definitely feel comfortable with his role and stepping in as a starter at that position. Dave Tollefson is having a great camp and we just roll them in and roll them out. Osi needed to take care of this issue and luckily he takes care of it now and it doesn't affect us midseason. I think it is a good thing and deal with it now and we will be excited when he comes back. 

Q: Do you think it is too much to ask Jason Pierre-Paul to do?A: Not at all. I think he welcomes the challenge and he feels confident in his ability. The more he plays, the better he is going to get so honestly this could be a win-win for us. We know when Osi comes back, depending on how his knee acts, we know what he can do. We believe in what JPP can do so the more he gets out there with the ones and goes against teams we are about to face in this preseason, he will get more confident in his ability. It will benefit us more.  

Q:Do you think you will get double-teamed more?A:I hope not but time will tell.  

Q: Do you think Osi's knee issue could have been dealt with a couple weeks ago?A:I think he was on the cusp about it. We had already talked about it and what his plans were going to be. He came out in practice with every intention of letting that knee be dealt with in the offseason. After a couple practices it swelled up on him and him and the Giants made a conscious decision to take care of it now. It wasn't like he planned on it, he planned on playing the season with it but seeing how it was the first week of practice, he felt like it was the idea to take care of it now.  

Q:Is there a sense of urgency this year?A: It is a sense of urgency every year. It was a sense of urgency after we won the Super Bowl. Our goal every year is to win the Super Bowl and there is no hiding that fact. You are right, we haven't made (the playoffs) in two years but it gives us the opportunity to do it this year. That's the way we are approaching it.  

Q: Do you look back at how you beat up Chicago's quarterback last season?A: Last year is last year. Us beating up their quarterback didn't help us get our job done. We didn't make the playoffs and we didn't win the Super Bowl so I really don't care about last year. I'm focused on what we are going to do this year. Obviously, they will have a chip knowing that we killed and embarrassed them as far as O-Line and things like that. I know coach Tice is going to bring that up and they are going to come in here ready to play. It gives us an opportunity to work but last year is last year. I'm not even focused on the stuff we did last year. 

Q: What has impressed you about JPP?A: His athletic ability. We gave him a hard time last year but he continued to fight and continued to go about his business. That is a positive for us.

DE Jason Pierre-PaulQ: How is your back?A: My back feels good.

Q: Is that the same injury you had last year?A: No my muscles just tighten that's all.

Q:How do you feel about being a starter?A: Basically I just have to do what I have to do. Coach came up to me with that yesterday and let me know Osi was going to be out so I need to step it up.

Q: Are you ready?A: Yes. I am going to go out there and do what I have to do to help the team win.  

Q: How is this affecting you?A: It really doesn't affect me. I just have to play both sides now. I'm use to it and coach just told me to play more of the right end especially this game so that's what I have been doing in practice.

Q: Is it frustrating or confusing?A: Not at all.

Q:How do you feel about playing more?A:  When I am out there I just have to be in shape and run to the ball every play. If I run to the ball in practice then I will run to the ball in the game.  

Q: Does that help you or hurt you?A: It helps because you know you have to push yourself a little bit further and go to the ball.  

Q: Are the expectations to high?A: No because it is all about how you play. I didn't know I was going to get two sacks but I went out there and played good football. I kept rushing the quarterback and that's what happened. The expectations are going to be high, I just have to play to my full ability.

WR Domenik Hixon

Q: You've played outside as well as in the slot. Is there one that you prefer as far as who you match up against?A: No, not at all. Whoever lines up across from me, got to go out there and win.

Q: You're working with both units of receivers. Are you just trying to get in as much time as possible or are you trying to get in more time with the first team and show the coaches what you have?A: I'm just trying to get in as much as possible, regardless of who it's with. Just showing that I still know what I'm doing and running around.  I'm healthy and ready to go.

Q: Now that it's later in training camp, how do you feel it has gone so far?A: Getting better every day.  You see improvements every day and we're picking one thing, trying to get better every day and just keep on improving.

Q: How are you feeling?A: I feel good. I feel real good. We've got a plan. We're sticking with it. Just feeling good, better, strong, fast, the whole nine yards.

Q: Do you anticipate that resting every other day will be the plan until a certain point?A: We've been evaluating every day and as it goes by.  Just talking about it and being on the same page.

Q: And you would like to get to the point where you don't have to be on that plan?A: Absolutely. Yeah, I absolutely would like to practice every day and be out there running around.

Q: What do you miss by this one day on, one day off schedule?A: You just have to be more mentally in tune in practice because you're not getting the reps. You're not physically doing it but you're expected to physically do it in a game so you've just got to make sure that everything's covered.  They might put in a set of plays that you didn't run, that you've got to run in a game.  So you just have to make sure you're on top of it.

WR Ramses Barden

Q: How is your ankle feeling?A: I can honestly say I feel it getting better. I've been able to do more and more.  Every couple days, another improvement.

Q: When we saw you in June you said you were close to 100%.A: I said that?

Q: You said the only reason you weren't at the offseason workouts at Bergen Catholic was because you didn't have to be there.A: There were things that I was confident I could do then and even now. It's more important that you take it slow.  I listened to the Maurice Jones-Drew interview yesterday. He was saying some of these similar things. It was nice to see somebody having the same issues. It's tough. It takes a lot of patience and I'm anxious to get out there again. I want to do everything right and not have any setbacks. Move forward and be able to be successful again when I get back.

Q: What's the next step for you as far as what you have to show or what you have to feel before you can get back to practice?A: I don't know. I'm leaving that up to the trainers. I know that when I get back I just want to pick up where I left off last year.  In the Cowboys game I felt very comfortable.  Things were coming to me, reading defenses and catching the ball, running routes and it was starting to feel like college again a little bit.  I won't say it's easy but it was starting to come together and I want to pick right back up there.  I've been in meetings and everything as if I'm going to practice with everybody else. Things are clicking, answering questions and I know the offense as good as I ever have so I just can't wait for that opportunity.  Give me nod, I'll put the cleats back on and get back out between the white lines.

Q: So is this not healing properly?A: I wouldn't say that. I think it's probably healing just fine. It's just how it happens.

Q: Do you anticipate any further procedures might be needed?A: I don't think so, no, not at all.

Q: So you've eliminated that?A: Yeah. We're not going that route anymore. We didn't have the surgery right after the season because we didn't think it was necessary. The doctors could tell that it was going to heal a certain way on its own and it didn't.  So the idea was to get everything back in order so everything will do as they had originally anticipated.

Q: Did they think something was going to be still…A: I don't know. I really don't know.  Because we had so much time with the lockout, we weren't so concerned with timeframe.  It was more, use all the time you've got and come back as healthy as you possibly can and we'll take it from there. There was no set schedule saying we need you here by this time from the training staff or the team.

Q: I know you don't know when you're going to be back but do you think practice is days away, weeks away, months away?A: I couldn't tell you.

Q: No idea?A: Couldn't tell you. I definitely don't think it's months away. I feel it coming soon. I hesitate to say anything with specifics just because I don't know. I don't know how it's going to respond the more we keep doing things. They might say hey, you're good to go tomorrow, they might not. The best thing I can do is be on my toes.  I'm excited for it. I'm anxious. I get tired of answering the questions. My peers, my teammates, they're excited for me to comeback, too.  I want to be a part of the team again as fast as possible and as much they want me.

DE Dave Tollefson

Q: When you heard Osi was going down for a period of time, how does that affect you?A: You've got to think it directly affects me in maybe getting some more snaps on defense.  However it does affect me I'm ready to step up in that role.  If it does, I'm ready. If it doesn't, then I'll keep doing my thing on special teams and spot duty on defense wherever they need me.

Q: Do you expect the rotation to be closer to what it was last season?A: I don't know. With JPP coming on, there are just so many guys here that can play. How do you even speculate who's going to play where. Whenever anybody's in, they've got to play good. I have no idea. I haven't been approached about a rotation and I'm not worried about it.

Q: So that's not something that you wonder as a player?A: Well it's nothing that we even really talk about.  If Tuck is tired, I'll go in for him. Really, to be honest with you, I can't remember ever once saying I need more snaps or something like that.  It's just however it works out, it works out. We as backups know that when we are in there we've got to contribute.

Q: If it does work out that you get more snaps out of this deal, do you feel ready?A: Yeah, are you kidding me? Maybe that's a big reason, not even maybe, that's why I came back. I'm comfortable in the system.  I've had success in it and I've played with these guys. We've all played together. We've got a good group of guys that have played together.  Yeah I'm ready. Whenever called upon, I am ready.

Q: You obviously know what Osi can do, how big of a loss is it to lose him for some time?A: It definitely hurts. Remember a couple years ago we lost him and you feel like we maybe faded a little late without a guy like Osi in.  Anytime you add a dynamic player like him to any defensive end group in the league, you become better.  So, him being hurt isn't going to help. We're going to pick up the slack with the guys we've got and when he gets back we'll be ready to roll.

Q: In the past this team has had as many as four defensive ends at once.  Who's the fourth this year? Who's standing out to you after you on the depth chart?A: We'll find out.

Q: Is there a guy who impresses you yet?A: We've got a couple young guys obviously.  Alex Hall has produced in this league. Justin Trattou, a young undrafted kid, he's doing pretty well.  Clint, Adrian Tracy…the New York Giants, traditionally, are always going to have guys that can pass rush. I don't think it's going to be like we're going to be lacking in that area.  Whoever it is, I have full confidence in them.

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