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Head Coach Tom Coughlin

Q:  David Diehl is back and okay?
A:  Diehl seemed to do well, yeah.

Q:  Will Blackmon?
A:  No, he is listed with a "knee" and he didn't practice today.

Q:  Who becomes the punt returner?
A:  We have a couple of guys.  We have two or three guys that would work back there.

Q:  How did he hurt his knee?
A:  Just normal wear and tear – no incident.  But toward the end of practice yesterday he kind of slowed down a little bit.

Q:  Besides Matt Dodge there are 10 other guys on that punt team unit.  Are you expecting changes on the punt team at all?
A:  Not wholesale; not at all, no.  It is what it is.  A lot of those same guys are on the kickoff coverage team.  And that point was made to them.

Q:  It has been something throughout the year where the kick team is better than the punt team.  Is there a reason for that?
A:  Well, other than the fact that we don't cover as well. 

Q:  Yeah.
A:  There are a lot of reasons.  But let's just leave at that.  We are not covering very well.

Q:  You told us a few times that a crisp practice is more important than getting acclimated to the elements.  You did have the doors open.
A:  Your teeth were chattering.  Does that mean that we didn't work in the cold?  We had the doors open.  We had it below 45 degrees in here today, which obviously is not game temperature.  But the thing that occurs right now is, it is a frozen grass field and part of the turf field is frozen as well – the part that is closest to the building.  So really there is no going outside.  So we try to make it reasonable in here.  It is better today – a little chillier today.

Q:  Does it help them?
A:  It gets their mind right.  There are going to play in colder weather than this.  It is not comfortable.  Let's put it that way.

Q:  Is that what you think is the toughest part about cold weather games – mental toughness?
A:  No.  To be honest with you, the guys have always done a good job in the cold weather.  So that is just the way it is.  So they have set themselves mentally – and made themselves and prepared themselves to play in whatever the elements are.  I don't ever remember that being a factor.

Q:  Was the '07 Championship Game your coldest?  New England, too, when you were at Jacksonville?
A:  Yeah, that was a cold day, too.  I think -26 or 4, or whatever it was.  It was very chilly.

Q:  Will you bring different gear for yourself?
A:  No, every one of these players has gone down through the color of my face.  Whatever they will pack I will wear.

Q:  Even a ski mask?
A:  I don't think so.

Q: With all of the turnovers that the defense has had this year, are you surprised that they haven't put up any points on those?
A:  Well, it is going to happen, it is going to happen.  If we keep that part of it up, it will happen. That is what you hope for and count on.  You look back over all the games – just looking at Green Bay and their opponents – the special teams plays, the plays that are made with the return game.  The 'after the catch' yardage was made with the turnover; so, big factors.  We have certainly done a nice job with that part of it – something we needed desperately.  And of course we had to combine it with the year in which we have given the ball away way, way too many times.  But I think it is in front of us. 

Q:  You told us how hard you took Sunday's loss.  How hard do you think Perry Fewell took it?  He is a pretty intense guy.
A:  I'm not going to talk anymore about last week.  That is over.  We are going forward here.

Q:  How did you see him this week?
A:  We are going forward.  I see energy and 'let's get back to work' kind of thing. 

Q:  Lawrence Tynes has been incredibly consistent this year.  Do you like where he has been?  This is kind of what you have expected from him throughout his career?
A:  Yeah, I have always expected the variety in kickoffs and things of that nature.  There are always things that could be improved.  But he has been solid.

Q:  Will Blackmon's knee is the same one that cost him the season?
A:  It is one of his knees.

Q:  You told us yesterday that you read everything on Lombardi that you can get you hands on.  Do you do that with a lot of other coaches, or is he the one?
A:  He is the number one coach – as a young coach – that I read about because he had more things written about him.  I read anything about anybody that has done it in this business – Bill Walsh.  There is a recent Bill Walsh book that I haven't really jumped into, but I'm looking forward to it.  Any of those types of books – the military, the outstanding leadership kind of material that you read from time to time and see from time to time - the great Presidents of the country, I try to read that type of literature, yeah.

Q:  Do you have a favorite previous NFL coach that is sort of a model?
A:  I have admired many, to be honest with you.  But as I said, as a young coach when I was finishing college as a player and just starting out as a coach, that was the Green Bay hey day.  So that was – obviously Coach Lombardi was focused, very much focused on them.

Q:  We were told yesterday that Eli ranked the win at Green Bay as his favorite memory.  You obviously said it was the Super Bowl for you.  But for him to go in there and to beat a legendry quarterback like Brett Favre in those conditions, with everything that was on the line, how big a moment do you think that was in Eli's career?
A:  Oh, it was a tremendous statement game, no question.  And the follow up was pretty good, too.

Q:  Have you changed the schedule this weekend at all because of the holiday?
A:  For the players, they have a normal Friday - they have all of that Christmas Eve.  We will bring them in later on Saturday so they can spend Christmas morning with the families.

Offensive Coordinator Kevin Gilbride

Q: Did you guys almost play as well as you could play for those first 52 minutes?
A: As a coach I don't think you ever say that that was perfect, but we played well. There's no question. We did a lot of good things. There are a couple of plays that you wish you had back and a couple of opportunities that you didn't fully take advantage of or capitalize on, a couple of calls you wish you could change here or there, but generally speaking we played very well against an outstanding football team and we had a lead and a score that I think reflected that.

Q: Where do you rank the NFC Championship game in Eli's career and his evolution as a quarterback?
A: I just think that like any game where you go out and you play well and you're able to overcome the challenges that are intrinsic in that particular game leads to a reservoir of confidence. Because of the magnitude of the game and the severity of the conditions, you would hope and I would think that it's an accurate statement to say that he came out of that game feeling that no matter what he was faced with, that he would have a chance to go out and compete and do well and succeed, so I can see where that certainly contributed significantly to his development just from a confidence perspective.

Q: How do you assess what you guys did on the ground last week?
A: You always wish you had more. They're a good team, they stunt and they blitz a lot, so they're always going to make it difficult and challenging. Again, as I mentioned earlier, you always wish you made a cut here or a better block here. There were some opportunities we didn't fully take advantage of, but for the most part it was better than the first one where we only had 61, so from that standpoint I think that we are improving. The one thing that happens is where you guys look at one thing independently, I never do. I look at it as it fits into the context of the whole game and when people commit and do the things that they do help to stifle the run game, did it give you some opportunities throwing the ball? It certainly did and I thought that we capitalized on that and having that manifest itself in four touchdown passes I think is a direct reaction to some of the things they do defensively and some of the things they do defensively make it challenging to run.

Q: The Packers defense allows very few trips inside of their red zone.
A: They're good. You look at your breakdowns and there are not a lot of plays, so between their offense holding onto the ball and not giving you many opportunities, we need to get it ourselves and the fact that they have a very, very stout defense that is very low in the points per game that they give up, I'm not surprised by that at all. It just tells you that collectively they play very well together. In other words, they don't give you many chances on offense and when you do go out there, they make it very, very difficult. They're good, they're talented, they've got some big powerful people inside, they've got some good pass rushers, their corners are excellent. They're a good football team. A good defense.

Q: Is that the bend but not break mentality that they subscribe to?
A: Oh no. It's not that at all. They're sixth ranked in defense. They're good. I wouldn't say that that point total or fewest trips into the green zone or red zone is a indicator or characteristic of a team that doesn't bend, doesn't break. They stop you. They just flat out stop you. We had 48 plays one game, 50 plays another – we never play somebody that when we break down film has that few plays for us to break down offensively, but that's more than normal for them.

Q: Doesn't that put a premium on every one of your plays?
A: Absolutely. No question. Every opportunity – because there's not going to be many – you've got to take full advantage of. They're good. Again, when you couple it with what's going to be very challenging weather conditions, we're going to have our work cut out for us, there's no question, but they're going to have to do the same thing. They're going up against a good defense, ours, they have to contend with the same weather conditions that we do, so it's going to be challenging for both offenses.

Q: Will the weather conditions force you to lean on the ground game more? A: I've never done that unless you couldn't throw. The last time we went up there we threw exceptionally well and I'll hope that that will be an opportunity again, but each game is different. In this game, maybe the weather will be different and prevent us from throwing, but you always try to do whatever is allowing you to be successful moving the ball and if there is a total commitment by them to shut down the run, then you hope that it gives you some chances throwing, just like last week did, and then just as importantly, when you get those chances, that you're able to do something with them.

Q: Your third down conversions are down without Steve Smith.
A: Whenever you lose a terrific player – he is a terrific player and he is exceptionally good at playing the inside. He's good as an outside receiver, he's extraordinary as an inside receiver, so you lose that quality of player. Many times in third down, the way people structure their defenses with the version of a two, whether it's two man or double outside, they give you chances inside, so to have a guy like him in there was a great security blanket for us in terms of our playcalling and for our execution, but he's gone, so you've got to come up with other guys who can do that for you and last Sunday we were just about 50 percent, which is very good against that quality of a team. Hopefully we can continue to get some production from the guys that we have in there. So far, knock on wood, they've done a great job for us.

Q: You mean cover two?
A: Yeah. I'm sorry, I mean two high and they roll at the corners, so what they do is – it's not a double of the outside receivers per se, but sometimes it is – it's just we've got one guy short and one guy over the top, so the guys that are inside have a better opportunity and a little more space to work, so whoever you put in there has got to have the success for you that Steve provided.

Q: After a devastating loss, how good is Tom Coughlin at recovering in those situations?
A: He's great. I think he's great because although he recognizes and responds differently to the circumstances that we've been dealt and obviously losing the way we did, generally speaking it's whatever happened, let's learn from it and he's able to put it behind us and he's able to move ahead and he's a great example and I think guys can lean on that example and recognize that this is a week to week existence and your success or failure really is to a large measure controlled by your ability to learn from what happened and let it go and not be bogged down by it and I think he does a great job of making it difficult to continue to live in the past.

Defensive Coordinator Perry Fewell

Merry Christmas.

Q: So, is this going to be like going back to Buffalo?
A: (Laughs) I was in the press box in Buffalo. I guess with the elements it'll have the feel. I've had the opportunity to play in Green Bay on a Christmas Day when I was with the Bears and it's a great atmosphere. The cold, the fans are awesome – it's going to be a great setting.

Q: As a coach, do you have to bounce back too? How do you recover?
A: Yeah, you definitely have to be able to bounce back. You feed off the players a little bit too and they feed off of you. If you don't put it behind you and move forward and give them a plan and show them how we've got to go win and have your stuff together for the next opponent, then they'll see that too and they won't bounce back. We're obviously in a situation that we need to move forward and step forward and put what happened behind us.

Q: When did you turn the page in your mind?
A: Late Monday. Maybe Tuesday morning. We told the players that after we watched that film with them that we had to put it behind us and we had to forget about it and I tried to do that and I had to get my mind into Green Bay and make sure that I understood the Packers and knew what they were doing and how they were doing it and that type of thing, so I would say after we watched the film with the players I tried my best to put it behind me.

Q: This one sounds like it has stuck with you a little bit more.
A: I've never had that happen, so obviously that's tough. George Allen said that every time you lose a little piece of you dies and so I think that's very true in that sense.

Q: How much of you died on Sunday?
A: A little piece, but I'm still breathing, I'm still here. We're ready to pump it up and go. We've got to go get a win.

Q: How does Tom Coughlin help to put the past behind and move on?
A: Well, I'll just speak about Tom. Tom is excellent at moving forward. He doesn't forget the past because he doesn't want history to repeat itself, but Tom is excellent at putting what occurs behind to move forward in order to move forward for the purpose that we have coming up and so he gives you – it comes from the top – he says we've got to get off our duff, we've got to go, we've got a game to win on Sunday and you better get off your duff, you better go and you better get ready mentally as well as physically and get the players prepared to play. He's very instrumental as far as that's concerned.

Q: Is it verbal reinforcement?
A: It's verbal, it's Tom's mannerisms, it's his actions. Tom is a quote guy also, but it's just the message, how he delivers it, and how he goes about it. Tom doesn't mope, he's very passionate, he has great energy when he speaks, when he talks and that type of thing, so you feed off of that energy that he gives off. When Tom is like that, you rev up your engine because he's going and you better be ready to go.

Q: How do you get your defensive front back to form after last weekend?
A: They were there on Wednesday at practice. We had an excellent practice on Wednesday – I didn't see anything that was any different from our guys. They were ready to roll.

Q: Is getting ready for the Packers a good thing for them because it requires a little extra focus?
A: That's a hard question for me to answer. I would say because of all of the things that are on the line that the focus is on the Packers, we're preparing for the Packers and that's the single purpose.

Q: What about the diversification of their offense? Are they one of the more complex offenses you've had to scheme against?
A: No question about it. They make you work because they have a lot of different personnel groups, they have organized chaos with their offensive personnel sets, so you have to be on top of your game, you have to have a plan and the players have to be ready for that organized chaos because you have to have organized chaos in order to match it, so yes, this is one of the more difficult groups.

Q: You do more film study then?
A: I wouldn't say I do more. I do a lot.

Q: Do your players do more?
A: We've asked them to, yes. Because we don't play the Packers every year, so yeah, we've had to do more film study on these guys.

Q: What about their quarterback?
A: Very talented – strong arm, good leader, he's a runner also and he can win a football game.

Q: How does he differ from Vick as a runner?
A: Michael Vick is in a different stratosphere. He breaks down all structure. I think Rodgers is a quarterback that can run the football, but he runs it to gain yards. Michael can run it and hurt you and beat you.

Q: Is there anything you changed in the last eight minutes?
A: I didn't really change from that sense. I wanted us to keep playing fast, I wanted us to keep playing physical, I wanted us to stay aggressive, I wanted our players not to feel like the game was over or to start letting up. I wanted us to put them to bed, so I didn't really change that much.

Q: You didn't go to a zone or prevent?
A: No.

Q: What was the toughest loss you remember prior to this?
A: The Dallas Cowboys when I was in Buffalo in '07. They beat us on a Monday night on a last second play.

Q: When they called the timeout?
A: Yeah and they had to kick it twice. I think we scored two or maybe three touchdowns on defense, we shut them out pretty good during the course of the ball game and they just kept hanging around and it was one of those things where they got lucky at the end.

Q: What about Rodgers' accuracy?
A: He is extremely accurate. That's the thing that makes you nervous. You need to have vision on the ball when you play against him because he hits those receivers in stride. They can get so many yards after the catch. They're very good and take a lot of pride in doing that. You can see it when he throws and he strikes and they catch the ball, you can see that they want to gobble up yards from there, but his accuracy is extremely key, probably one of the best in the league.

Q: So what do you emphasize to your guys?
A: Vision on the ball. We have to win the game up front. We have to get to Aaron. That's the bottom line.

Q: Isn't that always the way it's been with this team?
A: That is. That's why we're built like we're built.

Q: Is there any part of you that says a great player just beat you on Sunday? Will you ever be able to look at it like that?
A: Probably after the season or after a few and I sit down and watch it again and truly think about it, but at this point in time I haven't really thought about it that way.

Q: Because you didn't change anything it's like Vick just stepped his game up.
A: We made some mistakes. I could have done better. I know I could have done some things better, but I just think that there was a situation where the young man rose to the occasion and he put his team on his back and he played a hell of a game that last eight minutes. Not that he didn't play well the first 52, but you saw one of the classic performances in the National Football League those last eight minutes.

Q: You've had a lot of turnovers, but no points.
A: That's pissed me off. I'm a score on defense guy. We return the ball and score every time we get a turnover in practice. We emphasize scooping and scoring when the ball is on the turf and I want to score on defense. We're going to get that done in these last two ball games. We've been emphasizing it during the first 14, but we will get it done. We will score on defense.

Q: What do you do as a coach to make that happen?A: I think it's practice habits. We do practice it and it's in the players mind. You have to have a little bit of luck too and luck is going to be on our side this week and then the following week.

Special Teams Coordinator Tom Quinn

Q: It's obviously been a tough week for Matt Dodge. How do you think he has reacted?
A: It's been a tough week for everybody. It's a tough week for the punt team – it's not just one individual, but he did catch most of the blame, which I don't think is right. It starts with me, it starts with the whole punt team. Everyone out there has got a job to do and we didn't get it done.

Q: How do you take a week like that?
A: It's hard. You feel responsible. We always talk about not letting the other guy down and we feel like we let the other guy down. It was right there for us to make two plays and we don't make the two plays, so you feel very responsible for it.

Q: Do you change your temperament or anything in meetings?
A: You don't change who you are. You're upset, the players are upset, we're all upset, the fans are upset – we understand that, but you don't change your temperament, you correct the mistake and you move on.

Q: Was the onside kick something you were expecting in that situation?
A: We're always expecting it with David Akers because it's on tape, so you show it to them on tape, you alert the players to it and it's almost like the boy that cried wolf because the more times you alert them, obviously they didn't heed the warning, so maybe we alert them less, but every time they go out there we say watch the onside kick, front line – look for the onside kick. We had guys leaning, we had one guy retreating and you just can't do that, but, again, that comes down to me. I've got to coach them better, I probably should have moved them up, I should have moved up the off returner. It was a well-executed play on their part. The count doesn't matter because on the right-hand side there are five guys and we don't count past five on the right-hand side, so that's just something we've got to execute. It was a heck of a call by them and a poor job by us, by me having our guys prepared to handle that.

Q: Why not the hands team?
A: Well, they've got a very good defense, they've got a very good punt returner and when you put the hands team out there, you don't get the production, so if you get tackled inside the 20 or they kick a touchback, they stop you three plays and now you're punting and now you're facing that battle. It's a strategic call on each part and that's just how that happened.

Q: Did the Eagles running a guy off the field distract anyone?
A: I don't think so. On the right-hand side there are five guys and if you're on the right-hand side, whether you're blocking the two, the three, the four – we don't count the ten, we just count five, so four guys were on the left-hand side and that might have, but once the ball is down, it doesn't matter. You watch the ball kicked and it's tough the way that David does it because he hits it full speed. A lot of times guys will slow down or alter their approach – they'll bow their approach – he is just the same as his kickoff steps.

Q: It was pretty perfect, right?
A: You talk about when you do that, if it goes 12 or 11 yards, that's pretty good. If it goes any further than that, there's going to be a collision and now the ball is bouncing all over, so to kick that and have the ability to kick that thing 11 yards without much hang – the more you put it up in the air the more you have reaction time. Again, that starts with me to get the guys prepared and ready to defend that.

Q: That's your call for the hands team?
A: No, it's the head coach's call, but we are all in the boat with it. We talk about all calls. He's very involved. He sits in on most of the meetings, so he's very involved with the strategy.

Q: Will you have a big offensive lineman ready to return a kickoff?
A: That was something! I saw that guy took it and he almost scored – he was exceptional doing that. That was quite a play.

Q: Punt returns have been an issue for you guys this year.
A: It has been, yes.

Q: But kick coverage has been good. It's the same players, what's the difference?
A: That's the big question. We talked about that today in the meeting because a couple of years ago we could cover punts, but we couldn't cover kickoffs, so we kind of put the verbiage on how we cover kickoffs, we stole it from the punt, so now I'm like, what do we have to go back to using the verbiage on how we cover kickoffs? But it is the same guys. It's a confidence factor. The kickoff team has a lot of confidence running down the field, so you show them anything and they try to defeat it and attack it. Punt team you get back on your heels a little bit because you haven't had the success. We told them to just go fast and believe what you see and make it into a kickoff coverage if you can.

Q: Are special teams stats something you take into account?
A: Well it's a stats-driven league. It is what it is. Whether you like them or you don't, that's how you're judged, so you can't take them away, you can't add to them.

Q: Is some of the difference in the teams the difference between Tynes and Dodge?
A: I don't know. The kicks that we haven't covered well, the three ones, we had guys in position, we just didn't make the plays, so that comes down to me coaching them better, getting them better prepared technique-wise, so no because the Dez Bryant one, we had a guy there, the DeSean Jackson one we had one there, and then the one from Minnesota, we'll just put that one in that category too, we had multiple guys there.

Q: Without Blackmon, who will return punts?
A: We're going to get two or three guys ready, whether it's Darius Reynaud, whether it's Aaron. Corey Webster has been back there, so we'll have enough guys ready to go.

Q: How do you approach Dodge before this game or has he moved on?
A: I don't know if he's moved on. That was a tough, tough situation, but the people that have been around here – that happened in 2003 here too to the previous punter. You remember who? Feagles to Westbrook. Same team, end of the game, same type of thing – different situation because they had more guys up there to rush. You've got to move on. No one cares what happened last week. The Packers don't care, so he's got to move on. He's been resilient. That's one thing I'll give him – throughout the year, throughout the week. I texted him a couple of times on Sunday night and we were going back and forth and trying to support each other, but he's been resilient. It's a tough, tough situation. You feel like you've let the whole city down. That's the thing he said. I said, "Matt, I feel the same way." You let your family down, you let the ownership down, you let the fans down, so we take it very personally. This is our job, this is how we make our money and when you don't succeed, it's out there for everyone to see.

Q: When you moved Sage Rosenfels to be the holder, did you sense that he would be a calming influence for the unit?
A: Sage is a very confident man, so his presence out there –he's run offenses before, he's run two-minute drills before, so if something is wrong with the clock or something, he can go up there, he can talk to the line, he knows all the situations. He's been through all the situations, so that is a calming influence.

Q: Tynes' consistency – are you pretty confident in him?
A: Yeah. I'm happy he's having this because he did kick the ball well in training camp, which in years past he didn't always kick the ball well in training camp and then he'd come back and have to work himself back into it, so I think he's picked up when Sage became the holder and he's had that same confidence.

Q: He said he wanted to make sure that injury wouldn't linger.
A: Yeah, he came right back and kicked and kicked well in Dallas and it was a positive thing.

DE Justin Tuck

Q: Do you see this game against Green Bay as a playoff game?
A: Absolutely. We win and we're in. In a playoff game, you win and you move on. Obviously, the scenarios are still there with us if we go up to Green Bay and don't come back with a win but we'd rather just win and get in.

Q: Any of you guys draw on the similarities to 2007 with that run?
A: Obviously just because you know it, but that team and this team are completely different. Hopefully it works out that way, but if it does, it'll be because we went out there and did it, and not because of anything that happened in '07.

Q: Does already having success as a road warrior give you added confidence going in?
A: We have confidence regardless. We don't care where we play, who we play, and when we play. We just want to have an opportunity to play. Sunday is just like any other game for us. At least we're approaching it just like it's any other game. We'll be ready to play and we'll be focused and that's all that matters. Go out there and win the game.

Q: Rodgers is not the traditional running quarterback, but he can roll out and keep it on the ground:
A: He does. He does a great job of buying time and sometimes running. I think it's gotten him in trouble with concussions and things like that, so maybe he might be a little hesitant to do it. He's an athletic quarterback. Obviously everyone wants to compare running quarterbacks to Michael Vick and he's not that. He definitely can hurt you with his legs also.

Q: What do you see from the rookie (OT Bryan Bulaga) that you'll be going against?
A: There is a reason why they drafted him in the first round. He's a very athletic, big guy, strong. He's got confused on some certain looks and things of that nature, but as far as point of attack and when he knows what's going on, he's held his own. Again, it's just another challenge.

Q: Do you feel as a defense feel like you let the team down last week and you need redemption this week?
A: Definitely. We did let the team down, as I said earlier. Everybody wanted to blame the punter, but he should have never been in that situation. We had a 31-10 lead with eight minutes to go. Give us that situation and 99 times out of 100, we're going to win that football game. It didn't happen and we're moving on. This defense has played very well at times this season and we've played like crap at times this season. Normally, when we have a game or eight minutes like that, we find ways to bounce back. We have a great opponent coming up in Green Bay and a very, very challenging offense to defend. We have to come together and make sure we do the right thing.

Q: Over the past few years, the Giants have either lived or died with the defensive guys up front. How much of that are you putting on your guys shoulders this week?
A: I don't understand when people ask me a question like that. Like this is any different from how I played last week. Every game I go into a game, I'm playing 100 percent. That's exactly what I expect from the rest of this football team. For me to go in and tell you I'm going to play harder than I played last week, that would be absolutely ludicrous. I'm going to go play hard just like I did last week. Just because we lost last week or just because we won last week, it doesn't matter. You come into the game and you go to win it and that's what our focus is. Doesn't matter if we lost by whatever or we won by whatever. Our focus is always the same every week, every play, every game.

Q: Do these games feel differently in the sense that you compare it to a week one, week two game and the intensity level is higher?
A: The intensity is definitely different as far as the atmosphere and knowing what's at stake. I don't see us doing anything different. I don't think our level of play is different other than the fact that we might play a little faster because we're so used to what the call is going to be. Mentally, in week 16, there shouldn't be any cobwebs and we shouldn't be slowing down because the fact that you know what to expect from our defensive coordinators. We've had the opportunity to see Green Bay in many games and what they do, so you kind of know. You just kind of know the teams who execute the best at this point in time.

Q: In these games where you have to be clutch, is the team that picks themselves up or the team that remains steady the one that comes out of it on top?
A: It just depends. I don't know how to answer that question. I've been in games where we have been super emotional and super energetic where I go and absolutely dominate it. I've been in games where we went into it the same way and got our butt whooped. I've been in games where I went into the game with a look on my face where I looked like I had no interest in the game at all, and then went out there and had a great game. I guess it's the flip of the coin.

Q: What comes to mind when you think about the game in 2007?
A: My mouth piece getting frozen to my helmet and having to play without a mouth piece for a couple of plays. I still remember the Corey pick. I still remember Coach Coughlin's face. I still remember the back of David Diehl's head where the sweat had dried up and froze into icicles inside his helmet.

Q: What are your thoughts on Strahan's comments that you should be ashamed of allowing the Eagles to come back?
A: I'll say this: We've all had times in our careers and times we've been on teams where things have went that way. I don't start pointing fingers.

Q: Is ashamed a strong word? Mike Vick is pretty good:
A: I'm not ashamed and I don't think anybody in this locker room should be ashamed. We played a great 52 minutes and it just wasn't for us. Sometimes things happen and you have no explanation about it, and I don't any explanation about it. I'm not making any excuses. We played like crap those last eight minutes, but I would never start saying things like that's never happened to everybody else. I'm sure we lost a lot of games when Strahan was here, too.

Q: You didn't actually. Not one:
A: Right, we didn't lose one. He always sacked the quarterback every pass play, too.

Q: You upset?
A: I am kind of upset. Me and Stray will talk about it when me and Stray will talk about it. Other than that, I'm just focused on Green Bay.

Q: Will you call him and talk about it?
A: No.

Q: What upsets you most? That he said anything at all? Word choice?
A: I don't know yet. Like I said, we'll talk about. That's all I'm going to say about the situation.

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