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Head Coach Tom Coughlin

Q: Your guys seemed particularly chipper at the end of practice. Why so?
A: It's the end of practice, probably. They can now look forward to the game without having to practice anymore really, so… We'll have a jog thru tomorrow, but they're excited.

Q: Was Shawn Andrews any better today?
A: Yeah, he was. As a matter of fact, he was out here in the beginning just standing around until they sent him back inside, but he's made a little progress.

Q: What are you seeing from Will Beatty this week?
A: Well, he's had to come along fast because we need him, so he's had the full benefit of all the snaps this week and he's gotten a little bit better every day and he's done a good job. This is not an easy defense and he's had to be really sharp and some have been good and some have been not so good, but overall I think he's gained something every day.

Q: What is it about the versatility of their defense that makes your O-line injuries so challenging?
A: Well, because of the fact that they do maneuver around and their subpackage is good. You've got to be on your toes. It's not something that we've not seen, but they move people around and they stand people up and then try to disguise and get your attention one way and then come from the other way, so you've got to be sharp. You're on the road and you've got to be all on the same page and everyone has to zoom in on the quarterback's declaration and so it's a good test.

Q: You didn't put Beatty on IR after Week One. Have you seen the benefits of having him be able to be out here all this time?
A: Yes. There are definite benefits. We'll see. Obviously he's going to have to get out there and perform and play, but the idea of – as early as he was injured, putting him on IR when the thought that perhaps at this time of the year or even later, the need for the offensive lineman and the depth of the offensive lineman and the quality – where you're going to find the quality – that all went into the decisions and right now you'd have to say that it was a good one.

Q: How would you assess Derek Hagan in practice this week and what are your thoughts on using him on Sunday?
A: He's been good. He's really been sharp. He anticipated this for a long time, he's looked at all of our games, he came in pretty much knowing the signals and knowing all of that stuff and just being able to recall. He's had a few incidents out here where he wants to believe he's totally sharp, but there's been some issues, but he's worked his way through that and he's come in here with veteran presence and it's been demonstrated and he'll be ready to go.

Q: Would you feel comfortable playing Shawn Andrews after he's missed a full week of practice?
A: I don't know that I will be. The medical people are going to have to make a very serious call on that one, too. If the decision is that he can play, we'll have to decide then if we do want to have him available or do we want to put him right on the field. All of those things will probably be in the next few hours.

Q: That's when you'll decide?
A: Well, probably not until game time. If in fact he has made a little bit of progress tomorrow, that will be encouraging and we'll think perhaps he can make it and then we'll start to balance off our inactives based on that, but that's all going to be in the next couple of days.

Q: How much will the fact that you need him weigh into it?
A: That weighs a lot. Only if you get the medical call.

Q: So it's an option that he might be able to play but that you might start Will Beatty anyway?
A: There are all kinds of options.

Q: Did your medical people make it clear to you that this was going to be an ongoing issue going forward?
A: Well, they were well aware of what it was and what the issues were and yet, I think I told you that when he worked out for us he was outstanding – he was in outstanding shape, his weight was down, he moved very well, did not demonstrate any issues, so we're dealing with a veteran player that has had some injuries and had some corrective surgeries.

Q: How many different ways are the Eagles forcing offenses into mistakes?
A: In a lot of ways. Samuel has five, the young safety has three – they've got 16 interceptions. They've done a really good job of forcing a ball to be thrown in a certain area and then making a play and it's something you're very much concerned about, obviously, because that's all we preach here and we're minus-five.

OL Shawn Andrews

Q: What did you do in practice today that you weren't able to do yesterday?
A: I was out there getting mental reps and making sure I'm on the same page with the guys. Making sure I know what to do.

Q: Where are you physically?
A: I don't want to give you any percentages of where I am physically right now, but I will say that I'm excited about where I am.

Q: What feeling are you getting from coach Coughlin about if you'll be ready to go on Sunday?
A: We're in communication, and he's just checking in, seeing how things are going thus far. We're on the same page with things right now.

Q: How would you rate your ability to persuade?
A: I'm at a loss for words right now. This is a special weekend.

Q: What would be your emotions going in there, if you did play?
A: Again, like I have always said, there has never been any bad blood there. It's just good to get back and face my old team. I think that would be the case with anybody, whether they leave on good terms or bad terms. I wouldn't say I left on bad terms, it's just my time was up there and you have to move onto the next one.

Q: Were you treated fairly? Do you like the fans? Good teammates? C'mon, rip the fans:
A: I would never do that. I think everywhere there are good people and bad people. I don't harp on the bad. I used to let the bad and negative things get to me, but I'm in such a different place in my life right now and I've had my share of humble pies, figuratively and literally. They were tasty, too, but some of them were bad. I'm just trying to stay on track and just let the past be the past. I've been through so much in the past couple of years. I'm just fortunate, so fortunate to be here and be able to contribute to the Giants.

Q: Given the back problems you've had, is this related to that?
A: I've had two back surgeries, so one could speculate that it probably is. My reps from being in that tight end package that we have, it's gone from 18-20 plays a game to the very first game against the Seahawks, like 85 plays. That's a lot coming off an injury and not having played in two years. Not to make excuses, the doc said some days will be better than others. It's just about managing everything, and making sure everything structurally is fine and sound.

Q: What are the doctors telling you about whether it can get worse if you continue to play on it?
A: It's all about managing the pain. Even being healthy and not having back surgeries, nothing is guaranteed. Even after two back surgeries, I think, even from a general standpoint, I think it makes you more vulnerable to being injured. Again, I'm doing everything in my power and have done everything in my power, still continuing the core strengthening program that I've been prescribed back when I started rehabbing after my second surgery. Right now, I'm just managing it, and it's getting better and I'm excited about where it is.

Q: What will it be like for you if you have to sit out on Sunday?
A: That's going to be tough. That's going to be a tough one. Again, I'm working and being prayerful. This is a big one right here.

Q: Why are you so emotional about it?
A: It's just special. I don't want to make it a personal thing, but if you were to go to another station, a rival station, wouldn't there be some…if you were released, or I don't want to say fired but that's kind of what happened to me, but whatever. Again, it's nothing personal and no bad blood, I'm just extra amped. I don't know.

Q: What went through your head when this injury returned? Had to have been a tough moment:
A: It was, it was. At the same time, I was thinking – it's really tough because I think about how far I've come. Early on in my rehabbing process, especially after my second surgery, I just recall the pain that I was in, that I don't want to feel this way anymore. I could have easily hung it up, went fishing in Arkansas, and just kicked my feet back. I know I have a lot of great football left in me, and I have a second chance with a phenomenal organization. I feel like I owe it to these guys. If I have to be carried off the field, for these guys, I respect them so much that I'm doing everything in my power.

Q: If you play, what kind of task is that for you? You know the Eagles very well:
A: I don't think any team that you play in this league you can take lightly. As we saw on Monday night, the Eagles are playing good football right now. Granted, I play left tackle and will be going against Trent Cole, who is one of the premier rushers in the league. I think he has one of the highest motors in the league that you'll find. You watch film, and he doesn't take plays off. I have been doing all the necessary things and taking the necessary steps conditioning wise to match that intensity.

Q: Could you play tonight if you had to?
A: For my G-men? Hell yeah, I would. I would. Pardon my language. It's just how dedicated I am to these guys. Some awesome guys. I know you guys have been around longer than me, but even with Mr. Reese and Coach, I owe everybody.

Q: You say that because they took a chance on you?
A: They took a chance, and everybody said, "Oh, that was a bad move by the Giants." I feel like I owe them, man. Like I said, I could've kicked back in Arkansas and went fishing, go cart driving or something, they do make them big enough for me, by the way. That goes to show the passion. I don't know many people who will keep having surgeries and not have a passion for what they're still chasing.

Q: How much does knowing the Eagles so well factor into the decision of playing despite no practice this week?
A: I'm sure they will bring a few different things to the table, but at the same time, our coaches do such a good job of game planning, and it's up for us to get it in the meetings. Of course, I've gone out on the field to get the mental reps. It's going to come down to us executing as a team. It's not just about me, I'm playing against a heck of player this weekend, but it's a team game. If every man takes care of what they have to do, we'll be alright.

OL Will Beatty

Q: You have missed a lot of time…how rusty would you expect to be Sunday if you had to start?
A: I expect to knock all the rust off before Sunday. It's going against a team like the Eagles, and just our competition and the way we play each other, you can't have rust and expect to do well. I'm going against Cole and he's a great football player. If I come in there without my full game, he won't say, 'Oh you're coming off an injury so I'll take it lightly.' He's going to give me everything he has, and in return I'm going to do the same.

Q: Are you ahead of schedule in your rehab?
A: No, they gave me eight to 10 weeks. It's a broken bone, and the bone has to heal itself. I got the OK that the bone was healed, so there have been no excuses. If the broken bone and the bone can heal, it's not that I'm dealing with any lingering effects or anything like that, I'm good.

Q: Last week, were you good to go just as the extra tight end or good to play on the line as well?
A: They wanted to put me in and do some full speed contact. In practice, with the way we practice, it's not really that full speed, full go. They wanted to see a little bit out of that, so that was last week's preparation.

Q: In hindsight, how important was it to be out on the field last week?
A: It's been in my mind that I already went out there on the field and I did have a few snaps at full go. So I'm not thinking in the back of my head that I haven't come off of an injury fresh and I haven't done that, because I have. I'm looking at it as that it's the beginning of the season, not that I've been out for eight weeks. It's the start of my season, I'm fresh, I have an advantage on him because he had a longer season.

Q: You're coming from a handful of snaps to a whole game…isn't that a big thing to take?
A: As a backup, that's what you expect and that's how a backup role works. They use you when they need you. It's not the first time that I go from not playing in a game to playing a full game.

Q: You haven't been practicing for a few weeks prior to this, though, and that's different:
A: It is, but I still have been in meetings. They made sure I went to every meeting so mentally, I've been each week with the team. Physically, I'm going on two weeks with full practicing. It's still full practice, full go.

Q: Physically, how do you feel right now?
A: Physically, I feel good. I have no sores, bumps, or bruises. You see guys walking around limping and think this is the start of the season for me. I'm ready to go, and my foot's healed. I don't go out there and practice saying "I broke my foot, I need to be careful." The Lord blessed me to put me in this position, and I feel great.

Q: So you haven't done much physical work then?
A: During rehab, when I was off, we were doing as much physical work as we could without trying to injure or set me back. I've been running, doing a lot of pool work, exercising. It's not like I haven't been moving or I haven't been working out, I haven't been going one-on-one against full go live.

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