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Head Coach Tom Coughlin

Q: Did Bulluck work today?
A: Yes.

Q: Is he going to be able to go on Sunday?
A: We'll see.

Q: What happened to Lawrence Tynes?
A: He evidently sprained his ankle.

Q: Today?
A: Yes.

Q: His kicking ankle?
A: No. Plant leg.

Q: Is that concerning. Will you have to find another kicker?
A: I can't tell you what I don't know. We have to watch. We'll have to see what he does.

Q: How did it happen?
A: He put his foot down.

Q: Has he ever kicked with a bad ankle?
A: He did this in the summer. He did this in the summer one time and was able to…within a short amount of time, he was able to come back and kick.

Q: Did he kick after the injury?
A: He didn't kick after the injury. We sent him in.

Q: How short an amount of time?
A: The month of August. Maybe a couple of days.

Q: Would you maybe have to use Dodge as the kickoff guy?
A: Dodge has done that. He's kicked off. We have some flexibility there.

Q: How about O'Hara? Did he do any pushing today?
A: Just what we just saw…we moved the ball, moved the field and he feels pretty good about it. He hasn't had any major collisions obviously, but he feels pretty good about it.

Q: How do you feel about him?
A: He's making progress. He is.

Q: Does that translate into playing Sunday or is it too early?
A: We'll see. I'm sure it will be game time.

Q: Do you ever think about Barry Cofield potentially not being here?
A: What?

Q: Barry Cofield – he was almost a Saint.
A: No, once I get them, they're mine. I don't think about that.

Q: How has he been?
A: Barry Cofield? How's he been? He's been very good. He's having a fine year. I think he feels better, he feels stronger, doesn't have any issues.

Q: Do you know anything more about Kiwanuka?
A: No. I don't know a thing. I really don't. If I knew, I would tell you. He's much more active. You see him out here – he was on the field running today, he's been running inside, he has no pain, there's nothing about that, so we're just hoping for the best.

Q: So you don't know when the tests are going to be?
A: There are going to be tests, yeah. Exactly when? I'm not sure.

Q: He said they could be soon.
A: That's what I've been told, too, but exactly what day it is, I don't know. I would say that probably by next week – early next week – we might know something as to how long.

Q: Why do you play a left and a right cornerback as opposed to assigning him to a man?
A: We do a little bit of that. Depends on the opponent.

Q: Without Bulluck, Kiwanuka, and O'Hara the last couple of weeks, how good did you feel about your depth?
A: Well, I think without getting into great detail, you're not going to make it in this league without depth – without quality depth – and the ability to continue to make progress on a weekly basis despite the fact that a guy may miss a game or even miss more than one game in some cases and the other guys can pick it up and go and understand that they've got a bigger role, therefore they've got to be more productive – those things are all a part of it.

Q: Are you feeling better about the progress that you guys are making as a team overall?
A: Compared to what? A couple of weeks ago? Sure.

Q: What's been the key for you?
A: We've played better, performed better, we've been able to take what the opponent has brought in – to recognize what his strengths are and to do something about that. I like the way the guys are playing together as a team. I like the way they're supporting each other. I like the way that they are into the game. I like the positive aspect of it. I like the fact that they're having some fun playing.

Q: How much consideration have you given to Danny Ware being the kickoff returner?
A: Well, he's back there as the off returner and we've seen him in that capacity before.

Q: Defensively, how do you weigh having time to learn Perry Fewell's system versus an attitude adjustment?
A: The system changes some, not a lot. It's the same system that we played basically. I think that Perry's personality, his energy, the way in which he instructs, the way he is in the classroom – I think the players picked up on that right away. I think that's been very positive. I think he certainly has brought a wealth of experience to the table. I brought him with us when we were in Jacksonville. We've done more probably with personnel combinations than we've ever done and I think that's probably the big difference.

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