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Giants GM Jerry Reese Interview



(on finding ways to improve the team coming into this year) "Every year's different for us. Whatever we feel we need to do to make the team better, we do it. In 2009, we thought we had a pretty deep team and we ended up 8-8, because we went out and got some free agents. That isn't always the way to do it. Everybody has different ways of doing things. We had a good nucleus of guys coming back and we just felt like we needed to make the best football moves. Obviously, they're not sexy moves. We signed a guard, we signed a center and we signed a punter. That's not really sexy, especially from a fan perspective. Fans are fans and they like to see big names and see you look like you're stacking the deck, but we had good players already and we needed to fill the holes we thought were there and we tried to do that."

(on what his philosophy is for using tight ends compared to what the Patriots have done) "There are different ways to skin a cat. It would be great to have those type of players, but you have to win with the hand you're dealt and our coaches have done a good job with the players we've put out there and their skill set. They've worked with the skill set they have and have done a good job."

(on if experience plays a key role in the Super Bowl) "I think the more experience you have helps in these games, but it's going to come down to fundamentals. I don't care who's in there. The young guys, the old guys, it's all about fundamentals at this point and you have to execute at the highest level. If we do that, we'll have an opportunity to win. If we don't execute and do the fundamentals, it will be hard to beat this team."

(on what over-arching philosophies he uses for the organization) "Our over-arching philosophy is 'find good players.' That's what's most important. You try to get as many good players as you can. I don't care what position they are, you try to stack as many good players as you can. We don't go into (the draft) and say, 'We're looking for a defensive end, we're looking for a quarterback.' We're looking for good players. Then after we get good players, we fill in around and get players in the holes that we need. That's our formula."

(on the Giants playing so many close games) "I don't see many teams that blow teams out. There aren't many blowouts in the National Football League. The margin of error is very small between winning and losing in the National Football League, so if a ball bounces your way, or another way or a call goes your way or another way, it changes the game. You just have to execute the fundamentals. You just execute the fundamentals and keep yourself in it, don't turn it over, win the physical battle, play as a team, those kind of things, you'll have a chance to win. The teams are pretty even, they really are. So you can't beat yourself."

(on being known as a genius or being on the hot seat based on the team's performance) "It's just part of it. Last year we win 10 games and we don't qualify for the tournament and you're not that smart. This time, we win nine games, win a division, less games, and now it seems I'm pretty smart again. It just comes with the territory and that's just part of it. It just is what it is."

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