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Giants' opponents talk Sunday's game


Coach Shanahan, whose team lost both games to the Giants last year, was asked if his division opponent has changed at all.

"That is what I do, I look at what they do and what they did against us over last season. Preseason is always the preseason and you get ready for the regular season. Everybody gets game plans and you start playing your best players and it is a totally different atmosphere. We know the New York Giants and how well they played last year. They took top five in almost every category."

Shanahan then spoke about his relationship with current Giant Devin Thomas, who played for the Redskins before joining the Giants last season.

"I got to know Devin pretty good and he is a great person. He has a lot of ability and I am going to wish him well because I am fond of the guy and the way he handled himself and the way he worked. You always have to make decisions that are very tough within your organization about who is going to make your football team but I don't wish him luck this weekend."

Cofield, who signed with the Redskins after five seasons with the Giants, spoke about the differences between the two organizations:

"It's different. It's a different group of guys, different coaching staff. Coach Shanahan and Coach Coughlin have very different personalities but they're similar. They both are very determined. They both have a single goal, which is to win a championship. That's the most similar part about it. Everyone is focused down here, great group of guys, grateful people, just like the ones in New York. A lot of similarities but differences also."

Cofield was then asked how excited he will be for Sunday:

"It will mean a lot. It's a lot of things going into this game. Obviously I have my own personal feelings about the game, but the game is on 9/11 and all of the ramifications of that and being at home, in front of our home fans for the first time, the first game and what we believe is a new era in Redskins football. There is a lot going into it. It's going to be very emotional, very intense and this is what fans love to see. This is what football is all about."

The Giants have created a 9/11 Tribute Mosaic consisting of fans! If you would like to join in, please click here: [


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