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Justin Tuckgave **Mike Francesa** an injury update on WFAN.   

"I think the things we did that were smart were we completely shut it down the last week. I think I could have played in this game (against Buffalo) if I wouldn't have came back early and had that setback. But I think I benefited from – I really didn't do anything this week, just getting treatment and that was it. I didn't really work out on it. I didn't do anything on it. It's responded. It feels a lot better. So this week during the bye I'll continue to get the treatment. I might do a little bit more running on it and things of that nature. And hopefully, like I said, come Miami game, I'll be out back on the football field."

Eli Manning joined The Michael Kay Show on ESPN 1050 for his weekly radio spot. Manning was asked about the 27-24 victory over Buffalo coming down to the wire.

"I thought it was a big win. I thought everybody responded at the end of the game, and that's what happens in the NFL. You'd love to go out there and have a 14-point lead in the fourth quarter and just run the ball and breeze into a victory. It just doesn't happen much in the NFL. Teams are too good, and it seems like every game is a tight one. You never know what might happen, but obviously defense stepped up big getting the turnover at the end of the game. Offense did our part and ran the ball and had a big drive to go down there – would have liked to get a touchdown but settled for a field goal and gave the ball back to Buffalo with a minute left. Our defense stepped up, and, again, got a stop and we were able to win the game."

Kay asked him if he's satisfied with the 4-2 record heading into the bye week.

"I'm pleased. I'm happy being 4-2. It's a good situation. I think we can definitely play better. I think I'm happy with what we're doing. I thought we've made improvements throughout the year. We were a lot better on third downs in this game. I think guys kind of have all cylinders working. (Mario) Manningham stepped up and played really well this game. I know he's been wanting to play well and has been anxious trying to get in the end zone and making some more big plays. I think he played well. Victor Cruz has been playing great. Hakeem (Nicks) has been steady and making big plays. You've got (Jake) Ballard in the mix. Ahmad (Bradshaw) gets 100 yards rushing. Things are starting to click."

Mike Lupica had tight end Jake Ballard on his ESPN New York show yesterday. Lupica senses Manning is starting to look to Ballard in key situations.

"I'm also getting that sense. I know when we're getting these plays called in, when I hear certain plays, I have a good shot at getting the ball. I'm not surprised when I'm coming out of breaks the ball is right there and I'm making a play on it. I'm definitely excited to be in his mind and one of his main targets. So I'm very happy."

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