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At the midway point of the season, Jerry Reese checked in with The Mike Lupica Show on ESPN 1050. Lupica brought up all the heat the general manager took over the offseason and the people who wanted to give him an "extensive brain examination" when he said the Giants could be a contender.

"That's a testament to our players and coaching staff," Reese said. "It doesn't matter who's in there for us. We just continue to play hard, and our coaches put our players in position and the players have been executing the game plan. So it's a testament to the hard work they put in and the team effort. Every game is different. I feel for the players who have been injured. We've had quite a few injuries, but we let others use that for an excuse. We never use that for an excuse here and 'next man up.' That's a great opportunity for players to get in there and show what they can do."

Eli Manning joined The Michael Kay Show for his weekly report and was asked if he knew you can't spell "elite" without the letters "E-L-I."

"Justin Tuck informed me of that," Manning said. "It's not my quote, I'm not saying it, but it's pretty funny, I guess."

After having won a Super Bowl title and engineering four comebacks already this season, Kay asked Manning if he gets nervous anymore.

"I don't think it's nervous, I think it's exciting. I think that's what you play for. Obviously, if we can go in and have a three-point lead into the fourth quarter and be handing the ball off three times in those situations, then that's great. You love to have those games where you're playing great the whole time, but the fact is there's a reason we practice the two-minute drill every single week. There's a reason we study what the opponents do – what are their tendencies. We have our own two-minute package of plays we're going to run because it comes up so many times in the NFL."

WFAN's Mike Francesa [spoke with Justin Tuck]( Tuck - With Mike Francesa&podcastartist=Mike Francesa&stationid=62&tag=pages&dcid=CBS.NY) and said he couldn't be very confident with a minute-and-a-half to go after the Patriots took back the lead.

"You know what's so funny, I honestly didn't even think about it. I know that sounds crazy, but honestly I was thinking about things in that drive we could have done to stop [Tom] Brady. But I don't think we got panicked. I think, as a defense, we were kind of like 'we had an opportunity to end this game ourselves.' But we felt very confident in the fact that Eli could lead our offense down. And we were more or less thinking get a field goal to go into overtime. But obviously he had other ideas and was able to go down and get us seven points and get us a win."Join other diehard Giants Fans!  Follow @Giants

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