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Chris Canty, Defensive Tackle
(On the Giants offense)
"They bailed us out at the end. They put together a tremendous drive at the end and made a lot of plays and capped it off with a touchdown to Jake (Ballard).  Hats off to them, they made a lot of plays throughout the day.  They just kept battling and that was the story of the game."

(On how both offenses seemed to come alive in the second half)
"Both offenses started making plays and that's good for us when our offense is making plays, but we've got to try and do a better job defensively of limiting that; when our offense gets rolling, we've got to continue to keep the opposing offense off the field."Jake Ballard, Tight End
(On his game-winning touchdown catch)
"The offensive line pinched and I ended up getting off quick and breaking it out because I knew I had to get separation from the linebacker; as soon as I turned around Eli threw it and it was there, I was just concentrating really hard to make sure I caught the ball."

(On what the win says about the team)
"I think it shows a lot of people we are for real.  We know we can do it and I think it just gives us the that confidence that we can compete."Brandon Jacobs, Running Back
(On whether the game was a statement game)
"Well you know, we still have a lot of football left; New England is a good football team and it was a dog fight and we persevered at the end and got the win. It was a big win for us."

(On his play)
"I just took what they gave me and made the best of it. I wish I could have played better, I ran hard, but I still think I may have left some yards out on the field, but no one is perfect, I went in and did what they asked me to do."

(On if there was a lot of confidence when they took the field for the last drive)
"Yeah, when you've got Eli as the quarterback in a two minute situation, I am confident all the way in and out; Eli has been a beast all season long, ever since I've been in the league on two minute drives, he has been great.  The offensive line blocked very well, they protected him and they got in the end zone."Jacquian Williams, Linebacker
(On the turnovers and the special teams play)
"Michael Boley made a great play on the quarterback. I just happened to have my eyes open and made the catch. Overall the defense played hard and played strong. It was fast. We made a couple of mistakes but overall we played a good game. Our specials teams were running around flying. Mark Herzlich had a good play, a couple of good plays, Greg Jones, (Spencer) Paysinger with the fumble recovery…. We were very explosive thanks to Coach (Tom) Quinn fixing a few things. It was good game to be a part of. "Zak DeOssie, Long Snapper
(On special teams and turnovers)
"It feels great. My opportunities for tackles are very slim, so I took advantage. I watched a lot of film this week and I trusted my teammates. Everyone performed today….and any turnover in any game is huge. That is how you win and lose games on turnovers. I was there but I don't think I contributed as much as I had hoped, but 30 years from now I will be telling my grandkids I caused that fumble. "Ramses Barden, Wide Receiver
(On his back shoulder catch near the end zone and the win)
"We just had little miscommunication. I should have run the fade, but both passes were open. Being on the same page as Eli (Manning) is going to count big in the future and I need to be in the back of the end zone when he needs me there. This was a unifying win, everybody contributed and everybody played well for the most part. We played physical and we played hard and it was a great effort on all sides. We are going to continue to earn everyone else's respect. I think it is going to lead to hard fought battles in the near future."Victor Cruz, Wide Receiver
(On the game)
"Right after Jake (Ballard) caught that ball over the middle, it kind of inspired us. We knew we weren't coming out of there with a tie. We came this far and we were driving the ball. We weren't taking no for an answer. Once he made that catch it inspired all of us… We understand what defenses are coming at us with, week in and week out, and we understand how to counter them. We are going to enjoy this but we have some tough ones ahead including San Francisco next week."Jason Pierre-Paul, Defensive End
(On what was the difference in the game)
"The difference in the game is that we won.  I'm just playing.  Really we just executed our plays.  The whole game we never gave up.  Even when we were down, we never gave up."

(On the Patriots' success in the 4th quarter)
"I don't know to tell you the truth.  Tom Brady is a good quarterback.  That is basically it"

(Asked how he feels)
"I feel good, man.  Never felt better.  That was just a headache (this week).  I played the whole football game, no problem."Mark Herzlich, Linebacker
(On coming back to Massachusetts and getting a win)
"There is no better feeling, really. It is great right now.  Coming back to Boston and the Patriots are a great team.  We wanted to come out here and be physical and that is what ended up winning the game for us."

(On the excitement of this game)
"It was unbelievable.  There were lots of ups and downs.  On the sideline everyone was just focused on winning, the whole team.  From Eli [Manning] all the way down to us special teams guys, we are just focused on winning and doing our job right until the end of the game.  We had a lot of special teams work.  We knew we had to make plays and we knew the Patriots would make plays.  It came down to who got the ball last and our offense just executed."Deon Grant, Safety
(On his near interception)
"It was a one-hander. I was supposed to be in pressure rushing but I just read him, he threw the ball outside and I just tried to reach for it.  I tried to pull it in but he throws a hard pass.  That was one I could have come down with but I didn't come down with it.  This is the NFL, you have the opportunity go back out there and line back up [and not think about it].  If you don't then you aren't in the NFL [for long]."

(On the Patriots moving the ball in the 4th quarter)
"They get paid, too.  Brady is an All-Pro quarterback and they have All-Pro receivers.  They have a great head coach so that's what happens."Greg Jones, Linebacker
(On the Patriots moving the ball in the 4th quarter and the Giants defense)
"They started going to a quick snap, even faster than what they were doing earlier in the game.  It threw us off balance but once we got settled in and knew it was coming we were alert and ready to go.  I think everyone came out and put their heart out there.  I don't think anyone ever gave up or thought we didn't have a chance, even late in the game.  I would give our defense a good rating.  Obviously we don't want to give up a score late in the game.  That is how we lean on one another and build each other back up.  We all make mistakes out there but we find a way to win the game."Join other diehard Giants Fans!  Follow @Giants

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