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Giants Postgame Players Q/A


CB Corey Webster

Q: What are your thoughts on this game?

A: We had a lot of things that we did poorly. We turned over the ball and we left some out there on the field as a defense. We had some opportunities to make some plays and we didn't. We put up a fight but at the end, we didn't have enough to pull it out. 


Q: Did you prepare for the no-huddle?

A: We prepared for the no-huddle. We were ready for it and I don't think it threw us off the whole game. We did a good job with what they gave to us but I think that at the end, we didn't pay attention to the small things. We are a very detail oriented team and we didn't do that as a team and that's how we lost the game.

Q: Was the heat a factor?

A: No, I am from Louisiana so I love this type of weather. I don't think so at all. We did a good job of practicing outside and doing what it takes as a team to hydrate ourselves so I don't think it was a problem. 


DE Dave Tollefson


Q: What are your thoughts on this game?

A: It is embarrassing as a good as we have been playing the last couple weeks to come out here and lay an egg, embarrassing is the only way I can think of. It is at home and it is a game that we are not going to get back. They are in our conference and we have to play better than that.


Q: Why did they have so much success with their no-huddle?

A: I don't know, it was hard to tell. We are going to have to look at the tapes and see why they had success on us. 

Q: Was the heat a factor?

A: No, I don't think so. We played hard, the guys that were in there, and you are going to need a break no matter what the temperature is. The heat wasn't too bad, I thought it would be worse than what it was.


TE Jake Ballard


Q: What happened on your touchdown catch?

A: It was a 10-yard home route. I was steering at the linebackers the whole time and they went in their drops and Eli threw it to me. I turned around and I was that close to the end zone and I tried to make it. I just kept moving my legs and I just got in. 


Q: What did you think about this crazy game?

A: It was. We turned the ball over and our defense got us some turnovers. We didn't do anything with it, we just gave it back to them. We have to score off turnovers and we can't give them the ball. That played a huge part in the game, that and we didn't get our run game started. That is how you lose a game.

Q: Why were there so many penalties?

A: I jumped offsides for the first time in I don't know how long. We were driving and driving and I guess we just got excited. I thought I heard something and I twitched my leg. !

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