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Giants Postgame Quotes - 12/16


Coughlin: Atlanta was very, very good we were very, very bad. We came out and did exactly what we said we couldn't afford to do which is turn the ball over. "We had some opportunities in the first half to get ourselves in the game and make it competitive we weren't able to accomplish any of that. We went for it that was all my call the thinking it was 4th down and we needed to do something to generate a lift for our sidelines as it was all going one way and that did not work out either. It was very, very disappointing. We were excited to come in here they had lost a game the week before. They didn't play very well. They were excited about playing today and had won 10 straight in here and now it's 11. We didn't play well. We didn't stop the run which they had really quite frankly not been running the ball that much. We couldn't stop the run and couldn't get consistency on offense that was something we had talked about coming in here and being able to play well in all three phases and to take a step to the next level. Instead of taking a step forward, we went back. We didn't play well enough to get the job done.

We didn't come out today and play our best. Atlanta did a good job, but anytime you turn the ball over three times it's a tough situation. We didn't take advantage of opportunities that we were in.

On whether the team was focused:
I think the team was focused. We had a good week of practice and we were prepared to play. We just didn't make the best of the circumstances that we were in.

On having to win the remaining two games:
We have two games left and we have to win those two games. What else happens after that we don't know and we can't control. We can control these next two games that we play. We need to win those two.**


On limping off the field:** I don't want to talk about limping, no limping, no nothing. I'm straight. I finished the game. Did you ever find your offensive sync today?
The effort was there. It just didn't get executed. We moved the ball but have to come up with some points.

On the interception by DeCoud:
The safety cut and tried to take away the underneath (route) and Asante (Samuel) bailed so it was like a two man sky weave type coverage. They did a good job at it. He (DeCoud) made a good play on the ball. I just tried to get it knocked down but he made a good play. It was a good play on them.

RB DAVID WILSONOn trying to bring out some of the kickoffs that were deep in the end zone:
He kept kicking them deep and some of them you try to make work and some of them you just have to take the knee. Like I said it just comes down to execution.

Did Rueben Randle tell you to stay in (for a touchback) on the opening kickoff?
All the ones that I stayed in on I stayed in on. That was the assignment.

On execution today:
As an offense you have to have a rhythm and get things started. It seemed like we never got to that point. They just played more physical today. **


On if there was frustration after the first pair of turnovers:
We were not frustrated. We are not a team that plays on frustration. We are all professional here. We understand that there are going to be ups and downs in a football game. That's what makes you a professional. You fight through those ups and downs. We fought. We went out there and fought. They were just a better team out there today, all around.

Lack of depth in the defensive backfield:
I wouldn't say that. Lack of execution and they used the one-on-one coverage and the opportunities presented itself.DE OSI UMENYIORAOn the inability to get pressure early on Matt Ryan:
Obviously, nothing we did worked. They put 34 points on the board. I'm tired of saying what happened and making excuses. We just didn't get the job done, period. Whatever they did worked. That's just it.

On the inconsistency between wins and losses:
I don't know what to tell you. When you play like the way we played last week. And to play like this, this week, it's always going to be a mystery to me. But, hopefully we will be able to play like we did last week, next week.

On fear of not making the playoffs:

We are not worried about nothing. We are just trying to win two more games. That's it. There's no destiny. We are just trying to win two more games and that's it. We'll see what happens then.

On the game plan against the Falcons:
We had a great week of practice. They wanted it more and we wanted it less. I guess, they came out and beat us fair and square. They put a pounding and (butt) whipping on us. It is what it is. They won the game and there is nothing we can do about it.


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