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Giants Head Coach Tom CoughlinOpening Statement:
"Well it was fun. I'll say this, for a long time it was an absolute struggle, as you saw. Give them credit. They are a good team. I told Ken [Whisenhunt] that. We just kept playing. We hung in there. We found a way to finish. We won the fourth quarter again, which we absolutely had to do. They had the ball a lot. They did a lot of good things with the ball. We just hung in there and occasionally denied or forced a field goal. In the long run, we were able to get two there late in the game. I thought Corey [Webster]'s play on fourth down was a very good veteran play, because I think he had been beaten on that route a couple of times during the game and he came up on fourth and two."

On DE Osi Umenyiora's two sacks:
"Osi [Umenyiora], his ability and the way he played tonight, I'm not going to tell you what the number of snaps were (that we planned for him), but we had a little bit of a governor on that. We wanted to make sure that it wasn't something where we didn't give him an opportunity to play himself into game shape before he played an entire game. We did do that with him, and of course his response was outstanding. The number of snaps he did play, and he came up with two sacks and some huge plays."

On the way Hakeem Nicks attacked the football:
"Hakeem is that kind of guy. He wants the ball. He wants to be challenged. He wants the opportunities. He has a knack for fighting for the ball and somehow finding it. [Larry] Fitzgerald had one against us when we were in great position. We thought we had an interception and he took the ball away. Hakeem did that. He really battled and wanted that opportunity and then got it."

On his thoughts on the Victor Cruz play:
"I didn't know what to think to be honest with you. I thought that we were down and I thought that's what the call was."

On the challenge play:
"I took a timeout in order to get the right substitution in the game. They challenged. Whenever that has happened in the past, the officials have always said, look they are challenging, you are going to get your timeout back. In this case, they didn't give me the timeout back and I reminded them of that as we were in that difficult situation there late in the game. Obviously we could have used it."

On the success of the last two scoring drives:
"Well the quarterback and the receivers played well. We were able to do a better job of handling the pressure. Their pressure was very good tonight and it offset us, many times, and we weren't very productive but in the last two drives we were."

On the Cardinals quick slant plays on the fourth and third down:
"That's what I said. I think that it was fourth and two and they had gotten the ball out quick and now it's third and five or less in those situations in the game. I think that you have to know where number 11 is. You have to know where he is. We hadn't made some very good plays and then this particular one we coordinated a nice play."

On if he gave any thought to an onside kick:
"No. Three minutes and something? I still had two time outs."

On the affect of Justin Tuck's injury:
"It's obviously one very talented football player that's not playing. Those kinds of questions, that's the answer. You have a guy who is out of your rotation that very much should be a part of your rotation. It was ruled that he couldn't go and he couldn't go. We went with the guys that were prepared to go."

On if the injury was the groin or the neck:
"I don't know. I couldn't tell you."

On if the loss of their center affected any of their moves up front:
"I think it did a little bit inside with our pickups, but hey, give Kevin Boothe credit. He's done that many times, come in the game at whatever spot you need him to play and he goes in and plays it. From an assignment standpoint he does an outstanding job. You have to give some credit to their interior, two defensive tackles. Now those guys played well tonight."

On if he was worried that Victor Cruz had fumbled:
"I was worried about everything under the sun. That fits one. That's one other thing that I worried about."

On Cruz's explanation of the play:
"I'll have to pick my spot. Quiet moment."

On the affect of back-to-back wins:
"There are a lot of things we can learn from this, some of which we are not going to talk about in here. For a team to be down and not looking as if a lot of things are going their way. Let's face it, they ran the ball too. They ran it on us. They threw it on us. We had many occasions where we weren't able to make any first downs. For us to come back and play like we did and have an opportunity and still give the ball away on the five yard line and overcome it, it's a real testimony to the guys for just keeping on playing."

Giants QB Eli ManningOn his thoughts on the game:
"These games are fun, but I don't think you want to play in these games every single week and get down 10 and have to come back. But sometimes it's good to know that you can do that. We have to work on getting off to a faster start and not being down in the fourth quarter every time."*

On playing well at University of Phoenix Stadium:*
"We've had some good games here and this was a great game, a great win. Not the prettiest at times, but we got into that second half and were going no-huddle on the ball. Simplified things a little bit, which I think slowed down the pass rush, guys were getting open and guys made a lot of big plays."

On his reaction to the Victor Cruz play near the end of the fourth quarter:
"We got a break on that one, I think. I thought it was going to be ruled a fumble. I saw it pretty clear, but I don't know what the call was or why. They couldn't review it. I tried to get to the ball and snap it really quick. Everything was good about it for him. I was scrambling around and came back to the football. He just has to learn. I've made that same mistake one or two times before myself. Everything else was good about the play, but a good lesson learned."

On the game-winning touchdown pass to WR Hakeem Nicks:
"They came after us with the blitz. We had it protected up and they played man-to-man. We had thrown a couple back-shoulder balls and finally we threw one over the top. I think the corner kind of stopped and was expecting a back shoulder. It was a good job by Hakeem making the catch and a big win."

On the no-huddle offense working well for them today:
"I don't know what the reason was. When we were in our base personnel, they were doing a good job getting extra guys in the box, bringing some blitzes and getting some good pressure. We thought their strength was their front three guys, and I think when we played in our base personal, that played into their strength. But when we went to sub, the offensive line really protected well and we could see pretty easily what they were doing defensively and made some adjustments. And we hit some big plays."

On Nicks' performance:
"Hakeem made some great plays today. The play that we scored the second-to-last touchdown; right before that I threw to him on the sideline and he used his tough hands and snagged the ball out of the air and almost scored on that one. Big play at the time. A couple end routes. Overall, just had a great day and made some big plays."

On his mindset when the Giants were down 10 in the fourth quarter:
"I knew we had to go and score quick, and I felt good about our hurry-up offense. Right before half we had a good drive going down there in that same system. We ended up having three drives in the fourth quarter that were no-huddle where we went right down there and moved the ball and scored quickly. Obviously it was big to be down 10 and get the ball and go right down there and score. Took hardly any time off the clock, didn't take any timeouts and put our defense back on the ball. They got stops and used their timeouts. Then we scored in two plays to take the lead. I was a little worried we scored a little too quickly, but the defense held up. Osi (Umenyiora) had a big sack and we had a big fourth-down stop."

Giants WR Hakeem Nicks

On what completing the comeback means for the team:
"It's good for the team. We fought hard until the last minute. We knew it would come down to the wire. We know Arizona is a good team. They were making some good plays out there, but we held our heads high and we fought all the way until the end."

On the passing game improving once they got into the no-huddle offense:
"It all started with 10 (QB Eli Manning). He got hot. We fed off his adrenaline, and we kept it going and made plays."

On if he is surprised when QB Eli Manning gets on a hot streak:
"He's done it before. I don't get surprised. It's just a matter of us stepping up and making plays when the time makes itself available. That's what we did as a group."

On the team keeping its composure on the final drive:
"That's one thing we were saying standing on the sidelines. This game is not over until it says zero. That's what we kept in our minds and we knew we were going to fight until the last minute, and we came out on top."

Giants DE Osi UmenyioraOn his thoughts on the game:
"I love to play. This is what I live for and I was happy to go out there and get this win."

On being able to have an impact on the game after returning from injury:
"Every time I'm on the field, that's what I want to do. Fortunately the cornerbacks played a very good game. They gave me time to get there, and everybody on the defensive line played very well today."

Giants S Antrel RolleOn what completing the comeback means for the team:
"It's huge. I can't even explain how huge it is. It was nothing but a team effort. Our offense came together and played ball when we needed them most. Defense tried to hold them at times to give our offense more opportunities, and it was a great collective team effort."

On coming back to Arizona:
"It was a great feeling being back where I got drafted, amongst a lot of friends. The Arizona Cardinals have been good to me. They're a first-class organization, but it's always good to get a win, no matter where it is."

On his interception:
"It was a three-by-one set, and I know whenever they are singled up, they're going to get the ball to number 11 (WR Larry Fitzgerald), and obviously they should. As soon as the ball was hiked, I tried to disguise it with a hole in the middle, but I knew that's where I was going the whole time."





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