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I thought that Lawrence Tynes performed very, very well tonight. I thought that both defenses, the Jets defense and the Giants defense, played very well. Certainly I was pleased to win the game, that's the idea. We got a chance to play a lot of people again. I was not pleased with the interception. I was not pleased with the blocked punt. We're going to have to go back and work on that. We certainly have a lot of work to do and a long way to go. Some people had a chance to step up tonight and played very well, particularly on the defensive side of the ball with some individual plays that stood out, offensively as well. For the second preseason game I was glad to see the improvement, particularly we saw improvement on the defensive side of the ball, but we've got a lot of work to do.Q: What's the update on Ahmad Bradshaw?

A: There's no break and he's got a swollen hand.Q: Obviously not what you'd want from a running back, how concerned are you?

A: Hopefully they get the swelling down and the soreness out and whatever they do there is not that big an obstruction. We'll see where he is.Q: Is it only the right hand?

A: As far as I know, it's one hand. That's what they're talking about in there.Q: How'd he do it?

A: I have no idea. He doesn't.Q: He'll go for more tests tomorrow?

A: I would imagine.Q: Did you see anything out of the other running backs?

A: I think Da'Rel Scott ran up in there pretty hard late in the game and David Wilson did, too. David had a couple runs that were pretty good, but nothing with consistency.Q: Can you talk about Hosley's interception?

A: It was a very nice play. He stepped in front of the receiver in the flat, and he certainly does have the speed once he caught the ball to run down the sideline and score. We were all cheering for him. We put our defense in a very bad spot there a couple times before the half and they came through for us without giving up any points.Q: Herzlich? Tracy?

A: Herzlich has a hip pointer and we don't know how bad it is. Tracy had a little hamstring strain. Again, we don't know how bad it is.Q: What'd you think of Randle's catch up the middle there?

A: It was a nice play, a very nice play. I would've liked to seen him block a little better when he had an opportunity.Q: What about Martinek's catch? He made a nice play--?

A: He did. It was nice to see someone get into the end zone.Q: What did you think about that hit on Cruz?

A: I really didn't get a chance to see it over and over. I don't know if it was helmet-to-helmet or shoulder-to-shoulder. I couldn't tell.Q: Do you expect a fine?

A: I have no idea. That's not any of my business. I don't even know what it looked like. I'd have to take a look before I comment. WR VICTOR CRUZQ: Between this year and last year, what is the one word that would describe your second time around?

A: Confidence. I'm out there and I'm a little bit more confident. I understand this offense a lot better and I'm able to work within the offense as opposed to thinking about my routes, thinking about plays, I'm more comfortable. Once I hear the play I know what I have to do and I just take it from there.

Q: Are you disappointed that you didn't finish the way you wanted?
A: Initially, when the ones were on the field, we wanted to cap off our drives with touchdowns. That's what our offense is supposed to do. We got down there, we put our offense in a position to score and our field goal team put up some points for us, but we want to finish those drives with some offensive points.

Q: Anything special about playing these guys?
A: I guess so. At the end of the day it's another preseason game, another opportunity for us to get better. Another opportunity for some of the young guys to show the coaches what they can do. There's nothing more than that. You know it's the Jets. You know it's your in-house and state rivals, but at the end of the day, it's another preseason game.

RE: being targeted seven times in the first quarter and five catches.
A: I guess it was just a matter of me trying to be open. At the end of the day it's my job to get open and Eli was finding me on a couple of plays where I was open. I was able to catch the ball and make a few things happen. I was excited for it. It felt good to get the ball a couple of times, make some moves, move the chains once or twice. I'm excited about it.


Q:  Thoughts on today's performance:
A: The biggest thing, I felt like I had no missed assignments, went out and executed. I had a couple close ones. One of them, the guy kind of grabbed my jersey. I have to credit him on his strong fingers, but I was just trying to go out there and get better each week. Last week I had mental errors, and this week, not to my knowledge, we'll go back and watch film, but not to my knowledge did I have any.

Q:  You don't really know til you look at the film?A: Yeah, I mean the quarterback didn't go on the ground while I was in (laughs).

Q:  What goes through your head when Bradshaw goes down?
A: With a hand injury for a running back, you have to hold onto the ball, need your hands to do that. His deal is minor, probably won't even miss two days of practice. He'll be back out there, and he'll be good.

Q: You're ready just in case though?
A: Yeah, I always have to stay ready. You never know when you're going to be called. Even when we're going into these games and coach tells you that you're not going to play until after halftime. I still stand on the sideline with my helmet on. You never know if he's going to want to throw you in.

Q: Do you still feel like this is all sort of a work in progress for you?
A: Yeah right now since I'm not playing until after halftime, I'm not going against the starters. Like I said I'm just trying to get better. I really won't know what to expect until after we play the Cowboys, or if I'm fortunate enough to play against the first team defense in the preseason games. Then I'll know what to expect.

Q: What do you think of your buddy Hosley's interception return?
A: Oh yeah he put a lot of pressure on me when he did that because we both went to the same college. People back home see him do that and then they're like 'where's David at?' He's been making plays like that and I knew it was just a matter of time until he had one in the NFL. I'm definitely happy for him.

Q:  Is there a little rookie competition between you and Jayron (Hosley), trying to top each other?
A: There's a competition between all the rookies, we want to see who's going to perform the best. So far, I think all of us have been contributing when we were in. Rueben Randle, all the guys. Q:  Is he leading now with that interception?
A: Yeah, that was definitely the biggest play out of any of us so far. I was hoping to get a kickoff return, but they kept kicking it into the end zone, and we're not going to bring it out if it's that deep.CB JAYRON HOSLEYQ:  Talk about your big play, the interception:
A: It was an all-around good play, an eleven-man machine. Good pressure up front, which allowed me to stick to my man. The quarterback threw it when he didn't want to. Good pressure from the d-line, like I said. Just going out there and doing my job, that was it.

Q:  Did you see open field when you picked it?
A: Yeah. All I could see was the end zone, and I was going to get there, and I did.

Q:  Thoughts on foot:
A: I was running, and I didn't feel anything at that point. It was just green grass and the fans screaming. I was just going for the touchdown, that's it.

Q:  How did you hurt the foot?
A: I couldn't really tell you right now. A little something in there. I just need to get some more tests on it.

Q:  Did you feel like it was a make-or-break play, looked like you were a little behind him?
A: The ball was going to him, it wasn't going to me. I saw it, and I went for it, just being a DB, and going to jump it. That's what happened, and it worked out well for me.

Q:  You were in the nickel right?
A: Yes, sir.

Q:  When did you decide that you were going to high-step your way into the end zone?
A: When I felt that I was secure and safe, and that it was a touchdown. I was excited, first pick and touchdown in the NFL. It's a good feeling.

Q:  Thoughts on your improvement from last week:
A: Definitely. After something like that (fumble on punt return), you want to bounce back and show the coaches that you can bounce back and you're the guy. It was good focus. I was looking for something to open up for me, and it turned out.

Q:  After never playing the nickel at Virginia Tech, are you thinking now that this could be the spot for you?A: Of course. I think with the right coaching, and the right guys around you, it's possible. I definitely have that, and it's been making sense to me.

Q:  How have you been able to catch on to everything so fast in the NFL?
A: It's just the work; it's just the work. Having the right people around you, and staying humble, and understanding what your task is. I try to do that everyday, day-in and day-out. I just try to take it day-by-day.
Q: What was going on, on that touchdown play? Was it designed for you? Or were you the number two option?
A: It depends on what the defense does. I got in the flat, Perrilloux made a great read, and I was wide open. Once I got the ball, I put my running back instincts into gear. Once I'm that close to the end zone, you fight for every inch and want to get in there.

Q: Was it nicer to dive in? Rather than just waltz in?
A: It's fun. I probably thought about that situation a million times for years. It was a great experience just to get in, and it felt really good.

Q: You're going to have to get a still shot of you reaching into the end zone.
A: I hope someone got that. Hopefully, it's online.

Q: They had to review, to make sure you were in.
A: Like I said, I thought about that situation a million times. I knew, if someone was coming at that angle, and I turned, the ball was going to be over the pylon. Trust me, I've thought about that a million different times. It's just part of my game, I just visualize just making plays and doing my assignments. So, it's something that I've prided myself on, growing up.

Q: Is there anything special because it was against the Jets?
A: It's special in general, because I'm out there playing.

"I thought we had a couple good drives and moved the ball. We converted some third downs, had some opportunities, but didn't get in the end zone. Whenever you play the Jets, you're always going against a great defense. They do a lot of different things and throw a lot at you. I think we communicated well to handle that. There is definitely still a whole lot for us to work on, but we're making progress.

"As a defensive line, we were able to get some pressure tonight. And that's really what we need to do if we want to be a good defense. Defensively, as a whole, we played pretty well. We were able rush the quarterback; we got four sacks. It's a step in the right direction, a plus for us."

"I think the defense played well. We did a nice job of executing what coach Fewell wanted us to do. The D-line played well tonight. Osi made a nice move to help me get that first sack. Osi went high and I came underneath and I just saw the quarterback there, so I hit him. On the second one, I just kind of bull-rushed, put my hands up and got him."


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