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RE: On his pregame speech to teammates
I was just talking to the offense. On night games I have the opportunity to give a few thoughts. I just said that everyone needs to step up and do their assignments. I had total confidence; whether it was Andre Brown, or Will Beatty or Ramses or Reuben Randall. They were going to their assignments. We were well informed, well coached, and well prepared all week to make plays. And sure enough, all of those guys stepped up and made plays to help us out in the game and we were able to run our game plan and our offense as we normally do and we did it really well tonight.

RE: On Andre Brown and Ramses Barden
Andre ran the ball really well; broke a couple big ones early on, which is nice. We kind of beat their game plan. Carolina played two high and forced us to run the ball, so we did that. When we can run the ball, our offense really starts clicking. We get in better third down distances, it helps our play action, slows down the pass rush, all those things. We were able to pass, we were able to run the ball. Had the opposing team not knowing what we were going to do, and guys stepped up and made a lot of big plays

RE: On whether his pregame speech was to everyone or offense
Just the offense. We had a little walkthrough and I always break them down. I didn't call out anybody, I just said everybody has got to do your job. We have playmakers. We have guys that are going to be able to make plays. We got to be patient and take what the defense gives us. When we have opportunities to get the ball down the field or break a run or make a big catch, guys are going to do that. That's what happened tonight.

RE: On if he talked to other guys before the game
Maybe I did. It wasn't any big speech; it was what I normally do after a walkthrough with the offense. Everyone gathers up and I give them my two thoughts before a little four hour break just to think about it and get mentally prepared for the game. I don't think it change anyone's performance. Guys went out there and played well.

RE: On offensive success being a carryover from last week vs. Tampa Bay
That was important. We really wanted to get off to a fast start. That's something that we have not been very good at over the past couple of years. We have not been good so far this year at going and getting a touchdown. It really set the tempo for the game. We ran the ball well, had some passes in the flats, had some third down conversions, and then hit Martellus for the touchdown.**

DE JUSTIN TUCK RE: On how much the hits on Cam Newton early set the tone**

"I think it sets a huge tone. I think coming into this football game you want to take away at least one part of the option. Making sure that anytime we've got a shot to hit him we would take advantage of it. He knew that he was going to get hit all night, on a short week. That was part of it."

RE: On how the team overcame all the injuries
"We've been here before, that's all that says. Guys know when they're put in that position they have to step up. Prime example, Ramses Barden tonight had a career game for us and just stepped up where Hakeem (Nicks) was lacking and Andre Brown, same thing. Guys understand as a whole team we're always counting on them. We practice like they're starters during the week anyway. Were accustomed to getting reps and that's a definite complement to our coaching staff for having all of our guys ready."

RE: On if they felt that had to play a little extra defensively with so many injuries on their offense
"Not a little extra, just do our job, play our game and make sure that we come out here and be disciplined because that offense, if you're not disciplined they can embarrass you. It wasn't necessarily about picking up for our offense. We felt very comfortable in the fact that our offense was going to go out there and do what they did tonight anyway. We want to establish ourselves as the defense."

RE: On his performance tonight
"The monster of the whole week was the next man up. We had a lot of guys who went down where we had areas where people needed to step up and so many people did. Andre (Brown), Will (Hill), Jyron (Hosley), it was the complete team victory. I can't be more proud of everyone who was involved".

RE: On their smooth, fast start
"That was big. That was something that we've been focusing on. We've been trying to get the ball rolling earlier, get in a rhythm earlier. We know we can finish, but now we want to test ourselves and make sure that we can start and maintain ourselves throughout the game."

RE: On the guys that haven't contributed much and then get their shot
"A great scouting department. This is the deepest the team has been since I've been here and they've always been deep. Looking at the running back position, we lost some great guys and we've still got some very talented people in the backfield. Injuries are going to happen, but everywhere you look from the d-line to the receivers to the backs, there's so much depth and it's just a matter of time before these guys get those opportunities and they can showcase their talents."

RE: His performance tonight
"I had to go out there and put on a show for my hometown. I'm glad I responded. Everybody was saying it couldn't be done again so I just went out there and I ran hard and made sure I picked up my pass protection and did everything I could in my power tonight to make it a win."

RE: On improving
"Continue to improve, I don't see anything else. Go and look at the film and see what I did wrong, I can be better I know that."

RE: On what he learned
"That I am a good football player. I just went in and tried to be the best I can be out there. My family had a lot to do with it. Saying you got it; you can go out here and continue to pursue your dream. If that's what you want to do go do it, we're all behind you. Everybody's behind me and just being patient paid off. It's still a long season and I'm just going to go out here and continue to get better each week."

RE: On how well the Giants played
"Knowing your assignment and being focused. Like an 11- man machine, everybody just working together having fun out there.

RE: On his knee
"I don't think it's too serious. Just going to see how it is tomorrow, getting it looked at tomorrow."

RE: On his interception
"It was just man to man coverage. They took me on the under route and Cam threw it and the receiver kind of got behind him and I was right on him and just grabbed it. It was a good play, defensive line put on great pressure so it wasn't just me. The defensive line did a good job out there and I'm just doing my job."


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