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Antrel Rolle called into Pro Football Talk Live with Mike Florio on Monday afternoon.  After saying the Giants are "continuing to climb and climb," Rolle was asked about playing his former team.

"I just tried to go out there and play the best game I can play. It felt good going back to where I started with the Cardinals, which, I have to admit, is a first class organization. We were a family there. I gave them five exciting years of my career, and they gave me the same. So it was just a great feeling to go back and see those guys and compete on the opposite team."

Florio then asked Rolle how the defense responded after the team fell into a 27-17 hole late in the game. 

"I think we just had to buckle down and play relentless ball. I think they definitely got a few more rushing yards than we would want to allow. Beanie Wells is a great runner, he's a great downhill runner. Arizona is a great team as a whole and they're continuing to get better as well. They gave us a dog fight for a full 60 minutes (on Sunday). On defense, we just try to play relentless. We came up big at the point of time when we needed to, and that's something we put a point of emphasis on week in and week out."


  joined "The Michael Kay Show" for his weekly segment on Monday evening. Kay first asked about returning to University of Phoenix Stadium, home of the Giants' Super Bowl XLII victory.  

"It's a dome, it's on grass, no wind, no rain, perfect conditions. It seems like a fast field so the receivers are running. But obviously you walk in there – I didn't know how I was going to feel walking back in there. I really didn't think much about it during the week, but obviously once you get in that locker room and you walk through the little tunnel to get into the game field, some fond memories come back to you about winning the Super Bowl there. But we got focused and ended up getting a big win."

Kay asked for Manning's assessment of the team's performance in the first four games of the season. 

"I thought they went well. I still think we've gotten better every single game. With some of the things going on with some of the injuries, with some new personnel, some young guys, that's what you want to see. You want to see improvement and getting better. And I definitely have seen that. Some young guys have stepped up. I thought our offensive line played really well (on Sunday), especially in the fourth quarter in our two-minute and knowing exactly what they're doing. I had a lot of time on some of these plays to get the ball down the field going to my third and fourth receivers. So that was good. I think we're just finding our best personnel, our best qualities, where we're comfortable in moving the ball. That's something that, over the years, we've been great in that no-huddle, two-minute style offense. It's good to know we can continue to do that and when you need it, we're able to go out there and score."Justin Tuck called into "Mike and Mike in the Morning" on ESPN Radio on Tuesday morning. Tuck was asked if he was surprised by the team's 3-1 start. 

"I'm not. I wish we were 4-0. We go into every game thinking we have an opportunity to win it. And for us, getting off to the bad start down in Washington, we quickly rectified that with three straight wins right here. So hopefully we can continue to do this and keep this momentum rolling."





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