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Giants react to OT win over the Bears

Head Coach Pat Shurmur

Opening Remarks: Well, you just watched it. Early on and throughout, I thought the defense did a hell of a job getting turnovers, giving us opportunities to score points. At the end there when it gets a little scattered, they did a good job against us, but for the bulk of the game, which really gave us an opportunity to take the lead, did a nice job of getting the ball turned over, giving us some field position. I don't think it was our best performance on offense in the first half, but we found a way on some big plays and some trick plays to get the ball in the end zone and move the ball. I felt like the two scoring drives in the second half were huge, made a couple little adjustments and we found our way into the end zone twice. The takeaway is, and I told the team this - I'll keep the swear words out of it – some people are fond of talented people, some people are fond of smart people, I'm fond of tough, resilient people. When you're trying to flip culture, when you're trying to build something, you've got to really dig in on that. There was some toughness and some resiliency. It would have been easy to cave when they came back, an 8-3 team, came back and tied us up, they had a little bit of juice, a little bit of mojo, but our guys found a way to put points on the board and then stop them at the end. I'm fond of toughness and resiliency, and our team showed that today. There's probably plenty of takeaways, you've probably got plenty of questions, but toughness and resiliency are demanded in our sport, and we have that. We've just got to clean up the mistakes and keep going. That's why I'm proud of our guys. It's fun to win.

Q: What did you see on the onside kick?

A: The ball got in there, we probably would've been a little closer to it but they did a good job. That was well-executed by them, was a perfect kick, and certainly they got their hands on it and we didn't.  

*Q: Did they change their lineup after they lined up and you called timeout?    *

A: No, they did exactly the same thing. We took the timeout to see how they were going to line up, but it appeared like after the timeout their intentions were exactly the same. The approach was the same, you'd have to ask them. I coached with Chris Tabor in Cleveland, he was my special teams coach, so you'd have to ask him.

Q: Didn't look like Odell (Beckham Jr.) jumped in there? Did you see that and what was your take of that?

A:  I'll have to look at it. I couldn't (see), it happened fast and it was hard for me to see. I'll figure it out when I see it.  

*Q: How much did you need that Odell touchdown pass? What kind of turning point was that?   *

A: Yeah, that was a big play. It got us on the board. Certainly, his contributions in the game were big. I think something everybody gets wrapped up with is touches, but a player's presence on the field makes a difference. I try to tell the players all the time that if you're doing what you're supposed to do on the field, your presence matters and that was a great opportunity for us to see how talented Odell can be.

Q: From a momentum standpoint, how big was the Saquon Barkley third-and-23 play right before the half?

A: Huge. Huge. It's sort of a give-up call to just run it, and when you hand the ball to Saquon, that's not the case. He's a super, super talented guy. The first run of the overtime, that was an outstanding run and he did a great job of staying inbounds. We've seen all year what he can do, and for those of you keeping track, I think he had 24 carries today, so that's a good day's work for him.  

Q: Why did you throw it on third-and-eight late in the fourth? You threw it instead of running it and making them burn a timeout, last possession when Eli took the sack.

A: We can't take a sack there. Eli threw it with the idea we had a field goal and we need to do a better job protecting, but we also got to at the very least throw the ball away, kick the field goal. That was before the last series, right? That's not good on our part.  

Q: Why not kick the 57-yarder there, he'd already hit one earlier? What was your thinking on that?

A: I felt like that was a little bit too long right there.    

Q: In the first half, it seemed like you were forcing the ball or they had a lot of coverage on Odell early on. Did you make some adjustments in the second half on that?

A: We got away from some of the things, I think we got to some of the plays that attacked the way they were playing coverage better. That's about it, really.

Q: Did your decision today (to activate him) make Kyle Lauletta the number-two quarterback?

A: Yeah, I think behind the scenes he's done a good job and that's really what happens for the backups this time of year. Other than warmups, you guys don't really get the opportunity to see and I think he's made progress here during the season and it's just the next step for him.

Q: What did you think of (Russell Shepard's) performance today?

A: He's a winner, he's gritty, and he's got a real team-like presence. When you're around him, for him to have those types of contributions (is) good, but I see that in his spirit and he's really brought that to our team.

Q: Can you talk about the job the offensive line did and keeping (the Bears defense) from wrecking things?

A: Initial glance and leading up to the game, I was fielding questions and based on what everybody was asking, we were going to cancel the game. I'll tell you this, though, I've said it all along: we've got a group here that's really coming. They battled those guys. Along the way, they could have looked at it as criticism early, when I said, 'we're going to go as far as our line will block for us', but they just put their head down, Hal (Hunter) and Ben (Wilkerson) worked hard with them, and they're developing a group there that we can be really proud of. Listen, I feel like if we play the right way, we can beat any team we play and it always starts up front.

*Q: On Alec Ogletree's performance today with two interceptions (including a pick six):  *

A: When you catch the ball like he did, when you intercept the ball, when you do those things, it's a good thing. He's one of the guys that's helping us flip this culture because he's a winner, he's tough, he's resilient, and he made some game-changing plays today and that's a credit to him.    

Q: Did you say anything to Eli (Manning) at halftime?

A: No.

Q: What was your sense going into overtime? Such a letdown, you had the game. Did you sense that?

A: No, I didn't sense that. I really felt like we were going to get the ball and score, and we did that. It's like the people that were 'woe is me' at the fact that we were up by eight at halftime against the Eagles a week ago. That's not the feeling I had. I really felt like we were going to win this game, and I'll say it again: If we play football the right way, I really feel like we can beat anybody we play. Until somebody can show me different, I'm going to always believe that.

*Q: On the tight ends' performance in both aspects of the offense: *

A: Yeah, the two guys that played most – Scott (Simonson) and certainly Rhett (Ellison) – I'm fond of them because they're tough and resilient. They're gritty guys and it's demanded of our sport, and they play that way. If they're out there battling around, they have a way to get production like they do.

Q: You needed every point from (Aldrick) Rosas today, and he had some really long ones, a 57-yarder.

A: Yeah, I've said this all along, too, I'm fond of our kicker and I'm fond of who he is as a football player, because he's not just a kicker, he's a football player. If a fight broke out, he'd be right there. He's tough, he's resilient, and I'm really proud of the fact that he's having a really positive impact on our games.

Q: How big was it for you to get big plays in overtime from both Olivier Vernon and Janoris Jenkins, two defensive players, veterans that have had up and down years?

A: I'm not worried about that. I think they had a big impact on the game, and they just keep playing. If you just keep playing, you never know when the play you're involved in can change the outcome of a game.

Q: How are your legs after you got taken out on the sidelines?

A: Good. I've been hit harder than that before.

Q: What did you think of their touchdown, that trick play there to score?

A: That was nifty, well-designed. Good job on their part.

Q: How about that (pass interference) call there at the end?

A: I couldn't see it. I was going with it was uncatchable, that's what I saw. I saw the ball was thrown way high. It was so far away from me, even as loud as I yell at the officials, they couldn't hear me and then it just played on.

Q: It was pretty clear that Eli was struggling in the first half. What changes for him in a game like this?

A: I think we just got to get to some of the things he can do. We ought to always be able to lean on the run here and I think that if we can keep it kind of a run, play-action type setting, I think that's good for any quarterback.

QB Eli Manning

Q: What was the mindset coming into this game after last week?

A: The mindset was the same. We know we are a good team and we can hang with anyone. We have been right there at the end with every team except maybe the first Philly game with a chance to win. The same thing with this game. Defense did a great job setting the tempo with Alec getting a pick six to start the game. Offensively it took us a little while to get going. We got a nice field goal before half. Then, in the second half the first two drives we scored touchdowns and we built a lead. They are a good defense and a good team. I felt like we could come in and hang with them. We made plays and we feel like the last three or four weeks, we have been playing good football. We just have to continue to do that. 

Q: How much momentum did those points at the end of the half give you?

A: I think it was good. It was good to get the offense going and get some momentum. It was good to get a drive and get some points, knowing we get the ball to start the second half. That second half, the first drive to go down there and get points, score the touchdown, now we got the lead. We had not played great but now we had the lead. It was good for the whole team, the offense, defense and the fans. It was a reversal of last week with the slow start, but in the second half we were able to make plays to win the game. 

Q: What changed for you personally?

A: Nothing really. They had a good plan the first half. They got us into some trouble with good coverages for some of our plays. In the second half, we just made an emphasis to run the ball. They were really challenging us and taking away the pass so they could take the run. I think we were able to run the ball and got into some third and manageable situations. And came up with a couple of big plays. 

Q: What has Barkley meant to this team?

A: He is a tremendous player. He makes some good runs and opens up the play action. Once we started rushing it, it brought the safeties down there a little bit more and gave us an opportunity to make some plays. 

Q: You ever jump that high with a TD celebration with Odell?

A: Well, I have never really been in that situation where someone else throws it and they are behind you. I don't know. I know all the routes in every play and I don't know if Russell had that route. All week we tried to hit the corner routes. Russell made something up and Odell hit him for a TD. Sometimes you have to draw it up in the dirt. We hit a big play there. 

Q: How would you describe Odell's passing skills?

A: He can throw it. He can always throw it really well. He has done it in the past and he does it in practice. He did a good job today of going through his progressions. He went one, not open, run, not open, throw it deep. It was the old 60-yard check down. We like those. 

Q: Was the emphasis in the second half to establish the run?

A: I think so. They were playing a lot of shell defense and two high. They were trying to take away the passing game. They were giving us good looks to run the ball and we just had to take advantage of it. Get us in some third and manageable. It was hard to throw it. We had some pass plays and there just wasn't much going. You don't want to hold the ball against this group. They had us in a bind a little bit in the first half but second half, made some big plays. 

Q: What was it like in OT?

A: Obviously that was a big drive for the offense right there. We were moving the ball and had a good game. We just had to keep doing it. Let's go get one more drive and end this thing. I thought we were going to have a walk-off touchdown to Shep when I let the ball go. I said I got him and I put it right where I wanted it. He said he lost it in the lights a little bit. Unfortunately, we didn't get the TD but we got the field goal and the defense did a great job getting the stop.

LB Alec Ogletree

Postgame vs. Bears

December 2, 2018

Q: Have you ever had two interceptions in a game before? What was it like to set the tone with that pick-six?

A: I've never had two interceptions in a game, but I have had an interception for a pick-six before. It was just a big play for us as a team. It definitely set the tempo for how the day was going to go and I was just happy to be in that position to make a play.

Q: What did you see on the second pick?

A: We were in a zone [defense]; I was reading the quarterback's eyes and even though he didn't see me coming, the running back was wide open, and I just kept working over and I was able to jump up and get my hand on it. I was definitely trying to score on that one too, but I didn't have enough blockers at the time.

Q: Did you tell Odell [Beckham Jr.] that you could also catch one-handed?

A: No, I mean, he's a guy that his hands are humongous, so for me, it's kind of harder. It's easier for him; he works on doing that, but I do my share.

Q: Do you plan on sitting in the receiver's' room this week?

A: You know, I told Coach [Shurmur] that if I get five [interceptions], he has to at least get one play (for me) on offense at some point during the season. Hopefully I can get one more and we'll see how it goes from there.

Q: Alec, Coach [Shurmur] said that you are one of the guys who is changing the culture here, what are some of the things that you try to emphasize, particularly to the younger guys, in terms of mindset and approach?

A: Yeah, I mean, just to be a professional, prepare well and do the right things. It means taking what you have learned in the classroom to the field. Like I said, things are going to be tough sometimes and you have to be able to keep fighting there and keep standing there and do your job at the highest level that you can. When you do that, it definitely changes the culture around here and it gets guys around here to play well.

Q: There were a couple of times when you guys had potentially more interceptions because you busted across the field. It seems as if Chase Daniel had issues in reading coverages over the middle the field, is that something you guys keyed on coming into this ballgame?

A: Well, I mean, that's why you study film; like I said, you learn the routes that they want to run and the type of offense that they are going to be, and when you match up and play as well as our DB's did today, those things can happen. You get your hands on the ball, you can cause the fumbles and turnovers and stuff like that when you play well and do your job. We just went out there and played ball and played together today.

Q: The Bears scored the last ten points to force overtime. In overtime, was there a special message that you wanted the defense to hear or did you guys, when you came out there, said 'We're up three, now let's end this?"

A: I mean, we've kind of been in that situation a little bit all year long where we haven't been able to finish [games]. This game was big for us to go out there on defense and end the game the way we did. That's big for a defense like us and just the whole team. We know that when we step out on the field, we go out there and give it our all and when you do that, the results are what you get. You can live with that.

Q: What do you think went wrong on that last 1:49 of regulation where the ten-point lead got away defensively and why were they able to tie it up?

A: I mean, nothing went wrong; they just made some good plays. They're a good team, they're one of the top teams in the league and they are definitely not going to just fold or hand it to us or lie down and not compete all the way to the end. Like I said, they came back at the end and did a great job of getting the ball to who they wanted to get it to and they were able to score, but our offense went out there in overtime and scored and got three points by kicking a field goal. The defense, like I said, we had our chance today to go out there and finish the game and I'm just proud of the guys for stepping up and finishing the game.

Q: What has this season been like for you so far?

A: It's been a long season; it's been a struggle. Of course we hate losing and wish our record was better than what it is, but we can't go back and change that. All we can do is keep pushing forward and everyday is a new day and we just learn and continue to push the guys to keep believing and keep fighting and doing the right thing.

Q: Does Curtis Riley get a fine for dropping that interception?

A: Does he get a fine? He's about to hit that weight room and get swole and do some push-ups and all kinds of stuff. He just went out there and misjudged it a little bit, but he's a guy that has two picks already. We know he can catch the ball, but he definitely should've made that play for sure.

Wide Receiver Odell Beckham Jr.

Q: How important was it to close this one out and come away with the win?
A: It's just important to win. Close game, not a close game, like I said pretty much all year, we've been here before and recently in the last four weeks, we've pulled them off except one. So we know how to lose these games, we know how to win these games, it's just a matter of what the outcome is going to be on that day. As a team, we put it all together and found a way to beat a very, very good team.

Q: Can you walk us through your touchdown pass?
A: Honestly, I addressed the team at halftime and I told them there's just something I had to get off my chest. I love these boys. Every time I put on a helmet, whether it's practice or it's a game, I'm going to give it my all and I feel like I owed them more, to give them all of me and whatever that entails. So we drew a play up, I told Bennie (Fowler) I don't care what happens, I'm going to throw it to you and they double covered him and this grown man from LSU who I've played with for a long time, I saw him down the middle of the field and I was like this can't be real and I just launched it to him. It's all good, he wasn't supposed to do that, but he's just playing football and he came up with a huge play for us. Very, very, very big play. 

Q: Did you see him at the last second?
A: Yeah, I was about to take off running and like I said it didn't feel real because I just saw him running down the field and it was never like that in practice or how we drew it up, nothing. I just saw him and I was like I'm just going to give him a chance, I'm going to put it in that area and he came up big for us.

Q: That's two for two now for you.
A: You know.

Q: Take us through the onside kick.
A: It was a great kick. Honestly, when it took the hop, the guys on the front line kind of looked like we were in a position where we didn't know if they were going to get it, if they wanted me to go get it and I was just so far back when they passed the ball, I was trying to run up there and get in the mix and I got to it late.

Q: Did you have a chance to dive for it?
A: It sounds like a question you're asking just to ask kind of, you know?

Q: How did your touchdown catch unfold?
A: Just a play we drew up every single day and we just got down to it and we ran it, executed it.

Q: How did you get so wide open?
A: Scheme. There's a lot of people crossing down at the goal line and it's hard to cover. You don't know whether to switch, swap, does he run with me? Does he switch it? It just worked out.

Q: On the onside kick…
A: It sounds like you're asking a question just to ask a question. I'm not going to talk about that. Sorry. The game is over, we won.

Q: What improvements did you guys make today?
A: We just fought, that's really all it is, we fought. Like I said we've lost games by three points, we've lost games by four points, we've won them by three, we've won them by four. We've been in this position and we fought. Everybody in here gave it their all to the final whistle. Tried to get a stop by the goal line and they ran a nice play, they converted it and scored. We get in on offense, we get a big run from Saquon (Barkley), we tried to push it to the end zone, we couldn't get there and (Aldrick) Rosas hits a 57-yard field goal, puts us up three and the defense needs a stop, they made the stop and came up with a big play at the end.

Q: How can you get the fans to believe in you guys again?
A: It's tough. That's something that comes from inside the person that wants to believe. I can try to put all of the belief that I can speak, but words can only do so much. It has to be in your heart to have hope for us, to believe in us to do any of those things.

Q: Did you decide on the way into the locker room that you were going to address the team?
A: No, it was just something in my heart. In a way, I feel like I let them down. When I came into the building today, it was just a different feeling and I didn't know how to shake it. I was just trying to find a way and I see these guys out here who were battling and I tried to give it my all. So when I talked to them, I'm emotional. I'm very in tune with myself so as I'm speaking to them, it's just flying out. It's whatever thoughts are coming out. I feel like they took the message well and we're in this locker room with a good feeling.

Q: What was your message?
A: Go out there and lay it all on the line no matter what the situation is, no matter what play, no matter anything. Go out there and give it your all.

Q: What would your response be to people questioning your effort on the onside kick?
A: It was a great kick. Sometimes somebody makes a better play than you do. I could dive in there and still not get the ball. So it was a very tough call. Nobody should ever question my effort or my heart. That's the last thing you can do. You can question me as a person, as a man, whatever you want to do, but my heart and my effort can never be questioned, ever.

RB Saquon Barkley

Q: What does it mean to be able to close out and come away with a win today?

A: It definitely means a lot. Like you said, we've been on the other side of this situation and the message at halftime was 'come out, play for each other, and come out and finish the game.' We started fast in the first half and we started fast in the second half. It took an extra quarter but we got the job done.

Q: Your first carry of the game you broke a Giants rookie franchise rushing record that had been in place since 1936. Obviously these personal accolades don't mean as much as the wins but do you ever look at this and say 'wow,' or are you ever kind of pinching yourself this season?

A: Not really. You're just so stuck in the moment and so stuck in the season and trying to get better every single day. At the end of the day you work your butt off, but stuff like that is pretty cool. You couldn't do that by yourself, so I've got to give credit to the offensive line and coaches for helping me get that record. Hopefully we can extend it a little longer and get some more wins.

Q: What happened with the shoulder?

A: Nothing.

Q: Were you having trouble with your pads?

A: Nah, I just had to go in there. You're right. I had something underneath and I had to fix it.

Q: When you re-entered the game on 3rd and 8, were you expecting to get the ball in that situation?

A: I don't know. Did I get the ball?

Q: The first play you came back out. It was the pass play.

A: No, I was just going with whatever the play call was and 3rd and 8. Know the situation, know we were probably passing so I was just trying to get my blitz side right and make sure if anybody comes, pick it up and do my responsibility and get to my route.

Q: Can you describe the play before halftime?

A: The O-line did a great job, first and foremost, with the block in the front. My mindset is try to get out of bounds in the situation like that and try to get as close as we can for the field goal. We broke the franchise record today right, on that field goal? That's amazing for him but that was my mindset. Try to get as much as I can and get out of bounds and preserve time and try to get points on the board before going into halftime.

Q: Calling a run in that situation is pretty much a give up call. When he calls that, what goes through your mind?

A: Try to get as much as you can. In my mind, every time I touch the ball I believe that I have the ability to score and that I'm helping my teammates. We didn't score on that play but it was a big play getting some momentum going into halftime making a 57-yard field goal. Everyone's talking about me making cuts and moves on that, but if you go back and watch the film you see the blocking down the field is what actually set that up so you've got to give credit to not only the offensive line and their ability but obviously the blocking down field and for us to be able to get in this situation and make another play to get us closer to field goal range before halftime.

Q: Where would you rank this win compared to the others?

A: It's just a win. Any win in the NFL is amazing. It's hard to win in this league. We've only got four. We were in a lot of situations to win a lot of these games and we weren't able to do that before but we were able to do that today and that's the only thing that matters. Just win today. Now we've got to come back, watch the film, take the good, lose the bad and continue to get better.

Q: Where would you rank that leap? You've had a lot of leaps in your career. You got pretty high that time.

A: That was a cool one because it was off of two feet, but I'm just out there playing my heart out for my teammates. Trying to make plays and trying to find ways into the end zone to help my team win. You do things sometimes and you can't explain it. Your body just takes over and that was one of those situations.

Q: What goes through your mind when you leap a defender who was almost straight up when you did that?

A: Most of the time, sometimes you can just do it off of reaction. Sometimes watching film, you know how the guy is going to tackle you. To be honest, there, my body took over and I just reacted and I jumped.

Q: You talk about ranking wins. It has to be especially satisfying the way you came back and won it in overtime especially after you struggled a little bit.

A: Yea. We didn't start strong in the first half as an offense. The defense was playing lights out and we knew we had to pick it up. Halftime, that was the message just to come out and finish and work harder, and play harder for each other and we were able to do that. It didn't finish in four quarters, we had to go to another quarter but we played a complete game. Offense and defense got involved in the second half and special teams and we were able to get the win.

Q: You mention the defense playing lights out. Chicago came into this game leading the league in takeaways but the Giants won the turnover battle today. How important was that?

A: Definitely important anytime, not only against a team that's leading the league in turnovers. Anytime you go down and you watch games, more likely than not, if you win the turnover battle, you're going to win the game. It's not a given every single time but it increases your percentage of winning the game a lot more, so that's the mindset that we have for every single game. As a running back, you're more conscious because every time they stand you up, the second guy in there is trying to strip it out. They do a really good job of that, better than any other team in the NFL, so for us to win the turnover battle definitely helped us win this game and helps you win any game.

Q: How special is it to have the game you had today wearing those cleats right there?

A: Definitely special. I wish I was able to get into the end zone but you know, the only thing that really matters is a team win and we got a team win. To be able to wear those cleats with my niece's name on there, help raise awareness and bring awareness to 22Q definitely meant a lot.

Q: Was she excited to see those cleats?

A: Yea, she was excited to see those cleats. She actually got a kind of version of those with her own shoe, so I got to give her those cleats and I'm going to take my own money and donate to the charity in her name.

Q: How is your shoulder?

A: Shoulder is good.

Q: How anxious are you (Inaudible regarding Saquon going into the tent)

A: It sucks because you're only out there a few minutes but you've got to put your trust in the trainers and the doctors when you're in. It was nothing crazy. Just had to put the pads back on, fix some of the padding.

LT Nate Solder

Q: You guys kind of getting sick of us asking you about the Bears defensive front this week?

A: Well, I think they're so good, I think that's an easy topic to talk about. I don't take anything away from them after this game. I think they're a very good defensive front.

Q: But were you guys angry? You don't seem like the angry type, but (Pat) Shurmur said –

A: Angry at who?

Q: The idea that you guys weren't –

A: I don't pay any attention to you guys.

Q: But just the idea was out. I'm sure you knew whether you didn't listen, just from the questions.

A: I have so much friggin' confidence in our offensive line. Those guys, they're physically talented, but they also just care and they work hard and they want to play together and it's a good group to be apart of. We got a long ways to go and we're going to keep doing that and I have confidence that those guys will continue to improve as we go forward.

Q: How unique is – so the play before the half is third and 23, 17 seconds left and he hands off to Saquon (Barkley). How unique is a play like that to block based on how the defense is playing, the situation, and then what's it like with him kind of darting all over the place, you have to hold your man?

A: I've been in that situation before and you give it to a back like that in open space like that, he's going to make a couple guys miss and there's a possibility that he's going to get a big play and I think it's a great call because you don't always just want to sit back and throw it right into their hand, why not just call something and let your best playmaker make some plays. My thought process on that was I'm just going to go stay on my guy as long as I have to and just block him until they blow the whistle.

Q: How much of a momentum shift was that because that actually gets you a field goal –

A: That really won us the game and Aldrick (Rosas) came in with a huge kick, like he's done this entire season and he was consistent all day today and I give him all the credit in the world, that was awesome.

Q: The feeling changed there, though, with what you guys were able to do there between that run, the field goal, and everything?

A: It was exciting. It's a good way to go into halftime and give ourselves a little confidence going into the second half and then we scored coming right out of the half. Those are two big series I think that made a big difference.

Q: Shurmur was talking about changing the culture and I know it's a big picture question, but can a win like this play a role in that?

A: I think that's the whole shift they're trying to make is a winning culture and so winning games I think is doing that, but I think more than that is being a really solid team after a season that's been so tough, number of wins we've had and how close we've lost and all those sort of things and it speaks to the resiliency of the guys, it speaks about the type of guys we have in the locker room and we just got to keep doing it and moving forward and believing in each other and doing it together.

Q: Some of the vets said that this is a game that you probably wouldn't have won earlier in the season, that I guess the team maybe wasn't mentally ready to do that. Do you agree with that?

A: Who knows. I mean, who knows. It's hard to say.

Q: If you had lost blowing a 10-point lead with two minutes left, we'd be saying does it feel like worse than a regular loss –

A: That's the biggest thing with this game and I've noticed that is you can play a terrible game and win the game and everyone sings your praises. You can play a wonderful game and lose the game and everyone thinks you're in the dumpster, so really you don't worry about what everyone says about you. You know you got to take it objectively, look at the film, you look at what your coaches are telling you, you improve every week.

Q: So I guess you wouldn't buy my feels better than had you won the game, 27-17, to show you can win a game like this, does it feel any different?

A: A win's a win and any way you can get it, you take it.

NYG Postgame (vs. Bears) Transcripts: Safety Landon Collins -- December 2, 2018

Q: Is it difficult to play at your high level when you are battling through something?

A: Sometimes, yea. It depends on what the injury is. A shoulder injury calls for tackling. So it's more of tackling and getting guys down, trying to push through and run. Last year I had an ankle injury, so it's more of not twisting it or planting the wrong way. It has its ups and downs. It depends on how you feel during the game or after.

Q: What's your emotion after a game like this, is it relief, is it joy?

A: It's joy we won. It was a great team win, we played good enough to take home the W.

Q: What do you think of Odell's throw?

A: We've seen plenty of it. We know Odell could throw for almost 80 yards on the run. Him just stepping into it, we already knew it was going to be deep, we just didn't know who it was going to. We saw him throw and said somebody has to be open for him to throw it, we were happy it worked. 

Q: The penalty on B.W. Webb, your thoughts?

A: I think the ball was too high honestly. The refs make their calls, but I think it was a bad call. They have to ref the game and use their discretion. There's not much we can do to fight against it. We both have a right to the ball and that ball was over his head, but if they still want to keep the flag on the field, it stays on field. 

Q: They ran the "Philly Special" type play the very next play, probably something you guys weren't expecting that close to the end zone?

A: Not that close down on the goal line, no. I tipped it and it still got through. 

Q: Have you ever seen two non-quarterbacks throw a passing touchdown in the same game?

A: I've never seen something like that. It's the NFL, you have to expect the unexpected. 

Q: How much did Ogletree get you guys off and running on that play?

A: O is playing awesome, he is doing a great job leading this group, being the great linebacker that he is.

Q: How tough is Tarik Cohen?

A: He's good, he's got great speed. He can get you around the corner, he can get you with that speed. 

Q: Is that a tough matchup for anybody?

A: I think anybody. Most of the time he has a two-way go unless you are doubling the guy. That's what we did the last two series, kind of take those wheel routes away from him so he couldn't get around the corner like he was all game. He's a great athlete, a great guy and it was phenomenal what he did. 

Q: Coach Shurmur was talking about toughness and resiliency, this game wasn't pretty at times, but are those some things you guys can take away from this game?

A: Yea, we don't give up. Even though our record is what it is, these guys don't give up and I love that about us.

Q: You guys talked about finishing games, I'm sure you are mad that you guys let some plays get behind you at the end, but then you actually did finish the game in overtime. Talk about both those things?

A: We harp on finishing the game. When we are supposed to finish the game, you just get off the field and do things the way they are supposed to be done. We got a second chance and made it count.

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