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Giants remember inspirational fan Jayro Ponce


Nine-year-old Giants fan Jayro Ponce passed away following a seven-month battle with cancer:

EAST RUTHEFORD, N.J. - A nine-year-old boy who had an emotional connection with two Giants players passed away yesterday, a little more than seven months after he was diagnosed with a rare cancer.

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Jayro Ponce lived in the Texas panhandle town of Follett, about 150 miles from Amarillo and Richburg's hometown, Bushland. Richburg visited Ponce at the Harrington Cancer Center in Amarillo on April 8.

"I'm praying for his family," Richburg said today. "Praying that they have peace. They put on their Facebook post that Jayro received his healing, and he did. It may have not turned out the way we wanted, but there is a divine plan as to how everything goes, and I am a firm believer that God works everything out for the good. It may not seem good to us now, but I think there will be good to come out of this."

Richburg brought Jayro Giants apparel and souvenirs, including a photo of Beckham in action that was signed by the wide receiver. Richburg also signed autographs and posed for photos.

"I am glad we were able to do something," Richburg said. "Just the fact that he wanted anything to do with me or Odell, it really does something to you. I was glad I could give him a little happiness with the time that he had. Again, prayers for his family and that they have peace throughout this whole thing."

Beckham, who learned about Jayro from an appeal by Richburg's father, Danny, flew to Amarillo on July 21. The trip was underwritten by the Make-A-Wish Foundation. After hearing the youngster had succumbed to the Malignant Rhabdoid tumor that was diagnosed two days after Christmas, Beckham posted an emotional message on Instagram:

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