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Giants Super Bowl Postgame Quotes


GIANTS HEAD COACH TOM COUGHLIN(on winning the Super Bowl)
"The greatest feeling in professional sports is to win the Super Bowl."

(on the Giants' final drive for the game-winning touchdown)
"We moved the ball down the field, and Eli [Manning] made some great plays. [Mario] Manningham made a huge play to get us down there. We tried to take a little more time off the clock, but it didn't work that way. Thank God it worked out."

*(on how he felt when the Patriots had the ball in the final seconds)
*"What I was thankful for was that we had a lead of four points. That was the whole deal, to have at least a four-point lead. When we had that, I felt a little bit better. He [Tom Brady)
"His performance, coming down the stretch, was outstanding. He is the guy who has done it for us all year. He is the guy who put us in position."

(on the defense)
"Our defense has played so well. Coming from the Jets game on, it's given everybody confidence."

"It just feels great. It was a great game with two great teams. We played to the very end. It was just a great effort on both sides. There were some big plays being made."

(on his second Super Bowl victory)
"I'm just happy for the guys. I'm happy for everyone in this organization, Coach Coughlin, all of my coaches, all of the players getting a chance to win the Super Bowl. Some of these guys are getting their first one. I feel great for them. I feel great for everybody.

GIANTS RUNNING BACK AHMAD BRADSHAW(on how it feels to win the Super Bowl)
"It's the greatest thing in the world, man. "I'm just hoping we can win another one. It's the greatest feeling in my life."

(on scoring the winning touchdown)
"Oh man, it was the best feeling in my life. I'm just so happy to be here with my team and my family."

(on what the difference in today's game was)
"You know what? It's two of the greatest teams in the NFL, and we won it."

(on how it feels to be Super bowl champion)*
"Unbelievable.  I mean, you look at this season and the way that we fought and stuck together.  We accomplished something that nobody on the outside looking in thought we could do.  But the people in our room, the players on this team, our coaches, our organization - nobody said this could be done except for us and we believed in one another.  Let everybody say what they want to say.  The Giants are World Champs, baby."

(on persevering all 60 minutes and coming up big in the fourth quarter)
"We knew it was going to be this type of game.  New England is a great team.  The last time we played them, there were five lead changes in the fourth quarter, so we knew we'd just have to keep fighting, keep scratching, and when the big opportunity came, we capitalized on it.  Here we are, World Champs."

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