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Giants Super Bowl Quotes: Part 2



(on the number of fellow Boston College players who are in the Super Bowl) "My friends are very excited. I've seen a lot of stuff on the BC website, so I know they're behind me. It's exciting to be here with these guys. I played with Mathias (Kiwanuka) in particular. It really hurt Mathias to play in this game four years ago. Obviously, he got hurt that season. I'm definitely excited for those guys and excited for the opportunity."

(on if he views this Super Bowl as a grudge match with the Patriots for the franchises' fourth title) "I don't think anyone is looking at it like that. It's Super Bowl XLVI, and if we're fortunate enough to win and bring the trophy back, I'd be honored to say that I put that fourth trophy in the trophy case."

(on what it's like to have a coach for a father-in-law) "It's been eight years together of us working and we'll be family off the field, so it's been a great relationship and it will be.

(on if he and coach Tom Coughlin talk about football at family events) "No, we avoid it, and that's why it's worked so long."

(on if it's difficult to sleep the night before the Super Bowl) "Four years ago, it was tough. This time, it won't be. I've played a lot of football. I've played over 100 games. I'm sure I'll be exhausted. My kids flew in today, so I'm sure they'll be all over me."

(on if it's easy to get anxious the day of the game, having to wait for a late kickoff) "It is a little bit, and I can see why it would be for young guys. But I've been around for eight years now, so I'm very comfortable that we play at 6 o'clock or 6:30. I have some down time. I'm OK."

(on if it was difficult to relax in his first Super Bowl) "Yeah, it was tough. I remember not feeling very well the night before. It was exciting. This is the Super Bowl. This is what you envision as a child, and it's exciting that it's here in front of you and that you're one of two teams playing, and that's for the right to say you're the best in the NFL."

(on if the way he feels before a game affects how he plays early in the game) "No, when I reached the field, I was relaxed and was just there playing another football game. I wasn't really worried about it, but once I got out there, it was just football."

(on if there was a time when the moment of playing in the Super Bowl sank in) "Maybe it was after the game, when it actually happened, when we actually won and the confetti is flying and it's just pure chaos. That was the part that went the fastest for me and the part that, if I were lucky to have again, I would maybe try to soak it in a little more, but I don't know if you can. Everything is just happening so fast."

(on how he will help younger players prepare for this game) "Everyone's got their own way, their own style of getting ready for a game. Everyone who's played football knows that. If you see someone who's obviously nervous and rattled, you take them to the side and tell them to relax and just play football."


(on if he has a theory why the recent Super Bowls including those with the Patriots in them are close until the end) "If it's the two best teams in football, it should come down to the wire. That means they're playing a heck of a game on all fronts, and it should come down to the last possession or two."

(on his journey from the beginning of the season to now) "It's pretty unbelievable. Like five months ago, I was just trying to make the team coming out of camp, and just trying to catch the coaches' and everybody's attention and make big plays. I did that. I got settled in the season and then I became part of an offense. It's just really something special for me to be part of such a great offense. It's exciting, and I'm very fortunate to be able to play in this game."

(on what point he realized he was a real part of the offense) "I don't know, probably the middle of the season when I was consistently getting three, four, five catches per game and catching every ball that was thrown to me. But my injury set me back a little bit. But I'm looking to continue that streak."

(on if his ability has surprised himself) "Nobody's ever surprised about what they could do. I always worked on running routes. I always worked on catching the ball. I just never got an opportunity and once I did, I took advantage of it."

(on how satisfying it was for him to get that opportunity) "It's satisfying to a point, but you're always trying to get better. There's always room for improvement. My game's not perfect yet. Everybody wants to chase that perfection without really reaching it but always improving."

(on if he reflects on how this season could have gone differently for him) "I could have not even made the team or be third tight end or be a special teams guy. It's crazy to think of things like that. But Kevin (Boss) got a huge opportunity on Oakland so he took it. Nobody could blame him for that. Looking back on it now, I'm not glad he left, but if he didn't, things wouldn't have happened."

(on if he visualizes making a big play in the Super Bowl) "I think any football player has been doing that since they were little. So, I can't say I haven't been. I just think about the game and what I have to do to help the team win and that involves big plays."

(on his dream play for Sunday) "I haven't thought about one play. I've just been thinking about running routes, catching the ball. If he throws me the ball no matter where it's at, I've got to reach out and catch it."

(on how he approaches the Super Bowl as any other game) "It's tough. You want to treat it like every other game and then you don't at the same time because you have to put in that extra work in the film room, be more precise in practice and really make sure you're doing the right things. But at the same time, you want to enjoy it. Maybe pregame and all that stuff, maybe realize where you're at. Then as soon as the coin toss is over, it's going to be war and we have to win it."

(on if he's been asked about his 30-yard catch against New England in Week 9) "I've probably been asked 100 questions about our first Patriots game and the catches I had in that game and, 'What do I think about the catches?' It's all well and great. It was good for me then. But I'm just trying to move past that. That was a great game and huge victory for the Giants this year. But we're trying to have a bigger victory against them right now."

(on the challenges he anticipates in figuring out what the Patriots' secondary is trying to do) "Against the Steelers this year and Jason Witten of the Cowboys, they made sure they hit those guys every play when they were running out for routes. We thought that was going to be the case when they played us but they didn't do that to me as much. They weren't worried about me. So I'm thinking this time around they might pay a little more attention and it's going to be harder for me to release off the ball freely."


(on playing in the Super Bowl) "People don't figure us to be as good as we are. We're a great team. We've got people in the right positions, and we're clicking at the right time."

(on being considered an underdog against the Patriots) "We're going to use it as an insult, and we're going to play with all our heart. We're going to give it our all, and we're going to prove everybody wrong."

(on being insulted by being an underdog) "Like I said, we're going to prove everybody wrong. I don't want to put it out there like that, but like I said, we're going to prove everybody wrong."

(on why it was important for him to practice on Wednesday) "Just to get my legs up under me. We've been staying in this hotel for the last couple of days, sitting on our butts in meetings and everything else, so I just wanted to get my feet up under me and get out there and have fun."

(on how he feels and if he will practice today) "I feel good. I'll probably go today and sit out Friday and Saturday."

(on if he surprised people by practicing yesterday) "I think it was a surprise just because I haven't been out there on Wednesday in a while. Like I said, I just wanted to get out there yesterday and run around and just get the flow of the defenses and different things they'll throw at us."

(on if he surprised Head Coach Tom Coughlin by practicing yesterday)  Well, he told everybody I wasn't practicing, but I just wanted to get out there and get my feet under me."

(on if practicing Wednesday was important to help him get comfortable with the gameplan) "No. I can do it on Friday if I had to. Like I said, we're used to getting pounded on Sunday before a Wednesday. Now, we've had a week off, so I feel great right now."

(on if he would like for the offense to be tailored toward the running game in the Super Bowl) "It doesn't matter to me as long as we win. That's what matters. As long as we can keep (QB) Eli (Manning) comfortable when he's passing the ball, and as long as our O-line's confident when we run the ball, that's all that matters."

(on any guarantees for the Super Bowl) "I guarantee everybody on that field on Sunday is going to play hard."


(on the resiliency of the team) "We've worked really hard, and this team has a lot of resolve. We've fought to get to where we are at right now. Sitting at 7-7 and to make it where we are right now is pretty amazing."

(on his celebration following the game-winning field goal in the NFC Championship game) "That was just pure jubilation. To be honest with you, I was so excited when that happened that I don't even remember like 20 seconds. He made the kick, and then I kind of like blacked out with adrenaline. It was just so exciting. It wasn't until after the game that I called my mom, and she asked me what I said. I was like, 'What are you talking about?' I wasn't expecting the cameras to be on me – I didn't make the kick. I held the ball, he made the kick and then I went nuts. I was expecting the cameras to be all over him because I didn't do much. It was amazing. What a magical play to be a part of. That's history right there. It was special to be a part of."

(on the snap being a little off) "You also have to look at the conditions. It was muddy, it was nasty. It's Candlestick Park. There were 20-mile-per-hour winds. It wasn't perfect, but I am sure the hold wasn't perfect and the kick wasn't perfect, but all three were good enough."

(on being the team's third-string quarterback) "I am an option guy. I am not really a pocket passer like Eli (Manning). I like to use my athleticism to make the defensive ends nervous. God forbid Eli jams his finger and David (Carr) gets a cramp. They've been game-planning me this week. Be encouraged about that."


(on pressuring Tom Brady in the pocket) "It doesn't matter who the quarterback is, you want to pressure any quarterback. You don't want any quarterback to stand back there and be comfortable and have time to make all of the throws. A guy like Tom Brady, he is a great and can make all the throws. You definitely don't want him to be standing upright and comfortable in that situation. You have to do whatever you can do to disrupt his front and change up the timing with the receivers, and I thank that can help you get a W when you are playing that type of high powered offense."

(on withstanding injuries and players stepping up) "It was just guys in a leadership position stepping up. Me and Aaron Ross started in Super Bowl XLII so it's easy to come in and take the young guys under your wing and help them prepare so they can be ready if someone goes down. I think the young guys did a great job of that this year. We had a ton of injuries. No one pointed their finger or ducked their head. We just kept fighting to get healthy and to get better as a team, and I think it worked for us."

(on what a second Super Bowl victory would mean for the 15 players who are still on the team from Super Bowl XLII) "We just want to do it for this year's team, the 2011-2012 team. We didn't start off as well as everyone wanted us to, but I think we are in a great situation and we want to make the best of this opportunity. When we lost those four games it brought everybody closer together. It made it a closer nit group. I think it shows the resiliency and character of this organization and this team after going through a couple of speed bumps."

(on if there is a special bond among the 15 Giant players that won Super Bowl XLII) "I don't know if there is a bond, but we did something special. It was a different team. The same thing that we did in 2007, we would like to do the same thing this year. It helped everyone be familiar with what is going on with the week and tell the guys who haven't been here what to expect, what the expectations of the week are and how to stay focused at the task at hand. It's a business trip and hopefully we'll come out here and win a ball game."

(on containing the Patriots wide receivers) "I just think that having to go against a high powered offense that has a great coach and a great quarterback that can get their skill position guys the ball. I just think that we have to be cognizant to where their playmakers are at at all times. If we do something to change up the timing between the quarterback and the receivers then I think that will help us at the end of the day."

(on Wes Welker) "I just think that they have a good system and how they use him inside the system is wonderful. You can't have a system without players inside of it as well. I think that they use him to the best of his ability, and we have to find a way to live up to that challenge."

(on the high confidence level of the Giants) "We are just happy to be here. We had a great first day of practice yesterday. The enthusiasm was there and if we keep on doing that then we will be ok."

(on why the media doesn't talk about him as much as Jets CB Darrelle Revis) "I have no idea. I just go to work every day and try to get better and better. I don't go out and look for accolades. As long as I get the respect of my teammates and they are proud of me and I go out there and do the job that they ask me to do, as long as they are happy about it, then I am fine. I don't need the respect of anybody else. As long as I have it in the locker room then I am fine."

(of if the good Giants receivers help the defense get different looks at practice) "I think that's just a plus to the type of player that we have on our team and the type of player that we get to go up against every day. It only makes you better. Also, going against one of the best quarterbacks in the league in Eli (Manning). I think has helped us tremendously to see the different types of offenses that we have faced this year."

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