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Giants Super Bowl Quotes: QB Eli Manning



(on how much game planning is done in Indianapolis as opposed to in New York) "Coach (Tom) Coughlin wanted to put in the game plan in New Jersey – get everything done. This week, you make a few changes and tweaks to a few plays; maybe add a play here or take a play out. All the work has been done. Now it's just a matter of continuing to run the plays and get more reps at them, and prepare for a few different looks that New England does. (We) just want to have a great practice. When you get here you want things to be crisp. Get on the field, run around, have smooth practices and just get ready to play."

(on whether he has been a big part in the maturity of his wide receivers) "I give credit to the receivers. They have done a great job of preparing, getting ready, understanding the game plan, understanding the scheme we're going against and the unique traits of that defense and how they play their coverages, what their response and reactions will be to a blitz or a coverage, and doing the right thing. I have to give credit to them and Sean Ryan, the receivers' coach, for getting them prepared. I put a few final touches and reminders in their head – something that might occur, just be ready for it so if it does (they) have a chance to hit some big plays. The receivers have all done a great job of understanding what they need to do on the field and they've done a great job making plays."

(on whether he is pleased with how wide receiver Victor Cruz has picked up the offense) "I am. Victor, I give a lot of credit to him. He plays a tough position in that slot with a lot of decisions to make. Last year when Steve Smith got hurt for awhile, we tried to move some other guys around, Hakeem Nicks and Mario Manningham. I think they realized how tough it is in there. It is a different reaction. It's not as specific exactly what your route is. It's more of a, 'Have a great feel, get open, find a zone, find a lane.' You have to be very clear with your body language to tell me what you're doing. That's something Victor has done a great job with. (He's) very definitive in his route running and body language. I know exactly what he's doing. If you can do it and you can master that, it's a great way to get a lot of catches in the middle of the field, in the slot spot. It's pretty impressive in what he's been able to do in his first year of really playing that position and playing in the NFL."

(on what a second Super Bowl win will mean for his legacy) "I'm not worried about my legacy. I'm worried about winning a championship for the New York Giants, for my teammates and my coaches. We've all worked hard. This is a team game. You play for your teammates and the players, coaches and organization that's helped you get here. (I'm) looking forward to the opportunity to play on Sunday."

(on whether the Giants wide receivers are the best trio in the NFL) "I don't know how to rate every other receiving corps. I'm not really concerned with the other guys. I like our receivers. I like the way they work. I like the way they support each other. They all are very confident in themselves. They don't have an ego that distracts from the team or each other. Whether it's Hakeem (Nicks) scoring touchdowns or Victor (Cruz) or Mario (Manningham), they all are the first ones to go congratulate each other. That shows that they truly appreciate the work that goes into scoring touchdowns. I don't have favorites right now. I'm reading the coverages. I'm going to whoever's getting open."

(on what he is like with his teammates off the field) "I try to have fun with my teammates. I try to show them that football is very important to me. I get prepared. When it's time to practice, I'm focused and serious. I take this game and my job very seriously, but there is a lot of time around the locker room where you have down time. You try to keep things loose and joke around with the guys and have a football relationship and a relationship outside of football. I try to find that good mix just to keep things fun."

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