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Giants Super Bowls rank among best ever

Super Bowl Week is upon us.

And with the 49th installment of the big game set to kick off on Sunday in Arizona, ranked the previous 48.

Two of the Giants' four championship victories cracked the top five, including Super Bowl XLII, which finished second only to Pittsburgh's win over Dallas in Super Bowl XIII.

Here is look at how the Giants' Super Bowl victories stacked up:

**RANKED #23

The Giants defeat the Broncos in Super Bowl XXI

Super Bowl XXI New York Giants 39Denver Broncos 20**

Gil Brandt's take: "Tom Landry and I thought Bill Parcells had an excellent defense. We played them early in the year, in the opener, and beat them for a touchdown on a screen pass down the sideline. We won that game, and that was one of just two losses the Giants had that year.

In the Super Bowl -- even though they were a defensive team -- offensively, Phil Simms (22-of-25 passing for 268 yards and three touchdowns) really played over his head. That was the difference."


Photos from the Giants 21-17 win over the Patriots in SBXLVI

Super Bowl XLVINew York Giants 21New England Patriots 17

Elliot Harrison's take: "Standing on the catwalk of Lucas Oil Stadium, at about the Giants' 35-yard line, I had a perfect view of Eli Manning's 38-yard completion to Mario Manningham, which eventually led to Ahmad Bradshaw's go-ahead touchdown run ... er, fall.

Bradshaw was trying to stop himself from scoring, so as to not give the Patriots any time to mount a comeback, but tumbled into the end zone. It didn't matter. New England's last-gasp drive didn't get far.

"The lasting memory of this game was Manning's picture-perfect throw, dropped perfectly over Manningham's shoulder nearly 40 yards downfield. It was a gutsy call on first down, and the play that won a second ring for Tom Coughlin's Giants."


January 27, 1991, the Giants defeated the Bills 20-19, in Super Bowl XXV!

Super Bowl XXVNew York Giants 20Buffalo Bills 19

Gil Brandt's take: "The Giants winning on the 'Wide Right' field goal. They basically played a 2-5 (defense) so as to try to stop the Buffalo offense.

You know, the Giants played them earlier in the season and stifled Buffalo's offense -- now that was a really good game, too.

Jim Kelly got hurt, and (Frank) Reich had to come in."


Photos from the Giants 17-14 win over the New England Patriots in SBXLII

Super Bowl XLIINew York Giants 17New England Patriots 14

Gil Brandt's take: "So many small plays in a game can change a game.

What if they had called in-the-grasp on Eli (Manning)? What if (David) Tyree doesn't trap the ball against his helmet?

What if Asante Samuel doesn't worry about getting his feet down and catches the (interception)?"

Top 5 Super Bowls of All Time
according to

  1. Super Bowl XXIII - San Francisco 49ers 20, Cincinnati Bengals 16
  1. Super Bowl XXV - New York Giants 20, Buffalo Bills 19
  1. Super Bowl III - New York Jets 16, Baltimore Colts 7
  1. Super Bowl XLII - New York Giants 17, New England Patriots 14
  1. Super Bowl XIII - Pittsburgh Steelers 35, Dallas Cowboys 31
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