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GM Jerry Reese

Q: Do the end zones still say Jets and Giants for each respective team?

REESE: Correct.

Q: It still will say NFL for midfield?

REESE: There will be an NFL logo in the middle of the field.

Q: In the old stadium you just painted right over the end zones?

RESSE: Right. You painted right over it.

Q: Now they actually change the end zones?

REESE: You'll change the trays out in the end zones, correct.

Q: That was the only change?

REESE: That was the only change.

Q: What is the atmosphere going to be like with that game on Monday?

REESE: It's going to be a preseason game. Obviously the Jets and Giants are playing in the new stadium. I think there are going to be a lot of excited people there, and everybody wants to see the new stadium. It's our first preseason game so players are excited about getting out there and playing against somebody else. It should be a fun atmosphere, but again, it's a preseason game. You just want guys to execute what's been going on at training camp so far and want them to play hard and have fun out there.

Q: What's the feel been in the locker room throughout camp so far? This team has been somewhat overlooked.

REESE: Well that's OK. I'm not sure if that we've been overlooked, but it's been relatively quiet here. We kind of like that. We're just going about our business trying to get prepared for the season. The season is what's most important to us. Players are really working hard and have great attitudes out there. So we expect to have a strong season and our players to play well.

Q: Fielding punts (like Tannenbaum)?

REESE: See me fielding punts? I got an email from somebody about fielding punts. No, you won't see me fielding any punts. I doubt that.

Q: You didn't watch last night (Hard Knocks)?

REESE: I did not watch. I think I went to bed early.

Q: It is only a preseason game and the starters will play only one or two series, but the last time they were together as a team it wasn't good. Is there something that you want to see?

REESE: I just want us to execute well and play hard. Last year is over. It's ancient history for me. We're past that. We want to accentuate the positive things from last season. There were some positive things that happened, but obviously it didn't turn out like we wanted it. But it's a new season. We're moving forward. We're looking forward to Monday night going out and having a good game against the Jets.

Q: You said you didn't watch HBO's Hard Knocks last night, but will you watch it at some point do you think?

REESE: I'm not that curious, but if I'm flipping through the stations—if it's on I'm sure I'll stop and take a peak.

Q: have you ever watched it?

REESE: I've watched it a few times if I'm flipping through, but it's not something I set my timer for. 'Hard Knocks is on'—I don't do that. I'm not a big TV watcher.

Q: When do you think the Giants will be on?

REESE: I'm not sure. I doubt if we'll ever be on Hard Knocks.

Q: Does tight end depth a concern at all with all the injuries?

REESE: Sure. Every position depth is a concern, but obviously that position is banged up pretty good right now but it's about making adjustments. Our coaches will make adjustments. We'll play one of our offensive linemen there at tight end some. We'll go some four wides, five wides—whatever we have to do to get through the game. It's about making adjustments in this league, and we'll do that.

Q: Usually this game is the third one when both teams play regulars into the second half and everything. It doesn't seem to be an ideal situation because there is a little meaning to this game. This one being the first one, is it going to be hard to keep guys from getting a little too…

REESE: No. You go into every game wanting to play hard. Jets-Giants it's always a little bit of a bragging right, but it's still a preseason game. It's not like it's a regular season game. You'll see our guys play hard. But it'll be played just like the rest of the early preseason games. You'll get your first group in there for a couple series and then you'll see a lot of young players in the game—probably both sides of the ball. I'm not speaking for the Jets, but I'm assuming both sides of the ball you will see a bunch of young kids playing and trying to find their way.

Q: With the amount of injuries you have been through last year, now in camp is there anything different you guys do that you normally don't do as far as medical stuff? Do you tread more carefully? Keep guys more out than normal?

REESE: No. We're always conscious of the injuries. Injuries are injuries. It's all over the league. Just read it. Go to any of the 32 teams and you'll see a bunch of injuries on the injury list. It's just part of training camp. We just try to do what's best for our players, but injuries are part of training camp and part of football and that's just the way it is. We'll just try to get through it as best we can and when the season rolls around, we'll try to pick the best group of guys and healthy guys ready to go.

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