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GM Jerry Reese

Q. What was Eli's initial reaction after he signed the contract? There had to be a little sense of relief with him to finally get this over with.

A. Well, not really. It was just some small details that we had to iron out in the contract, so it has pretty much been done since it first started to be reported. There were some small details we had to get done and we got those things ironed out and it's over with, it's really not a story at this point.

Q. What makes him worth that much money?

A. Well, he's our franchise quarterback, and we've been in the playoffs for the last four years, and he's done everything we ask him to do. Again, I think I told you this last week—you know…he does everything we ask him to do on the field and off the field and it's really over with, it's really not a story. You guys wrote about it, talked about it…it's really not a story at this point, it's over. The contract is signed and we're moving on.

Q. What was your reaction when you heard that Michael Vick was back in the league, and that he would be in your division.

A. Well, I wish Michael the best except when he plays the Giants.

Q. Did the Eagles become better when they signed him?

A. Oh, I don't know that…Who knows? I'm happy that he's got a second chance to move on in his life and again, I wish him the best except when he plays us.

Q. Does the media overplay or underplay the idea of off-field distractions?

A. Well, I think it can be sensationalized…who knows what's going to happen, but a lot of things get sensationalized that most of the time, is much to do about nothing, but that's the way it is in this business.

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