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GM Reese Expectations High


But first, Reese had a message for the fans.

"They should expect a very competitive team who will be in the playoffs and who will challenge for a Super Bowl," Reese said. "That's what they should expect every year. 

That's what we strive for every year."

So how hungry is this team, Serby asked.

"I think this team is very hungry," Reese said. "I think all across the board -- from our owners, all the way down to Jose ..."


"Jose [Garcia] is one of our maintenance people right now, so ... from our owners all the way down to Jose, we're all in it together, we're all pulling in the same direction. And when you do that, you win championships," Reese said. "Everybody's important in the organization. Everybody."

Broaching the subject of Eli Manning, Reese said he is in "the wheelhouse of his maturity" and already a top 10 quarterback, with a realistic possibility of moving into the top five.

Serby then asked what is a "Jerry Reese football team."

"A Jerry Reese football team would be a team that plays as a team, No. 1," Reese said. "No. 2, is a physical football team, could go out there and win the physical battles. And No. 3, a smart team that goes out there and doesn't beat itself with stupid penalties ... and has pride to wear that New York Giants uniform and that helmet and represent this organization like it should be represented. And, who has winning championships on their mind."

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