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Head Coach Tom Coughlin - 10/26


Q: How did Ahmad Bradshaw look? **
A: He did ok. He did ok.

Q: Will he be good for Sunday?
A: I think he'll…we'll see how he goes, but based on that type of thing, I'm confident.

Q: Did you originally think David Baas' injury was worse than it was?
A: I didn't see it on the field that day, but I was hoping that it would be a lateral ankle and that's what it seems like it was. He fought his way through it and played the whole game. We had it addressed afterwards and he practiced Thursday. He's working back at it.

Q: How has Travis Beckum looked this week? Has there been a decision?
A: He looked ok. No decision.

Q: What was it about Stevie Brown that gave you the confidence to put him in there?
A: From the day he was here, he showed speed and power, worked hard, had a good attitude. Started on special teams, helped us on special teams. He's just gotten better.

Q: Has his play allowed you to be a little more patient with Phillips?
A: Well whenever the doctors say the injured player is ready to go, the doctors clear him, then he's ready to go. It doesn't have anything to do with anything other than that.

Q: Thoughts on JPP the last time in Dallas:
A: Well, I remember the last play. That was a nice sound.


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