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Head Coach Tom Coughlin - 12/13


Q: Any update on Ahmad Bradshaw?**A: No, same.

Q:  How did Hakeem Nicks look today?A: Not bad, not bad. He's working his way back.

Q:  Are you hoping that Ahmad will play on Sunday?A: We'll see. Whatever the medical people tell us, we'll live with.

Q:  What are your thoughts on Prince Amukamara:A: He didn't practice today.

Q:  If Ahmad doesn't play, David Wilson will see a lot of the carries:A: More work.

Q:  Is that something that you have to talk to him about?A: Well yeah, we talked about it and he's been well prepared in terms of building his load up. I'm sure he's ready for it.

Q:  How has Jayron Hosley progressed in the last few weeks?A: He's progressed and he's practiced all week. He's done a good job of paying attention and he made a nice interception in practice today. He's building up towards the game.

Q:  Can you talk about the depth in the secondary if Prince can't play on Sunday?A: The guys that are available have to play. They have to go. They're the ones that are going to have to meet the challenge against a very good (group of receivers), an outstanding tight end, running backs that can catch the football, but the guys that are healthy and ready to play, they'll have their responsibility.

Q:  Are there a lot of similarities between Jimmy Graham and Tony Gonzalez?A: Similarities…in terms of both having the ball thrown at them a lot. Both are outstanding players, outstanding targets. Of course the one guy, Tony Gonzalez, has been doing it for a very long time at a very high level. He continues that to this day.

Q:  Is this knee injury with Ahmad Bradshaw being handled differently than his previous foot injuries?A: No, not really. He's going to tell you that he can go, anytime. So, it's between the medical people and Ahmad, in terms of how he feels. You have a little bit different aspect now. You have a knee and you have a foot as well.

Q:  With the defense, is it a matter of making Matt Ryan uncomfortable?A: It always is, there's nothing different about the approach to an outstanding quarterback who's had a very, very good year and his team is playing well. You have to try and do something to make him uncomfortable.

Q:  The defensive linemen felt like they made Drew Brees uncomfortable, even if it doesn't show in the stat sheet:A: Well, the results speak for themselves, in terms of some of the positions that he was in and had to throw the ball and had to get rid of it, that type of thing. Those are not necessarily found on the stat sheet, but nevertheless, you just keep coming. That's what you do. You persevere and you keep coming. Some teams do a great job of maximum-protecting, and if you're not pressuring, you're rushing with four, maybe four and a half, five, you're hugging, and they're max-protecting, so they do a good job of that, but you keep coming. Nothing changes, you go as hard as you can go and you persevere. It paid off on some occasions the other night and it's going to have to pay off this week as well.

Q:  What kind of job have Ryan Torain and Kregg Lumpkin done at running back?A: They're working hard, those kids are working full-speed, and they've had to. They've had accelerated learning, they've basically had to learn game plans rather than start from the very beginning. We've been impressed with the way they've applied themselves.

Q:  How hard is it for them to not have the opportunity to learn the basics first?A: Well, they're veterans. They're veterans, they've been through it in other systems. I'm sure what they've done is made comparisons and analysis between what was called, "something-something," somewhere else and what it's called here. They've kind of sped up their learning process.

Q:  If a team like Atlanta max-protects, does that mean they don't have as many weapons out running routes?A: That happens. That's what people try to do and you saw that with New Orleans last week, in terms of the blocking it up and throwing the ball deep down the field.

Q:  How do you coach ball security with David Wilson?A: It's constant emphasis and awareness on his part of wherever his body position is, wherever he finds himself, whether it's on the end of a pass, or an exchange, or a toss, get that ball secured before the tackler starts showing up and going for the ball.

Q:  Are you surprised it has taken Kenny Phillips so long to get back?A: I really don't know what to comment on that. He was back and then obviously had a setback, and now he's working his way back again. The nature of the injury is such.

Q:  Does Atlanta look different to you when you're playing them at home?A: Well, they play very well at home, but when you have an 11-2 record, you're playing pretty good on the road as well. They're a good team.

Q:  Ahmad's ability to play well even in weeks that he doesn't practice, is that due to his experience?A: He studies hard. He's smart, he pays attention. Things are cumulative for him; he has that rare ability. He's into it and he's so competitive that he's not going to put himself in a position where he's not aware of what his responsibilities are and how he goes about it. He's always done that.

Q:  Did Jacquian Williams show you enough Sunday that he can be used this week?A: He's practicing this week and continues to not miss any reps. That's a good thing.


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