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Head Coach Tom Coughlin - 12/14


Q: Update on Ahmad Bradshaw: **
A: It would have been a reach for him to be ready. With someone like that, his constitution, you have to give him every benefit of the doubt. I'm sure he'd be disappointed right now. He thinks come game day it's all going to straighten out for him. In this case, it's, medically, really the only wise move.

Q: Is this a week-by-week thing now?
A: I think so. Yeah.

Q: When did Mike Boley's back problems begin?
A: It started right away, I think it was Wednesday morning, but he's fine. I think he'll be fine.

Q: Do you think that David Wilson can be a 20-carry back?
A: I think he could be. There's no reason why he couldn't be, but whether he will be or not…we have a couple other guys that are going to help us in different ways. I don't think there's any reason why he wouldn't be.

Q: For Kregg Lumpkin and Ryan Torrain, where are they in terms of all of their assignments?
A: They've worked hard; they've worked very hard at it since they've been here. As I said yesterday, you must have missed yesterday, they have been in the classroom since they got here to catch up and they've done a pretty good job at it. They've been on teams, so they know what to expect. Hopefully, if we can categorize how we use them, and their knowledge in that area is sufficient, they'll do fine.

Q: Would Henry Hynoski be the best option for pass-protection?
A: Might be.

Q: Will David Wilson's duties on kickoff return change this week due to his increased role at running back?
A: We have a couple guys ready to go, but as far as I'm concerned, he's going to stay there; how many he gets is another question. I'm not taking him out of that. Last week with the plus-49 yard line field position for the day, it was quite a bit different than the minus-15 the week before.

Q: With a player like Ahmad Bradshaw, who will try to convince you he can play and has fought through so many injuries, how important is it to take the decision process out of the player's hands and let the medical staff make the ultimate decision?
A: Well, you have to. The medical people are going to make the final decision anyway. The player has a voice, but it's coming from the doctors.

Q: Is there a time when the player's voice may be a little more instrumental in the decision?
A: Not if the doctor says that they can't play. That's all there is to it.

Q: Did Hakeem Nicks improve as the week progressed?
A: I think he did, yeah. He's always, come Friday, anxious to play.

Q: Facing a team like the Falcons that is among the league leaders in pass attempts, does that change the way you prepare?
A: Well, there's no question. You need to look at the history of the two teams and how they've played against one another. I always say that we have to stop the run. This team has thrown the ball and thrown it very effectively. They have outstanding personnel, but they've also got a very good runner. Now they're developing a very good backup runner. I just say, we have to stop the run.


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