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Head Coach Tom Coughlin - 12/7

Q: How did Nicks look?
A: He was limited.

Q: Was the fact that he was able to get out there encouraging for him to be able to play Sunday?
A: I hope so.

Q: What does a guy like Jacquian Williams bring to the table for Sunday?
A: Special teams, can run, can be in some of those coverage situations against the very, very good tight ends.

Q: How has he looked this week?
A: He looked okay. He's coming along.

Q: How much is their run game a factor?
A: It's a good run game. They've averaged 119 yards a game for five games and they have an array of runners and a big offensive line, so they run the ball well. We've been victimized by that before, too. They rush the ball very well. The fullback is a good player.

Q: How is it preparing for a quartet of running backs?
A: You look at what they specifically do, but you're aware of the fact that they're very well rounded. They can be used in multiple ways.

Q: Is it difficult jumping from a read option team to a more traditional passing team like the Saints?
A: It's always difficult. No matter who you play it's difficult. It's just you've got to climb in there and get after it. It's never easy.

Q: Is it not looking good for Kenny this week?
A: We'll see. He hasn't been able to do a whole lot. Let's put it that way.

Q: I imagine it's frustrating for you for him to be in and out of the lineup the last few weeks.
A: I've tried to learn how to deal with that one.

Q: Is Jimmy Graham about as athletic a tight end as you have ever seen?
A: Well, he's a very good player. He's used in multiple ways.

Q: Is Will Hill at the point where he would be ready to take on a bigger role if asked?
A: He would be. He's practiced in both special teams and on defense, in multiple roles on defense. So if called upon I think he'd be ready to do that.

Q: The way Ahmad ran the ball last game had to be a positive.
A: Yes. It was a positive; especially in the first half we did a decent job. It wasn't so great in the second half, but there wasn't a whole lot that was.

Q: What did Jerrel Jernigan show to get on the field?
A: He's been coming along. He's done a good job in practice. He's really shown his quickness and so we try to utilize that as best we can.

Q: There is a perception that dome teams don't like the cold weather. Do you sense anything…
A: The quarterback is from Purdue. I think he's played in cold weather.

Q: They don't change much?
A: I don't think so. We're not looking at it that way.

Q: Has Prince developed and played at the level you want him to?
A: He's coming along. He's getting there. He's focused. He's worked on it.

Q: Could Wilson be more of a factor on Sunday?
A: We try to have them all ready to be a factor every week.

Q: What aspect has Prince improved in?
A: I think you saw him the other day cover the deep ball the first play of the game. He's very much into it. Obviously, he didn't get fooled by that. They came right at him and he defended it well. He's tackled well. He's been a pretty steady guy.

Q: Do you buy into the idea that a nastier attitude might behoove your defense?
A: I don't know if that's the right word. You talk a lot about the way the defense prepares themselves and how aggressive their style of play is and we've had very aggressive style of play and we've had play such as the… You get slowed down a little bit by your responsibilities when you're playing an offense like that. We play pretty nasty, pretty tough and so I'd like to see that. Obviously, I'd like to see us return to that style.


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