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Head Coach Tom Coughlin

Q: How did Eli Manning look today?

A: He looked sharp. I liked his tempo right away. He got the ball out of his hand quick and made some real good decisions and so we're glad to have him back on the practice field.

Q: He said he's playing Saturday. Do you agree?
A: If everything goes according to plan, yes.

Q: You don't usually do the two-minute drill in the seven on seven do you?
A: We've done it in camp. I wanted to make sure that we could get more than one of those in this week so I wanted it to be seven on seven and then tomorrow if everything goes accordingly, we'll have another one maybe with the second group and then we'll come back Wednesday with the first group again.

Q: Did Travis Beckum hurt himself again?
A: Travis has some kind of a thing in his neck. It's not anything to do with his hamstring or anything. He's had a little muscular problem in his neck earlier today. They thought they had it worked out, he comes out here and whatever happened happened.

Q: Any updates on D.J. Ware and Sha'reff Rashad and their concussions?
A: No. They're both where they should be right now. I'm sure we'll find out.

Q: How bad is the Aaron Ross situation?
A: Well, it's a big swollen heel, but hopefully – I mean, Eli got it under control pretty quick and played with it, but it's a different position.

Q: Was this before the other night? Before the punt return?
A: No. He was complaining about the tape job. That's the only thing I knew about it, and now all of the sudden, the next day, it was…this.

Q: Any updates on Ramses Barden or Michael Johnson? Are either one of those going to require surgery?
A: At this point, no. As a ma\tter of fact, Barden – hopefully, they're going to try to…maybe in a week he can go back. It's a pain thing as I understand it. If you can handle the pain, you can go. The Michael Johnson thing is they tried one treatment, obviously that one didn't work, now they're going to go ahead and try another, but in the meantime we're all standing here and we could use him obviously, as you can see, after what went on with Greco. Greco came out and had something on his knee and evidently he had a minor sprain in the game but it showed up today.

Q: Were you able to notice Shawn Andrews at all? What'd you think?
A: Yes. I like what he did. He set a couple of times with his partners when he was playing guard and the T, he was coming at him, and he jammed the T and backed him up into the E, and so there was no stunt, so the coaches have met with him since Friday – Friday, Saturday, Sunday – so he's starting to be spoon-fed the offense, which is foreign to him, so he's got to do some analogies and some comparisons just to put the thing together but he's been working at it so hopefully it'll come quickly.

Q: Could it come quickly enough for this weekend?
A: The progress is a couple of snaps per drill, as you go on, so we'll see where that takes us.

Q: How did Chris Snee and Rich Seubert do?
A: They did alright. I'll know more when we…some of these things take a little while before you find out if they're okay.

Q: And Kevin Boss seems to be healing well?
A: Seems to. Yep.

Q: Looked like Keith Bulluck was taking snaps at outside linebacker?
A: He was outside and inside.

Q: Mathias Kiwanuka looked like he was working more with the linebackers.
A: No. Just working on his drops.

Q: Because the offense is kind of foreign to Shawn Andrews, are you keeping him at left guard?
A: He's on the left side. He's taken some snaps at left tackle, left guard.

Q: Anything facilitate the Bulluck move? He's been mostly in the middle.
A: Just to make sure he's familiar – he's played there all his career – so to make sure he's familiar so that he can be more versatile.

Q: Do you still consider him a middle linebacker?
A: I consider him a linebacker.

Q: Andrews said he's left-handed, but he's always played on the right and he thinks he'd play better on the left. Do you take those things into account with these guys sometimes?
A: Well, we talked about that back last week. It makes sense for him to anchor in there and see what it would look like on that side.

Q: Does it matter? Have you seen left handed guys play better on the left side than they do on the right?
A: Obviously he played pretty good on the right side.

Q: So he'll play better on the left?
A: I don't know – I hope so.

Q: Does Bulluck playing outside have anything to do with Clint Sintim?
A: Actually, Clint attacked the line of scrimmage the other night. I just think that the competitive aspect of it is the way we've gone at it all camp and if that creates a little bit of competition over there, then so be it.

Q: How did Jonathan Goff play in the game?
A: He played pretty steady. Not a lot of numbers, but steady.

Q: Has Goff been making the calls?
A: Yes, oh yeah.

Q: Do you bring in the helmet manufacturer to work with Eli Manning?
A: I'm sure they've been consulted. I can't tell you whether there's anyone who has officially stepped on the premises, but I do know that they would certainly heed to the advice of the manufacturer if in fact anyone has ever come to them with this kind of situation. The one good thing is that you can maneuver with the helmet now, so I think that's what they'll do.

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