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*Last week was memorable because it was my first experience playing in the Giants-Eagles rivalry. After a week of preparation, it was time to pack up the bus and take the quick road trip down to Philly on Saturday. When we got down there, we spent a couple hours in the hotel before we had meetings at night. That's when we went over some trick plays the Eagles have while doing some last-minute studying with the coaches. Because it was the early 1 p.m. game, we had to get some sleep and wake up early. Sunday came and we had our breakfast before heading over to the stadium. We had a long warm-up routine like always, soaking it all up before it was time for kickoff.

All rivalries have the same feel. Sunday felt like all those games against Notre Dame and Virginia Tech while I was playing at Boston College.  There's a lot of emotion. The stands are loud. It was definitely loud and intense in Philadelphia. We knew that not only was it a big rivalry, but it's also a division game. We knew a win would go a long way for the team.

The game was all about big plays. We had a lot of great defensive stands while the offense took care of business. It was a huge win for us. Afterwards in the locker room, it just felt like a big win, and everybody had that emotion. The bus ride home was great. Everybody was talking about the game, celebrating and everything like that. Then it calmed down after 15 minutes or so. That's when people put their headphones on and enjoyed the trip back home.

Now we're preparing for another road game against the Arizona Cardinals. The theme of this week is to keep going and keep improving. That's something that we have to do. As is often the case, today I spent extra time with assistant special teams coach Larry Izzo. My job right now is special teams on the field, and coach Izzo is someone who has a lot of information and a wealth of knowledge about special teams. I try to get with him as much as I can and just try to retain all that knowledge from him to improve my play. He is an energetic guy, but I think the biggest thing that he has is his experience. He has seen every look. He has gone against every guy, and he knows how to play it.**

We have to look at the film, study our mistakes, make the necessary corrections and improve on those for next week. That's what our goal is every week after a win or a loss. The main goal is just to beat the Cardinals, and the first step to achieving that is preparation.*

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