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Is Eli Manning the most clutch QB of all time?

This is the time of year when debates – and often arguments -- wage on about the best playoff performers in the NFL.

If you're in Eli Manning's corner, you now have numbers to back it up.

Nate Silver of FiveThirtyEight, a polling and data website, turned the subjective into objective and concluded that the Giants' two-time Super Bowl MVP quarterback is the most clutch postseason quarterback of all time.

Using 25,000 simulations, Silver assessed a sample of 180 quarterbacks, looking at the probability of achieving playoff records by chance and projected wins and losses of a "replacement-level" quarterback.

"By this measure," Silver wrote, "the most clutch postseason QB of all time is Manning — Eli Manning. His New York Giants have often been underdogs in the postseason and projected to a record of 4-7 or perhaps 5-6 in his 11 games.

Instead, Eli Manning's teams have gone 8-3. According to the simulations, there's just a 1 percent chance of achieving such a strong record based on chance alone."

Here is a look at the top 10 postseason quarterbacks relative to replacement level since 1970, according to

1. Eli Manning (8-3 postseason)
2. Joe Montana (16-5)
3. Kurt Warner (9-4)
4. Joe Flacco (10-5)
5. John Elway (14-7)
6. Tom Brady (19-8)
7. Trent Dilfer (5-1)
8. Terry Bradshaw (14-5)
9. Troy Aikman (11-5)
10. Mark Rypien (5-2)

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